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Eve looked up when Jake talked, surprised. Already? It wasn't time for school to start yet, though... However, when he said that he was going to put his stuff in his locker, she nodded. "O-Okay," She said, smiling. Suddenly, her eye caught a piece of paper on the wall, one which she had seen many times before: Theater club. It was advertising an audition for their next play. The audition was a "come in when you want" type of thing, going on all week. You just needed to sign up for a time on the sheet outside of the music room. Each time she passed the poster, it caught her eye, but she knew it was hopeless. With no acting talent, her shyness, and such a childish look, there was no way that she could get into a play. Even so, something drove her to want to sign up... She just couldn't bring herself to do it. "I... I have something that I need to take care of in the music room, anyways," She told Jake, looking back up at him. "I-I guess I'll see you... later?" She said, nervously. This was anxious for her, so she quickly waved and ran off towards the music room. Why am I doing this, again...? It always ends the same.... Just like every day last year, she stood in front of the sign-up sheet, outside of the music room. This year's play was The Sound of Music... Interesting. She had seen the movie once before, but to even think of PERFORMING in it was out of the question. There was no way that she could compete with all of these experienced actors and musicians...

"So are you gonna sign up?" Eve turned to see where the voice had come from, spotting a boy standing there, crossing his arms as he stared at her. "O-Oh, um, no, I-I can't..." She said quickly, waving her hands. He tilted his head, curiously. "Why?" He asked. "You stare at that thing every day. There's gotta be SOME reason for that, right?" She blushed bright red and looked down at her feet. This guy was clearly gay, from the way he spoke and acted (and for the fact that she had seen him with several guys), but he was just as intimidating as a 400-pound muscular guy, to her. "B... Because! I-I don't know how to act..." She laughed, nervously, and he walked up to her. "Hmm... Aren't you acting right now?" He asked. "Besides, you're pretty enough, if you'd just get rid of those tacky pigtails." She flushed bright red as he pulled the ribbons from her hair in one, swift motion. As her hair fell around her shoulders, he examined her and nodded, approvingly. "Yup, perfect." Now he turned to the sign-up sheet and began writing on it. Eve didn't know what to say or do, she was so embarrassed. He had seen her with her hair down, and it was weird having him "examine" her, like that. Noticing his writing, she looked at him. "A-Are you signing up?" She asked. He shook his head and smiled. "I already did yesterday," He explained. As soon as he finished writing, he placed the pen back in his pocket and stepped back, nodding. "But YOU'LL be auditioning for the part of Maria. Today, after school... Be prepared!" She flushed bright red, panicking. "N-No! I-I can't, I--!" His look was enough to shut her up. "The theater is calling to you," He said, sharply. "It'd be an insult to ignore it." Now he turned and walked away, leaving her there, alone. Her name, on THAT list... She sunk slowly to her knees, putting both of her hands on her face in horror. And yet, she was... HAPPY. Her heart pounded fiercely in her chest, and she let the ribbons drop from her hand to the floor. H... How am I supposed to come up with something by the END OF THE DAY?!

Slowly, she got to her feet, trembling as she stared at the sheet. How had he known... that she wanted to write her name on that list? It was something she had accepted would never happen, since she was so scared, but he had suddenly come along and helped her... And yet, she was terrified. What was she supposed to come up with? She didn't even know what you were supposed to prepare! A monologue? A song? A dance? Would they provide these things for you? Was she supposed to dress up? Panicked, she turned and ran down the hall, leaving her ribbons there. She wouldn't tie her hair back up... At least, not now. Nobody seemed to like it up, and maybe just that would help her with the audition... But what if she GOT the part? Or got A part? By the time she got outside, she was breathless and slumped down onto a bench, laying her head down and groaning. What am I gonna do...?! She thought, helplessly. I-I'm happy, but... I don't know how to act! I can't do it... Maybe I should just not show up? Explain to the director that some random kid signed me up without my consent? oh, but I WANTED to sign up! What to do...?!