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Setting: High School2010-05-30 23:26:18, as written by IcedOut
Alex shook her head. "Up to nothing. I still can't believe it's been whole semester already. It seems like just yesterday we all just go here. I mean, it really seems like it," she said gesturing to the obvious division in the crowd between the two schools. She sighed as her eyes shifted back to Tansie. "But yes, most definetely! After school, you gotta meet on the field," she said. Honestly, she was just a tiny bit jealous of her. She was the captain of the soccer team and Alex used to be the captain - back at Everwood. No doubt, she admired her skills, but there was still a small part of her the yearned to have that position back. Her thoughts were beginning to show up in her expression. She shook her head, replacing it with a grin. "But yeah, do you think you can make it?" The idea of a 1-on-1 game exciting her. Alex was always up for a competition.

(excuse the previous post btw, now freshly edited - had to get it out there before the rp got to far ahead)