The Omni Grand Prix!

The Omni Grand Prix!

All of time, all of space, every dimension, every world, place, and being, all in one place racing for the title of the fastest being in all of the Multiverse!

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*Back Story: A risky wager...*
((In case you were wondering why Lightcaster is the host of the Grand prix. You do not have to read this. It has nothing to do with the outcome of the race. Read the RULES below to learn how to set up your BIO.))

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Lynn Granzion, also known as Kynn Lightcaster, also known as Omni Excel, sat on the cold stone stool that was carved out of the rock of the cave. The 'room' that he was in was no bigger than a small apartment unit, and there were no other rooms, entrances, or exits within the entire cave. In the center of this cave and in front of Lynn's cold stone stool, was a round stone table, and on top of this, a small marble board. Lynn let off an aggravated huff. "Alright... I can do this..." he muttered to himself in thought. He raised his hand, hesitated, then looked up at the man sitting across from him. His hand began to tremble with uncertainty.

"Is there a problem, young one...?" Spoke the man that he was playing against.
Lynn squinted his eyes at Farther time and shook his head. "No. I am fine..."
He clenched his jaw and picked up the pawn, moving the small object forward one space with a tired sigh.
"It is your move..."
Father time nodded his head. He didn't waste a second in reaching up and moving his knight across the board to knock Lynn's bishop over.
"You are impatient, young one. You would think that after all of this time it would be the one thing that you would have the most of. Patience is the key to everything..." The Father leaned back on his stool and crossed his arms, narrowing his small deep sunken eyes to the point where they almost couldn't even be seen. The man looked like a zombie. And that wasn't an exaggeration. Deep sunken black eyes, long white wispy eyebrows and hair that came down to his back. He had strong deep cheekbones and a forehead that went on for miles. He had lips that couldn't be seen and a mouth that looked like he had no teeth. His skin looked like that of snow, and he was literally as skinny as a stick. He wore a large bellowing red robe like that of a king. But this creature was only the king of one thing. He was not the creator of the universe, Father time was something else...
He watched time, controlled it, lived within and around it, but never mingled or manipulated it. He simply watched, and predicted.

The stone table that they were playing on glowed with an unseen light, illuminating the rest of the cave that was neither here, nor there. A place that existed everywhere but nowhere. This was the place Lynn was trapped in for all eternity. The place where all dimensions, all worlds, all time lines connected and intertwined into a single source. There was no way in, nor out of this place, unless the Lord of all time gave the word. And in this case, he would only give it if Lynn beat him at a game of chess...

Lynn clenched his jaw and raised his hand for his next move, sweat beading on his brow. "I am hardly young..."
He moved his knight a few spaces across the board. "I have been trapped here for the passed 15,000 years."
"And yet you have learned nothing." the Father shot back, moving a pawn forward to the next space.
"I have learned that it is impossible to beat a man that is as old as time itself. Let's face it, I'm stuck here forever."
Lynn moved his rook horizontally across the board and used his middle finger to flick the little pawn away.
"Or maybe not. Check!"
Father time smiled. It was a tight and grim expression that stretched his skin tight across his skeletal face. He nodded his head one final time. "And mate..."
The Father slid his bishop in an angle and placed it right in the space Lynn's old bishop had been positioned only a few turns before. Right in front of the King. He used his index finger to flick the king to the floor.
"I am sorry young wizard, but you lose again..."

Lynn stood up in disbelief.
"Wha-How-When did you?!?! ARGH!!"
He walked away from the board and began pulling his hair out.
The Father slowly stood to his feet and folded his arms behind his back.
"You hardly deserve the title of 'Omni Excel'. You may be skilled with the sword and magic, but you lack wisdom and patience."

"But I have plenty of perseverance!
I will not give up. I may not be allowed to leave this place, but there are other ways for me to be free. I have an idea that I think you will find rather amusing. Another way to win my freedom."
"Is that so? And what would that be?" The Father asked curiously; tilting his head to the side to study the young elf boy.
"A race..."
"Against me? You cannot leave here, and this cave is very small for a race. I do not find that amusing..."
"Not with us..."
"Do explain..."

"We will summon racers from all over the galaxy. I have magic, and all the time in the world...
I will use it to project myself to them. We will set rules and guide lines. The winner will get a prize." Lynn explained with a small smirk on his face.
"And what will you get out of this?"
"Simple. My freedom." He walked over to the far side of the cave and leaned his back up against the wall.
"How so?" The Father asked.
"We will place bets on the racers. If one of the teams I pick wins the race, I go free. If the teams I pick lose, I stay. There is a fifty percent chance of me winning and earning my freedom. It is like playing poker, but with people."
"Hmm. I do find this rather amusing... Agreed. But we will raise the stakes to this bet. If you lose, I will also gain all those that are closest to your heart, plus the others."
Lynn gulped. That was a lot of people...
But it sure beat spending another 50,000 years playing chess with Father time. The several other times he had suggested a change of pace the Father simply rejected it. He couldn't waste this opportunity. There was a 97.9% chance that he would lose at chess again (and again), but there was a 50% chance that he would win a random bet in a race. His odds would also go up if he picked all of the fastest teams. He liked the sound of those odds...

