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Kaito and SeeU’s story (only sophschans can read this)
(Sorry its in rp form, I hate writing normally with fan fiction)

*Freshman SeeU was trying to find her way to her dorm*
SeeU: Why is this place so big…I’ll never find it…*closes her eyes and then bumps into a sophomore boy, falling down*
(The boy is sophomore Kaito)
Kaito: Sorry! Are you okay? *helps SeeU pick up her things*
SeeU: yeah I’m fine *quickly picks up her things and runs away*
Kaito: Wait don’t-never mind, she’s probably gonna hate me eventually anyway.
*SeeU find her dorm and goes in*
*Some girls, all with blond and brown hair, are sitting on one off the beds in the dorm*
Blond girl 1: Ugh, that must be my roommate…*to SeeU* Hey, can you get out? We’re kind of in the middle of something…
SeeU: I was just putting my things away…
Blond girl 1: Okay, listen up. At this school you can’t just say no to me. I know you’re a freshman but you have to know these things. Rule #1 at this school is, nobody messes with Ayaka.
Brunette 1: Yeah, freshman. Have you been under a rock or something? Ugh, your hair and clothes look like you found them in a dumpster.
Ayaka: Good one, Kanae. *knocks SeeU’s things out of her hands and scatters them*
*Kanae pushes SeeU out of the window* (her dorm is on the 3rd floor)
*SeeU grabs the windowsill with one hand*
Ayaka: Goodbye, little kid! *forcefully pries SeeU’s fingers off the windowsill*
*SeeU falls, landing in the thorny bushes below*
SeeU: Ow…My clothes.. They’re torn….*gets up and runs into a small alley between two buildings* *sits with her back against the wall and cries*
*Kaito was walking by on his way to the dorms* *hears SeeU*
Kaito: Huh? *goes to the alley* (thinking) Isn’t that the girl from before? What happened to her? *sits in front of SeeU and pats her shoulder*
Kaito: Are you okay?
SeeU: *looks startled* Oh…it’s just you..I’m fine.
*Kaito looks slightly annoyed*
Kaito: You are not fine, you’re crying. *looks a bit concerned* Are you sure?
SeeU: I’m fine!
Kaito: You can’t fool me. Come on, you’re coming with me. *picks her up and carries her to his dorm room*
SeeU: Put me down!!!! *stops crying*
Kaito: I will if you stop pretending to be fine.
SeeU: F-fine…I’m not fine..
*Kaito puts her down*
Kaito: Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I’m Shion Kaito, but you can just call me Kaito.
SeeU: I’m SeeU.
Kaito: So, what exactly happened?
SeeU: My roommate’s friend pushed me out the window….
Kaito: What the flip? Who’s your roommate?
SeeU: Ayaka Hasune. Her friend Kanae pushed me.
Kaito: Wow. Those two are…well….you just don’t want to get on their bad side…Do you want me to walk you back to your dorm?
SeeU: Yeah, sure…
*Kaito walks her back to her dorm*
(A few months later. It is winter. She is depressed because winter was when her parents were murdered by Meiko, also when her sister Kyo hung herself. Kaito knows she is depressed but he doesn’t know why, so a few times a day he checks on SeeU to make sure she’s okay.)
*Ayaka and SeeU were in the dorm room*
Ayaka: So, SeeU. How’s Kyo?
*SeeU is startled* H-how do you know Kyo?
Ayaka: It’s not just her. I knew your parents too. I had a..connection with them at the last moment. Literally. *laughs*
SeeU: You’re..not Ayaka….*pulls Ayaka’s long blond hair off, revealing short brown hair* Meiko!!!
Meiko (Ayaka): Ding-ding-ding! Correct! I’m Sakine Meiko, your personal female dog. By the way, isn’t it horrible that nobody here loves you?
SeeU: …..
Meiko: You might want to think before you talk to anyone. They’ll get the impression that you’re a demon, the way you act. So get yourself together. Nobody will ever love you, and nobody ever did. Not even Kyo. She was so wrapped up in your mess that she couldn’t handle her own. It’s your fault she’s dead. *slams SeeU’s head into the wall and leaves*
*SeeU curls up into a ball on the floor and cries*
*Two minutes later, there is a knock on the door*
Kaito: SeeU? I’m coming in!
*Kaito comes in and sees SeeU* SeeU! *runs over and hugs her* It’s okay, I’m here
SeeU: Go away….I don’t want you to…be hurt…not like them…It’ll curse you…because I’m a demon…
Kaito: You’re not a demon, whoever told you that should go to hell….
