Symphony Orphanage on the Isle of BlackheartLolita De Winter

The first to lose her heart to Darkos, Lolita is the leader of his Dark Circle and the most loyal child, being cold and cruel even to her fellow orphans.

a character in “The Orphanage”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Lolita is about eleven years old. She isn't overly tall but she is quite slender and well defined for her age. Her skin is very pale, almost but not quite white, but her lips are quite a dark pink. She has short dark brown hair done in a kind of bob. Her eyes are very dark brown with a mysterious glint to them. She often wears a long plain dress of green or blue.


Lolita is an unusual child. She can quickly alternate between a sweet and friendly personality to a cold and shapr, even sadistic, personality. She also has a short and violent temper, causing the other children to fear her. She is quite intelligent and can often see things that others can't, making it impossible to keep secrets from her. She has a deeply sensitive side, wanting nothing more than the love she never had and a home to call her own.


Unlike the other orphans, Lolita came because her parents had given her up and abandoned her when she was five years old. Because of this she was filled with a great sadness and rage. She hardly spoke to any of the other children and actually attacked several of them in a violent rage because she felt they were teasing her. She spent many nights crying in the darkness of an old cupboard, alone and in pain. It was this sadness that drew Darkos to her and one night she followed his voice to the attic. Enchanted by him and believing his promises, she willingly gave up her heart to him. Now she was the leader of the dark circle and slowly began to corrupt the other children. She kept her temper in control, appearing to have recovered from her misery but she was cold and cruel, living only to serve Darkos. Throughout all this time, even knowing what he wanted, she truly believes Darkos loves her and will not listen to anyone who says otherwise.

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Lolita De Winter's Story