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Setting: High School2010-05-30 06:14:10, as written by Sorella
Tansie had been in the music room. She was playing the piano for awhile but when she heard a gutair she stopped and looked over at the guy sitting there with a expensive gutair. Her thoughts were "he better not break that gutair" then she turned back to the piano and figured she would leave it for the day. Tansie then got up and waved at the boy and walked out of the music room. She wasn't use to talking to people at this moment. It was only the second day back and she didn't want to talk because she might let something slip about her father.

Her father was rich and a jerk. Her father had never loved her he was always busy planning out in his mind what his son would of been like. Well Tansie didn't know that for sure but she was about 98% sure that was what he was doing. Tansie also refused to play baseball like her dad wanted. So that had been hard for her seeing as her dad didn't like no for an answer.

Tansie walked into the school with her black skirt on and the white dress shirt with the blue pull over. She had always worn flats when she wore a skirt. The black flats just helped it look more like a uniform. Then she sat down on a bench in the hall and sighed. What could she do?