High SchoolKaine Marideu

He is vice president of the student council, and although he isn't quite as book smart as Eve, he is very tactful and street smart.

a character in “The Other School”, as played by Hikari Tenshi

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Just like in the picture. He had black hair and hazel eyes that seem amber in the sunlight. He is 6 feet tall and dresses very proper. If he is lounging around at home, he will dress like in the picture.


He is generally very kind and understanding to others, but he can get cruel if he doesn't get what he wants. Although he manages to keep his cool most of the time, he will get violent if he becomes angry.


He moved to this town when he was extremely young. His parents one the lottery one day and, once his father had started a huge company in the mining industry, they were swimming in riches. Being an only child made him spoiled rotten, but his parents were strict at the same time. Friends were the last thing on his list of priorities as he was forced day after day to study with private tudors and teachers, taking up all of his free time when he wasn't at the academy. Eventually, he convinced his parents to let him have Eve as his girlfriend, but he dumped her after becoming infatuated with another girl. When he approached that other girl, she agreed to date him, but dumped him after a day because he wasn't what she was looking for. Now Kaine isn't sure what to do, and his parents are trying to force his studies as his priority again.

So begins...

Kaine Marideu's Story