Ingrid Hildegard

"Professional submarine babysitter, at your service!"

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Ingrid Hildegard


Full Name
Ingebjørg Hildegard

Candy Floss (off limits, save for her dearest of friends), Ingrid, Hilda

Human, Deep Dweller



Submarine Maintenance Officer (Or SUMO as Ingrid calls it), Freelance Marine Biologist

Ingrid is a prim and proper lady who'd like nothing more than to dress in frilly ruffs and baubles that jingle jangle with every step she makes. Failing on that account, she's settled on the frilly bits instead. And maybe tack on the jingling accessories for when she isn't near a potential death trap of a machine. So, yeah, Ingrid's a flamboyant woman. With braided pink hair and a pair of turquoise eyes that match the outrageous engineering get-up of blue and violet silk. In public, her high heels compensate for an otherwise short and stocky stature. A sour subject that her companion often teases her with.

Eccentricity, like variety, is the spice of life and nobody in the deep-dwelling society embodies the sweetened tastes of oddity more than Ingrid. She's weird, she's out there, and doesn't care for the consequences. The world's a stage, herself the maestro and orchestra playing the tunes and acting the scenes to give this bleak ocean world an otherwise colourful tinge. With a grin and a jolly song, Ingrid travels the unending waters with her dearest companion for the sake of some good times.

Spanners, screwdrivers, hammer. You know, the typical engineering bits and bobs you'd expect her to carry around. Of course anything heavier than a leaden pipe is sensibly tucked away in Ingrid's personal locker. No use running around carrying an entire arsenal of tools. And in case of nasty emergencies? Well, she ain't teamed up with a gunner for nothing, right?

Ingrid is quite excellent at maintaining and repairing the many technological baubles the deepdwellers have (re-)invented, though has a particular knack for fixing submarines and other similar methods of underwater transportation. Other than that, Ingrid's years of living under the sea has given her ample reasons to study marine life. While not exactly exceeding masters degree-levels of knowledge, she considers herself pretty damn learned on the many creatures that roam around their underwater homes.

Ingrid is the lovechild of a salty submarine captain and a grocery clerk with a nasty bite on her. She couldn't exactly claim they had a life expectancy level with many of the upper class in their merry underwater bio-dome, but it was safe to say it wasn't a bumpy ride either. Her father, though home rarely, provided a lot and dedicated his off-shore leave to babysit Ingrid while her mother brought in the majority of their monthly savings (for the rougher days). It was a childhood with flights of fancy and wondrous tales of the deep blue unknown, and the majestic creatures that now ruled their territories with iron fins.

Several years later her father had disappeared. Went off on one of his many adventures and never returned, neither did any of his crew. Search parties had been sent at the behest of Ingrid's mother, who insisted the man couldn't have been so reckless as to jump headfirst into death's clutches. But not long after another disastrous incident involving one of said search parties, the officials declared the man dead. Ingrid herself had taken the loss rather hard, but where she recovered her solid grip on the future her mother never managed to get over the loss of her loving husband. She took to a reclusive life, leaving Ingrid to fend for herself by earning a living doing small jobs on and near the docks.

And after a while? Ingrid simply... left. She had sent her mother a letter explaining all details. Her knack for mechanics and natural intrigue for the ocean's many wonders had attracted the interest of several groups. One of which was a man who was in need of an individual with her particular skillset. Ingrid never expected a reply from her mother, and hasn't gotten one since she first left to venture out into the waters. It's odd, but if travelling with a stranger has taught her anything; It's better to think and move forward, than to worry about the past and get nowhere.

So begins...

Ingrid Hildegard's Story


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#, as written by sifsand
The seas were everywhere, not a speck of land could be found. Here in the East Pacific was a large harbor city, the capital of the local ocean. Within were traders, merchants, fishermen, and people of many different histories and stories to tell. In one such part of the city was a merchants square, this is where Samael currently was to bring in his latest haul of fish to sell.

He spoke to him like he knew the man well, being surface dwellers they were used to this kind of commerce.