SeeU: Meiko….
Kaito: Meiko?? You mean….that girl who…killed everyone?!
*SeeU nods*
Kaito: Don’t believe anything she says, she’s a female dog….There are still people who love you. I know I’m one. And I have a friend who thinks you’re cool, too. I’d never let you suffer alone if I could….
*SeeU is crying harder*
Kaito: Don’t worry, I won’t leave or disappear. I’ll always be there for you, I promise. I love you, SeeU. That might be hard for you to hear now, but I love you.
*SeeU stops crying and wipes her eyes* Thank you….
Kaito: No problem.
*They look into each other’s eyes until finally, Kaito kisses her*
*they both look away, and Kaito leaves*
(The end, they started dating the next day)

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A bit of a follow-up story to when Kaito and SeeU met….
*SeeU was at a party that the school was hosting outside for people who got good standardized test grades*
SeeU: This is boring, and it’s so cold outside…Too bad Kaito isn’t here, he’s working on a project even though he got the best score in the class…well, I did too but he was first-ranked.
*Meiko (Ayaka) and Kanae run up, carrying water bottles*
Kanae: SeeU, we want to show you something! Come on! *Kanae grabs SeeU’s wrist and pulls her towards a wall*
SeeU: Ah! What are you doing?
Meiko(Ayaka): *laughs slightly* We thought you’d have fun with this. Kanae, go ahead.
*Kanae and Meiko open their water and dump it all on SeeU, her clothes are completely soaked*
SeeU: what did you do that for?
Meiko: Because nobody will ever love you, and nobody ever did. Not even Kyo. She was so wrapped up in your mess that she couldn’t handle her own. It’s your fault she’s dead. Now go kill yourself like she did, you pathetic excuse for a high schooler.
*Tears run down SeeU’s face*
SeeU: I will! *runs to the top of the roof*
*Kaito, who just went outside, notices and follows her up there, catching her just as she jumps. They fall down onto the roof together.*
Kaito: SeeU, you’re soaked! What happened?
SeeU: K-Kaito….They poured water on me and told me to die, she said nobody loves me…
Kaito: Remember I love you, SeeU.
SeeU: I know, but…I can’t help it….Every time someone said they loved me, she’s…erased them….*SeeU’s body is shaking, due to both her sobs and how cold she is*
Kaito: Shoot, we need to get you warmed up…Hang on, SeeU! *picks up SeeU and quickly carries her to the dorm*
*SeeU goes in the bathroom and puts on dry clothes, when she comes out she collapses into Kaito’s arms*
Kaito: SeeU! *lays her on the bed and sleeps on the floor*
(They were both okay, SeeU just had a slight fever the next day. Their normal lives continued, except for maybe like a few more attempts…but Kaito always saved her.)

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Kaito’s secret past
*Kaito and Miku were on a drive with their parents to go see their cousins Rin and Len.*
Kaito: Mom, I can’t wait to meet my cousins!
Luka (mom): I bet they’ll be excited to see you, too.
Gakupo (dad): Your aunts Mayu and Neru will be happier to see you than Rin and Len. They’re only Miku’s age! *laughs*
*Kaito looks over at his 1-year-old sister, Miku, who is sucking her thumb*
Kaito: Aw, no fair…I wanna have friends….
Gakupo: Oh, you will. Don’t forget about your cousin Gumi and..hang on…*looks in the rearview mirror and sees M**ko driving a roadroller very fast towards them with a demonic look on her face* Oh no….
*Kaito sees it too*
Kaito: MIKU! GET OUT! *pushes Miku out of the car, she lands in a grassy area away from the edge of the cliff*
*M**ko smashes the roadroller into the car, then keeps driving. The car that Kaito is in flips over the edge of the cliff, plummeting towards the landscape far below*
*The car nosedives onto rocks, Luka’s head is flung back and her neck snaps*
Kaito: MOMMY! *coughs hard and starts crying*
*The car flips over and Gakupo’s head slams into the steering wheel. He is instantly killed*
Kaito: D-daddy! *coughs harder, it is extremely hard for him to breathe*
*The car lands upside down in a meadow 10 feet away from where a woman Kaito met a year ago, Miki (SF-A2 Miki), was playing with her 7-year -old daughter IA*
Miki: AAAAAH! What the heck?! *sees the car* Oh my gosh….IA, stay back!*runs to the car and sees Luka and Gakupo* What…what happened here?!
