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Setting: High School2010-05-30 23:37:04, as written by Sorella
Tansie smiled. "After school sounds great, I will be sure to be in the soccer field" Then Tansie could tell from the look on Alexs face that she was jelous and Tansie knew exactly why. "Alex, If you want..after I have that match with you after school I will see how good you are maybe possibly get you to be the Assistant Captain" She smiled a little. Tansie knew that Alex was from Everwood. Tansie also knew that Alex was the captain back at her school. "Well I got to go, I guess I will see you late Alex" Then Tansie walked toward the music room. She knew about the play and Tansie would be willing to play all the music needed on the piano. After all it was a musical play.

Tansie saw the sighn up sheet and got her self a spot at lunch time for playing music in the back round for it. After that she looked at the list and saw Eves name was on there. That was a surprise to Tansie. Tansie then walked out side and found Eve on a bench. "Eve? I didn't know you wanted to be in the play"