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Eve was more surprised by this statement than she should have been. Hadn't she been expecting that? After all, the principal had even warned her of such a thing happening. Still, it made her blush to think now that all of these people were staring at HER, too, and she looked down. "U-Um... B-But like I said, theyre just surprised that Everwood students can be equal to us. I-I'm sure they'll get bored of it soon enough..." However, it was a bit harder to convince herself of this. Would they, really? Nervously, she reached up to tug on one of her pigtails, stressfully. It was just a habit that she had picked up. What would Jake say to her still wearing pigtails, though? Would he even notice? She sighed, mentally. It didn't really even matter... Why did she keep thinking about such little things? Obviously, she was the only one that cared about it. Her gaze rested on a girl nearby, who was sitting on a bench in the hallway. It seemed like she was upset, but wanted to be left alone... Would it be right to go over to her? Anxiously, Eve directed her attention back to her feet, trying to ignore everyone who was staring at them.