High SchoolJake Renfer

a character in “The Other School”, as played by Gazimu

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Description:around 6'2" with shaggy brown hair a bright blue eyes, tanned skin and lots of scars on arms and legs, also a large scar on left cheek. Muscular body, around 173 ibs. Likes to wear Sweaters and long sleeve shirts(the ones that are like a long sleev under a short sleeve, whatever they called), usually wears jeans, and once and a while wears his old Hockey Jersey from his AAA team.

Bio:Jake is one of those few kids who doesnt fit with the rest of Everwood High School, he really doesnt mind the Private school kids, he finds they arent snobs, they just pride themselves on being in the private school, and some think because were public school kids that th are better, but he hopes that when he gets to the first day. Jake prides himself on the 1978 Black Camaro that he fixed up and resprayed after his dad said he could have it to use at 16, and it has been a good source of transport ever since. He lives in a small but confortable house with His Mom, his father died when he was 14, and he is an only child, he does jobs for neighbours and works part time at the local Garage to get money to help his mom out with the bills. His family moved here from Ontario, Canada when he was 3 years old, and that is the explanation for his great love of hockey. He has been here a long time, but he barely has any friends, and some of them moved away when the school burnt down because the parents didnt want to send them to St. Joseph.

Other: New member of St. Josephs Hockey Team, Assistant Captain, #16


Personality: Kind of quiet, needs a push to get talking, knows alot about computers and cars, loves to play Hockey and Football, he likes to try and be the guy that you can rely on in a tough situation, because he never gives up on his task and is loyal to his family and friends. He tries to be calm all the time but sometimes pressure gets to him, he isnt a big reader, but when he finds a good book, he gets into it, hes just that type of guy.
Other: The scar on his cheek is from when he ran into a burning building to save his neighbours child, part of the roof collapsed on him, he got the child out, but was caught under the debris and it slit open his cheek, the doctors fixed it, but the scar will be there forever.


None Specified.


Father died in train accident, gained scar in burning building(See personallity)

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