Kaito:…I can’t…..*crying hard*
Miki: *sees Kaito* Hey, kid, are you okay?! *rushes over to him and pulls him out of the car* *looks at him*
*Kaito’s head is bleeding, tears are streaming down his face and his breathing is shallow and ragged*
Kaito: Help me….I can’t….breathe…Help…my..sister….*collapses*
Miki: Oh my god, we have to get you to a hospital! *picks up Kaito and runs up the cliff, where an ambulance is already waiting, the paramedics load Kaito into the ambulance on a stretcher.*
*Miki sees Miku*
Miki: Oh that must be his sister…Sir is she okay?
Paramedic: I think so. She seems to have hurt her arm, to what extent we’re not sure. The boy, however…his injuries are more severe. His quick thinking to get his sister out of the car saved her.
Miki: Good…Let’s hope he’ll be okay.
Miki: Will he be alright?
Doctor: We’re not sure…He has a collapsed lung and major damage to the head. A piece of metal from the car was embedded in his heart. This will definitely impact him in the future, by how much we’re not sure. His sister is fine, her aunt is going to pick her up. You can go see Kaito if you want, he’s in room 129.
Miki: T-thank you! *tearful*
*Miki runs to room 129, when she hears a child crying*
*She goes into the room and sees Kaito in a corner, crying with his head in his hands. On the other side of the room is his hospital bed, missing a pillow, and his mask that was helping him breathe was obviously thrown off*
Miki: Kaito? Are you all right? *sits down in front of him and pats his shoulder*
Kaito: *looks up* M..Miki?
Miki: Hey, it’s okay! You’re gonna be okay! *starts to panic a bit*
Kaito: E-everyone’s gone…Is Miku okay?! *tears are streaming down his face*
Miki: Hey, Miku’s okay! She’s with your cousins. And your parents are still here with you in spirit…They would want you to be brave and move forward…
Kaito: But…I…I don’t know how!!!! I can’t be brave, I can’t..I can’t!!! *sobs hard, starts coughing and having a hard time breathing*
Miki: Kaito!!! *carries him back to his bed and puts the mask on him so he can breathe* It’s okay, breathe, just breathe, deep breaths….
*Kaito listens to Miki and starts breathing normally again*
Miki: Don’t worry, I’ll help you be brave! You don’t have to be alone, I’ll be here for you..*hugs him and lets him get his tears out*
*Kaito stops crying and wipes his nose on his sleeve*
Miki: You’re okay, Kaito. *wipes his eyes*
*Kaito eventually got out of the hospital. He had bad asthma growing up, but it didn’t show often, and neither did his crushing depression. When he was 16, he left his aunt’s house and ran away because he was in so much despair. His parents’ screams haunted him every night he spent in the alley. One day, M**ko discovered his hideout and kept him there, cutting him every day with her favorite knife. He cut his own wrists as well, planning to off himself as soon as she was done with him.*
*IA, now 16 years old, was walking along the street when she heard a boy crying*
IA: Huh? Hey, who’s there? Are you okay? *gets to the alley and sees Kaito* K..Kaito?! Is that you? What happened?! *sits in front of him*
*Kaito looks up and notices her* Get out! If you don’t run, you’ll be cursed too!
IA: Cursed? What do you mean?
*Kaito hears footsteps* Oh no…She’s coming…
*M**ko comes into the alley*
M**ko: Oh, you haven’t cut yourself tonight? Why not? I suppose I should FIX THAT for you…hehe. *cuts Kaito’s shoulder, making sure it will leave a scar* Uninstall is tonight. I’ll make SURE it’s you this time. *laughs and leaves*
IA: H-how can you let her do that to you?! *pushes up Kaito’s sleeves and sees his scarred arms* Oh my god…How can you do this to yourself, Kaito?! *pulls him to his feet*
*Kaito looks IA in the eyes, frozen, and then he grabs her wrist and starts running*
IA: W-where are you taking me?!
*Kaito suddenly stumbles and lets go of IA’s wrist, falling onto the ground, breathing heavily*
IA: Are you okay? H-here…I’ll take you to my house, we can take care of your cuts…*helps him up and drapes his arm around her, they walk like that for a bit*
*Kaito’s breathing becomes shallow and ragged*
IA: Hey, hey, we can stop if you need to…Let me know if you need to stop..
Kaito: I swear…I’m…fine…*collapses*
IA: KAITO!!!!! *calls Miki, her mom*
Miki: Hi IA what’s up?
IA: I ran into Kaito….
