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[OOC: I'll probably make his sheet later today. :D]

Eve glanced up at Jake when he tried to console her. Even when she was hiding it, he always seemed to know when she was upset... She gave him a gentle smile, in return. "Yeah, you're probably right," She replied. "You're amazing, but it IS gonna be surprising for most people." She wasn't lying about it being a surprise to people... but that most definitely wasn't Kaine's motivation. He hated the hockey team, especially David, their 'leader'. Time and time again, she had been warned to stay away from them, although she knew this was only because of some upsetting memory that he had with David in the past. Everyone on the hockey team was just as nice as any other student. Seeing that people were staring at Jake, she smiled. "They'll stop soon enough," She assured him. "Like you said... You got a jersey after just one day, and as assistant captain, no less. It's gonna take a while for everyone to wrap their heads around Everwood students possibly being equal to us, in standard."