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[OOC: Bahaha I already knew that, though I don't remember exactly what it was... Just that the colors were black and red. And everyone had a tie, I think. :o]

Eve nodded in understanding. Hadn't he said something like that once before? If she could remember correctly, his old town had either been in Canada... or somewhere really cold. Ugh, she had such a bad memory... Sometimes, it annoyed her. When he pointed out that the gates were open, she smiled and nodded. "Sure," She said, glancing over at the parking lot. Kaine was only a few feet from them... It was definitely time to go inside. Turning, she started to walk in with Jake, only to be stopped by Kaine calling her name. "Eve!" Almost obediently, she froze in place, staring at the ground with wide eyes. She couldn't face him... "Y-Yes?" She asked, as he came up behind her. He stuck his arm around her playfully, making her blush. "Don't forget, today's your turn for recycling pickup." Eve nodded, stiffly, and he let go of her, smiling. Whether he thought they were still friends or if he was just trying to upset her, she couldn't tell... but he DID flash Jake a nasty glare. "So... You really are gonna stick around the newbie, aren't ya? That's pathetic, even for you, Eve." She looked up at Kaine, trying to keep her cool. "Yeah, well at least he's smarter than you," She said, biting her lip. Her voice was bitter, but her eyes held a strange sort of confused pain. Kaine simply shrugged and turned, walking off. He seemed to be getting kicks out of showing up in her life over and over, but she didn't know why he would be aiming to make her miserable. He wasn't usually like that, and he had no reason to hate her... did he? Her gaze rested on the school gates as she watched several people walk in.

[OOC: I think I should make Kaine an actual character sheet... hmm...]