Miki: Is he…okay?
IA: I…I doubt it….He has a lot of cuts, all over his arms, and he just collapsed…
Miki: AGH KAITO! I’ll be there right away! Stay calm!!!
*A few minutes later, Miki arrives with her car*
IA: Mom…What happened to him?!
Miki: I’ll explain later, we need to get him to the hospital…
*Miki picks Kaito up and puts him in the backseat, IA gets in the front seat*
Miki: So, when you were 7, Kaito was in that car accident. He had a collapsed lung, and a piece of the car was embedded in his heart…Because of that, he has very bad asthma at times and a weak heart. He also has crushing depression….
IA: Oh no….
*They get to the hospital and get Kaito taken care of. Miki leaves, letting IA sit alone in Kaito’s room*
IA: Kaito…I’m so sorry…*she realizes she’s crying* What? Why am I…? No, I can’t….Am I? Someone like him? But….I do…I love him….*covers her face in her hands and cries*
*A hand almost covered in bandages moves hers away from her face and brushes away her tears*
*IA looks up and sees his face*
IA: K..Kaito…
Kaito: It’s okay, IA, I’ll be okay. *hugs her*
*IA grabs onto him and cries into his shirt*
*Kaito lets her cry, stroking her hair* I promise, I’ll be okay.
IA: P-promise?
Kaito: Of course. *smiles and dries her tears*
*IA smiles*
Kaito: Want to go for a walk?
IA: Sure! *They go up to the roof and send there, looking out at the dark city*
*Kaito’s scarf turns into pixels and starts glitching out in some places*
IA: It’s weird, how she goes after you….Why can’t she pick someone else?
Kaito: She did, at first. She went after my friend SeeU. I managed to bargain with her, so SeeU wouldn’t get hurt, but….SeeU left me….
*The door to the roof slams open*
SeeU: KAITO!!! *runs up and hugs him* I heard you were here!
Kaito: SeeU?
SeeU: Oh, sorry. *lets go of him*
*Kaito’s hair glitches in and out*
IA: Kaito…Your hair…..
*Kaito notices it, the rest of him glitches in and out as well*
Kaito: So…She’s finally succeeded….
*Kaito’s now pixelated body begins to crumble and disappear*
Kaito: Please…Bring me back…You can….with this headset…sing….my song….I’m sorry….Please….I’m sorr….
Robotic voice: EEEEEEEE….ERROR…..SYSTEM SHUTDOWN….ERROR, ERR….OR….*The rest of Kaito’s body disappears, leaving only his headset behind*
*IA falls to her knees, tears spilling out of her eyes*
SeeU: *covering her mouth* Kaito….She….uninstalled you? How?!
*IA covers her own mouth, choked sobs can be heard from behind her hands*
*SeeU pulls IA close to her and hugs her*
*Eventually, IA cried herself to sleep. SeeU put the headset on her ears and listened. She could still hear his voice, singing his song, although it was distorted and cracked. She carried IA back to Miki’s house and the two spent the night there.*
(The next day)
SeeU: IA, put the headset on. You can still hear his voice!
*IA puts the headset on*
IA: I can hear it…But it’s getting softer….
SeeU: Do you know the lyrics to his song?
IA: Yes….
SeeU: Follow me!!
*They go to the basement*
SeeU: IA, sing the song! Sing with all your energy!
IA: I won’t let his voice die!
*sings the song, as she sings, Kaito’s voice gets louder and stronger, when she’s done the distortion is completely gone*
*The headset falls to the ground. Pixels appear on the floor, forming the shape of Kaito. The pixels melt into a full body, and he picks up the headset and puts it on. Kaito has returned.*
IA: K…Kaito?
Kaito: IA…Thank you…*hugs her, tears spill from both their eyes*
IA: I thought….I thought you were gone for good….
Kaito: I wasn’t. And I never will be, thanks to you.
(The end)

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Kaito Shion’s Suicide Song
*It was a random day for a vocaloid concert. In addition to Miku and IA, Kaito would be performing as an extra. IA finishes her song and wishes Kaito “good luck” before leaving the venue with Miku.*
*Kaito walks out onto the stage. In the front row of the audience, he sees his childhood friends, Kasane Teto and Akita Neru watching him. Audience members are leaving, and half of them are gone in 1 minute. Due to their instant looks of hate, he freezes up, but still sings his song. When he finishes, the crowd stands up and moves towards the stage. Teto and Neru rush onto the stage, standing in front of Kaito.*
Teto: Kaito, we need to talk to you. Right now. And you have to answer honestly. Okies? *smiles cutely*
*Neru gets out her phone and starts recording*
Teto: Why were you created? Do you know how much of a waste of time you are? Your home should be a trash bin, right? Do you even know how much everyone hates you, even IA and your sister? Did you know that SeeU killed herself because of you? Remember telling all your fangirls to die? You should tell M**ko to kill you, too. Has anyone told you how stupid your voice sounds? Did you know you’re an incomplete project, a complete failure? I can’t believe you’re called a Vocaloid, you should be a FAILloid!
