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Eve had to drag herself out of bed that morning, tired and groggy. Yesterday had been an absolute terror. With all of the new, rambunctious, public school kids running around, her big speech, and... the break up... she was struggling just to get through the day. Luckily, Jake had been there for her, helping her through most of it and watching her back all of the time. Hanging out with him yesterday after school had been pretty much the only good part of her day, but it was worth it. Seeing him play hockey was fun and then playing with him in the snow... It was even better. For once, she had felt like a little kid... Too bad for her, those times were over. When she got home that night, she had gone onto facebook, wanting to post her comment of the day. Instead, she saw an old message from Kaine, her newfound ex... It wasn't even a minute before she was bawling. By the time she had composed herself, it was late and she needed to sleep. Luckily, there was no assigned homework, but she didn't sleep well, that was for sure.

She quickly took a shower and blow-dried her hair to just the right texture and shape, making it sort of flip out at the bottom. In anticipation of coming tears, she only wore foundation as makeup, which was easy to reapply and unnoticeable when you cried. In no mood to eat, she grabbed a granola bar and headed out the door. Despite it being a bit early, she wanted to get to school before she started expecting Kaine to show up. By the time she pulled into the parking lot, she was majorly depressed. However, it was a good day for Jake, so she tried her best to be cheerful. He had made the hockey team, after all, and as assistant captain! News spread fast, in this neighborhood, especially since he was a former Everwood student. Surprisingly, she saw that he was already there and quickly put on a cheerful face. Seeing Kaine would be nothing, today... At least, she hoped it wasn't. But Jake would protect her, right...? Or could she even rely on him, that much? She gave a mental sigh as she approached Jake's car. Well, it would be best to just wait the day out, and if she cried... then so what? It was easy to go hide in the bathroom or in the auditorium, and there was no makeup to smear. Kaine couldn't hurt her anymore, and she knew this. Of course, his words and the memory of him would sting for quite a while, she guessed, but it would go away. There was faith in her heart.

"Hey, Jake!" She smiled happily upon coming up to his car, wondering if she had surprised him. "You're here pretty early!" She had to yell over the music and over the glass, which muffled her voice. He seemed extremely happy, so her heart warmed, a little bit. Yes... She could get through today if she distracted herself. Easy... right?