"Agreed..." Lynn replied quietly.
"Then summon your racers, Omni. And let the Great race begin..."
The Father extended a bony hand, and Lynn gladly grasped it to shake firmly.
"Let the race begin..." He muttered.

And so it began...

Toggle Rules

((WARNING: Everything about this roleplay is made to be IN CHARACTER!
There will be no talking out of character in this RP, EVER. Any questions asked will have to be IN CHARACTER, even when signing up or dropping out. This takes place in RPG's Multiverse. Please do not post spam or trolling content.))

*These rules are posted up on all of the living quarter's doors for all contestants to read.*

"The rules are simple, for there are not many of them.

Rule number 1: You may NOT kill the other contestants outside of the race.
However, anything that happens on the track will be allowed. Rather it be murder or sabotage. Once you start the race, anything goes.

2. You may only have two forms of transportation, and no more.
This can range from animals, hover bikes, space ships, or your own two feet. You may use any or everything to complete the race, but you may only have a main vehicle and a secondary vehicle. For example: Your main form of transportation would be a race car, and your secondary form of transportation would be... lets say a horse. If the car gets destroyed, and the horse is killed or injured beyond repair, you will be out of the race. You may not use any other forms of transportation other then the ones registered at the start of the competition. If you need to, you may make small modifications to your vehicles to better suit the track's terrain.

3. You can not go off course.
Leaving the track area after the race starts for more then five minutes will result in you being disqualified.

4. No time alteration or teleportation.
This is a race, you must actually travel the course in a legitimate manner to win. If you miss a Checkpoint, you will lose points.

The final rules are as follows. All racers from the same planet will be placed on a team together. For example, all contestants from the planet Earth will be assigned to the 'Earth team", and will score points for every race that they win, the same goes for all racers from the planet Faydark 9 and Zarborg 13. Think of this as the intergalactic, and multidimensional version of the Olympics, but with racing...
If all racers from the same planet make it to the finals then they will compete against each other as rivals.
There can only be ONE winner.

The grand prize for winning the Omni Grand prix will be the title of 'the fastest racer in all of the Multiverse', as well as the secret ultimate prize. If you have any more questions, ask now.

Without further ado... Welcome, to the Omni Grand prix!"

Please create a new character for your team. Within the team Bio, link the pilot and co-pilot bios and tell a bit of information. Use this team as an Example: Zenith Elite. Your bio must be set up exactly like the example team. Use the outlined code below to fill out the form.))

Code: Select all
Team name: [What is your teams name?].

Home Planet: [Earth, faydark 9, Zarborg 13? Where are you from? You may create and choose any planet that you like].



[b]Primary vehicle:[/b]

[b]Vehicle bio:[/b]

[b]Overall stats:[/b]


[b]Secondary vehicle:[/b]

[b]Vehicle Bio:[/b]

[b]Overall stats:[/b]


((Please tell your team's past history of how they came together and why they are racing. Your Team's history must be at least 250 words.))

Race Scoring rules

This race will not use rules like any other RP located within the Multiverse. It will use a unique judging point system based around your prose. I myself, Lightcaster, will be that judge. Here is how the point system will work. I will draw out a map of the track and place checkpoint numbers onto that map. It will be your job to write out how you reach those checkpoints, what you do to your opponents, and how you make turns. The more detail you have and the closer you are to writing out how you reach those checkpoints will determine how many points you score within the race.

If I were to draw out a sharp turn on the map and you were to write and say that your pilot adjusted the thrusters of his spaceship and leaned into the sharp turn, then you would score more bonus points for describing that action because you acknowledge that the turn was sharp. The other player that simply writes 'And he made a left turn and headed to the next check point', will not gain as many points because he failed to mention that the turn was sharp. Whoever scores the most points within the race based on how they describe their actions will be the one who takes the lead and crosses the finish line first. There will be two updates during the race to give players an idea on how far behind they are in points. Players who miss fine details or lacks style and finesse will lose points in the race and fall behind. The first player to reach a total of 1000 points will win the tournament, which means that just because you lose a race will not eliminate you from the tournament. Even if you lose you still have a shot to win the entire competition as long as you gain a total of 1000 points.

Here is how the scoring chart will work:

1. +5 points for players with no spelling errors (this does not count grammar, only bad spelling).

2. +4 points for players that describe the track and their actions in detail.

3. +3 points for players that interact with their opponent in some way (rather it be talking, dodging, or fighting).

4. +2 points for players that acknowledge damage and attempt to compensate for it.

5. +100 points for crossing the finish line first.

This will give you a total of 114 points per race if you score perfectly. This will give the Grand prix roughly around 10 through 15 races (depending on how many times you score perfectly and come in first place). The tournament will last until a winner is declared. Failing to show up for a race will disqualify you. Not following the rules will disqualify you. Killing/harming your opponent outside of the race will disqualify you. It might also be a good idea to do one post per checkpoint to give your opponent time to post in their reply.

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Multiverse by Lightcaster

Welcome to the Multiverse "Crater".

The Race track...

The Race track... by RolePlayGateway

Let the race begin...

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