Kaito: But….I can’t answer that…..*His eyes begin to fill with tears*
Teto: Oh, so you finally realized how stupid you are. And look, you’re even crying! What a dumb baby! Neru, get to a higher place to record. Everyone else, come on! Do what you want! If he can’t answer, beat the shit out of him! *laughs*
*The crowd swarms the stage, throwing all their punches and kicks and anger about anything at Kaito, until the Teto pulls out a gun and a knife*
Teto: Someone else record! Neru, come handle the knife!
*Neru takes the knife and cuts Kaito all over his arms, and face. She makes a deep cut on each of his shoulders, and Kaito falls down on his hands and knees, breathing shallowly.*
Teto: Not so strong now are you?! *shoots him in the torso*
*Kaito cries out in pain, coughing up a bit of blood*
*The crowd leaves, except for Teto*
Kaito: Please….Don’t leave…*reaches out his hand to try and grab her*
Teto: Ah-ha-ha-ha. Don’t you get it? *stomps hard on his hand* Everyone left you. Nobody likes you anymore, we all want you to die. I’d put you out of your misery, but your suffering is needed. Ah-ha-ha-ha. *leaves, locking the door behind her*
*Kaito sits, frozen on the stage, tears spilling out of his eyes, until a strangled sob escapes his throat. He covers his eyes, letting every ounce of himself slip though cracks and be sealed away. His desperate sobs beg for someone to hear him, to help him….but nothing happened. He could barely breathe as is, and crying didn’t help. Ignoring the pain, he stumbled down the steps, and was almost to the door when his body began to shut down. Hitting the floor with a hard thud, he cried out again for help, but it was too late. His world went dark as he collapsed, only wishing not to die.*
*IA realized that she forgot something at the concert venue. She went back to get it, but when she opened the door, she was met with a horrible sight. Kaito lay unconscious, 1 foot from the door. The cuts on his arms were bad, as well as the gunshot wound, not to mention the various bruises left by the haters.*
IA: K-Kaito?! What…what happened?! *bends down and examines him* He’s…he’s barely breathing….*picks him up and runs as fast as she can to the nearest hospital* Please be okay, please be okay….Please, Kaito!!!
(A few days later)
*IA was asleep, her head resting on Kaito’s hospital bed*
*Someone’s hand reached out to her and stroked her hair, and she woke up.*
IA: Kaito?
Kaito: IA…..I’m right…I’m right here….*pulls her close, crying*
*IA wraps her arms around Kaito, crying as well*
IA: What happened to you…what did they do?!
Kaito: it’s not important…The point is, I’ll be okay….
IA: I was so scared….I walked in and the first thing I saw was you, crumpled on the floor….I thought you were dead….
Kaito: I’m sorry…I couldn’t defend myself, Teto had a gun….
IA: It’s okay, it’s okay as long as you’re safe. *smiles and stops crying, she dries Kaito’s tears* I have to go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Kaito: Alright.
*IA leaves*
Kaito: Teto was right….I am a failure….*writes a suicide note* This should answer any questions….I’m sorry, IA, but I just can’t handle this….not anymore…*his eyes fill with tears* I’m sorry….*he gets up and runs to the roof of the hospital*
*IA was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for Miki to pick her up*
IA: Is someone…on the roof?
*Kaito stepped up to the edge of the roof and jumped, falling headfirst to the concrete far below. The last thing he saw was IA’s face, shocked to see him*
*Miki arrived just in time to see Kaito hit the ground*
IA: K…Kaito….N-no….
*Doctor rushes out, checks Kaito’s pulse*
IA: Is he…?
Doctor: We’re sorry, ma’am…He asked us to give this to you…*hands IA the suicide note*
*IA reads it* Kaito….You’re not….You’re not a fail….You’re not a fail!!!!! *falls down, crying*
*Miki hugs IA, stroking her hair and trying to comfort her*
(The end)

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