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Setting: High School2010-05-30 05:34:03, as written by Gazimu
Jake Turned off the engine and slid back into his seat, he had no idea why he was here, it was desolate at this time, there was still like, 10 minutes before anyone else would get here, but maybe it was his good mood that brought him to the school parking lot. First, he, aside from multiple run-ins with Eve's ExBoyfriend Kaine, had made a few good friends, and also, on of them helped get him onto the school Hockey team, he looked down at the shark on his shirt, or jersey, to be formal, the St. Joseph Academy Sharks, he looked over his shoulder atthe back, in bold black letters on the blue and black shirt, outlined by white, was the name Renfer on his new jersey, and the number, well, it had been his lucky number all his life, 16. He smiled, anticipating the first actual game, he also liked the fact that a beautiful 'A' was on the front of his jersey, where his heart was, standing for 'Assistant Captain'. Jake decided not to let his thoughts swerve him from reality, and turned on the radio to wait for some other people before getting out.