High SchoolEvangela Greenlocke (Eve)

She is smart, but quiet. She focuses only on her schoolwork and has never focused on making friends until recently.

a character in “The Other School”, as played by Hikari Tenshi

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She is about 5'6"-- average height. Her eyes are green and her hair is brown with blonde streaks. With her uniform, she wears black knee-high socks. Her hair is always pulled up into neat pigtails with a brightly colored headband to match the uniform.


She is quiet and likes to keep her distance from most people. She has several girl friends who try to primp her up and get her to wear makeup, but that just isn't her. She constantly gets nagged for not being more mature about her look, but she doesn't care. Pigtails are her thing and she doesn't want to stand out. However, sometimes she thinks it would be nice to dress up, for a little bit... Her parents won't have it, though, so she isn't that popular because of it. She has her small group of friends, and her group of intellectuals, but she's all business. When she talks to anyone else, it isn't for fun, it's for business. She's really uptight and strict, just as her parents are, but she couldn't stand to yell at anyone. She keeps her mouth shut with a nose in a book and likes it that way.


Eve's a genius. Her father's a scientist and his mother's a lawyer, leaving her right in the middle to become the smartest kid of her time. She aces all of her classes easily, and somehow still manages to be beautiful, though she doesn't wear makeup or style her hair. Her parents are away at their jobs often, so she spends her time reading books.

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