Asuka Kaori

"Do you think if I squeeze my eyes shut hard enough I'll be able to see my loved ones again?" Minor WIP

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They say I'm like my own personal sun, so warm and happy.


Asuka Cori Kaori

Her little brother used to call her this all the time, because he couldn't say her full name. Sanshain; In Japaneses it means 'Sunshine' her father used to call her this all the time. Now she only allows everyone to call her Asuka.

Nineteen - Turning Twenty




Third Member of Project X | Field Medic

Volunteer at local Hospital | Writer

Why chose that side?
Asuka is anything but a violent person, she wants to help and protect, that's why she Volunteers at the Hospital, why she tries to keep everyone happy - even at the expense of her how happiness - and why she puts up a fake face-aid of being such a happy, cheerful, loving person. If it were up to her, she would have never been involved in any of this, but she made a promise to her father.

On the night that she made that promise he was killed, along with her mother, little brother, and older sister, by a mutant. Asuka's mother had hidden her away in one of the cabinets before the Mutant barged in. They had only had time to hide her before the Mutant relentlessly slaughtered her whole family. Her father had been a scientist, and apparently the Mutant held a grudge against the him. After the Mutant left, Asuka had crawled out to her dying father, who made her promise to find a way to stop the Mutants. To get revenge. Asuka did the only thing she could think of after that. She sought out Project X. However, she doesn't hate Mutants, if it weren't for her fathers dying wish, she would probably be with the Saviors.

Natsume Tsuchimikado



Hair color
A strange shade of Purple

Eye color



Physical Description

Strands of purple color most of Asuka's crown. The color itself is a bit odd since it isn't a completely purple shade, instead, having darker strands running through it. Some have stated it reminds them of a demon like color, but regardless, the purple is a strange and vibrant hue to be seen. It falls down her back and rests gently at the base of her back. Often times she'll leave it down and only pulls it up for certain occasions should it be required. Other times, when she's bored, she'll throw it into a quick braid and then curl it off to the side in a bun. It's easier to keep out of her way when she's required to do something like run or something of that nature. Her bangs are cut so that they fall to the tip of her chin and fall into her eyes. Her skin tone is a bit peculiar. While retaining the appearance of a pale, ghostly color, there are shades of red and peach in the underlining. This gives her the appearance of having porcelain-like skin tone.

Her body could be considered one that is decently desired by school girls, through she looks younger than she'd like, she doesn't mind not having a large bust or hips. It can be considered an hour-glass in shape and is only accented with her height. She stands roughly five foot four, almost five and with a weight to keep her body proportioned, it is something that irritates her greatly, she would rather be tall than short. Her eyes are a rather peculiar shade of violet that seem to glow in certain lights or at night. They are accented by curved eyebrows that hover with a light arch in the middle. There is often a light rosy blush upon her cheeks.

Preferred Weapon(s)
A Bow and Arrow | Dagger | Scapulae | Hand-To-Hand

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be empty?



    ☣ Sewing || Her mother was the one that taught her how, it helps her do stitches.
    ☣ Writing || She's loved writing ever since she was a little girl, she wouldn't give it up for the world. One day she wants to publish a book.
    ☣ Reading || Asuka can read master than most people would think, she's able to finish a whole book in a few hours.
    ☣ Piano || Her father taught her a bit, she plays when she misses them.

    ☒ Bow & Arrow || She learned when she was fifteen how to use a bow and arrow, she fell in love with using it. There's just something so elegant about it.
    ☒ Hand to Hand || Her ex-boyfriend had taught her hand to hand, after she joined with Project X she learned more from the other members.
    ☒ Happy Facade || After she witnessed her family brutely murdered Asuka developed a happy facade.
    ☒ Lying || Asuka is a better lier than most would think. She tends to keep her past and personal life to herself. She dosen't trust many people despite how much she cares for everyone.

    ☠ Mutants || Deep down she is honestly scared of Mutants after what happened to her family.
    ☠ Kidnapping || Ever since Project X took a member of the Saviors she's worried they'll retaliate. Her being on the the weakest links, but one of the most loved, makes her feel uncomfortable with the subject of Kidnappings.
    ☠ Fire || it scares her how something so beautiful can be so horrible.

The things you love the most tend to blow away like ashes in the wind.

    ❀ Reading || "Who doesn't? It's like entering a new world!"
    ❀ Writing || "It's not the same as reading, you get to make a world all of your own."
    ❀ Sweets || "There just.So.Good!!"
    ✘ Heat || "Makes it hard to breath."
    ✘ Sour things || "Makes my face pucker up."
    ✘ Crying || "I turn all red like a tomato."
    βœ” Friends || They are the most important thing in the world.
    βœ” Facades || No one will expect you to fight back if you seem innocent.
    βœ” Book Smarts || If you read more than anyone else, you can out smart people faster than they can blink.
    ☠ Street Smarts || "Umm...I have some mace..." She doesn't expect anyone to try and hurt her.
    ☠ Stubborn || She doesn't take no for an answer.
    ☠ Too Loving || She is too nice to her enemies and is too trusting of others.
    ❖ Biting her lip || When she's lost in thought she'll chew on her bottom lip till it bleeds.
    ❖ Drawing on random things || Sometimes she'll just stop, pull out a sharpie, and start drawing a pattern on the wall.
    ❖ Eating alot || Someone will have gone out and filled up the fridge with sweets, and an hour later they'll all be gone...

Darkness is a judgment clouder.



Asuka appears to be a warm, loving young lady. Often she isn't at the front of the group but rather at the back watching and learning far more than you would think. She has always been able to read people and see things about them that others can't. She is quick witted and willing to speak the truth when no one else will, she has a knack for showing the harder side of life that people want to ignore. Most people take notice of when she butts into a conversation, since she more than likely has something important to say, even those who are a higher rank listen.

Asuka is a firm believer in the idea that scars never go away, that time cannot heal everything. This goes is part of the mindset she has that people need to face their problems and that it is by doing this that they can grow as a person. Never being one to shy away when problems arise up her direct and no nonsense attitude in life makes it so that she very rarely has an issue that is not dealt with quickly. Since she himself has many problems she has an amazing ability for empathy, talking over people's problems when they need too and helping them confront them.

Because of what happened to her family, Asuka has always been very protective of those around her, she cares for everyone in her own way, she tires to act as happy and loving with everyone she knows, but she has her moments of point blank anger and stubbornness. She is hard to figure out, so not many people try, but in all honesty, she doesn't want people to understand her, she likes staying a bit of a mystery. Sometimes she wonders how she ended up where she is now, because of her dark past; she should be a dark person, but she can’t bring herself to do something really evil, because she feels if she gives into the dark, she’ll lose everything she has worked for.

In the end memories are the most important things we hold onto.


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