The Other Side of New York

The Other Side of New York


What happens when four upper class rebels are thrown into the slums of NYC?

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New York City.

This is the typical image of New York at night. Pretty lights, skyscrapers skimming the skyline and the waters around the island of Manhattan lapping against the shore. There's barely any pictures of the other side of this shining city. The slum-side. The streets lined with prostitutes and drug deals. Graffiti lines the walls of the buildings, racist and hurtful comments in bright colours causing the residents to feel shameful as they walk to their houses or jobs.

"The A-Team" are a group of four friends; four extremely rich, upper-class, New York friends. They've known each other since they were children, growing up together because of their families wealth, bonding due to a mutual hatred of uncaring and never-there parents. They believe themselves to be above the rest, above the law, and above everyone else. They don't act like it though, acting like rebellious, overambitious teenagers who are trying to escape their "oh-so-special" lives. Drinking, partying, and disappointing their families.

Soon, all of their parents come together, trying to figure out a way of moulding their children into the proper material to take over the businesses and the like, and to stop them from acting out so much. They decide to throw the four of them out into the world, cutting off all their supplies to money, and fancy services. They'll have to get a job, find a place to stay and work out a budget.

Finally, the "A-Team" find a place to live, a small tenement building on the east side with four small apartments in it. Two of those apartments are already filled, with the "others." The others are a group of four who have never had much at all; either orphans or runaways, these kids' have always been alone apart from each other. They've never relied on anyone else, and have always kept to themselves, knowing how much of a dog-eat-dog world it is out there. So, when these upper-class snobbish people move into their apartment block, how are they going to react? Will they try and help these people in need, or will they get angry and ignore them?


A-Team Member One|Rebellious, Pregnant but Fun| Face Claim: Claire Holt|RESERVED

β€’ A-Team Member One - Wisteria Emiline Clements: She is the leader of The A-Team. She's the eldest, her father runs The New York Times and she's the one who decided that the four of them should revolt against their parents. Of course, it didn't go the way she planned, but they still had a great time, right? Only problem is, she's had a fling with James in the past. A one night stand at a party. A party that went too far. A party that got her pregnant, five weeks ago. She's now flirting a little with Robert, as he's the only one she trusts. (Code - #FF0000)

A-Team Member Two|Violent, Uncaring but Hurt| Face Claim: Gaspard Ulliel|RESERVED

β€’ A-Team Member Two - Male: He is the bad boy of the group, the one that does the dirtiest stuff, the worst drugs, and gets drunk the most. He's been in prison more times than he can remember, purely because of the substances in his body at that time, but never for more than a night. His dad is the Chief Detective of New York City, running the police department, and always gets his son off of the hook. However, he's violent. Real violent when he has alcohol or drugs. He ended up physically assaulting Gabrielle one night after she said no to him at a bar. He also had a brief fling with Eliza but it never worked out. She cheated on him. He now hates her. Hates her with a passion. Since then, he's turned worse, and started sleeping around more, trying to fill the void she left in his heart, as he really did care for her. He was the guy that took Fauna in when she had escaped from the Gang. But then he lost track of her, reminding him again how useless he is with women. (Code - #FF8000)

A-Team Member Three|Superficial, Unfaithful but Friendly| Face Claim: Crystal Reed|TAKEN

β€’ A-Team Member Three - Eliza Abigail McDorsey: Her mother is the head of Vogue magazine, and is always showering her daughter with gifts of new clothing, perfume and gift certificates to make up for not being there all the time. This makes her the most superficial one of the group; the prettiest and the most connected. She's the one that gets them into all the high class bars and clubs. This got her into trouble though, as she was found out to be a fraud by creating tickets to get her friends in the clubs as well. She also had a healthy relationship with *A-Team Member Two* but after finding Trey on the streets one night, she felt sorry for him and took him home. They began an affair, but when *A-Team Member Two* walked in on them, Trey fled. They now hate each other. (Code - #FFBF00)

A-Team Member Two|Wasting, Harming, but Sweet| Face Claim: Steven R. McQueen|Taken

β€’ A-Team Member Four - Robert Connor Lancaster: He was the one that didn't really want to carry on with this rebelliousness. He knew that it would end badly, his father, a senior executive for Donald Trump had told him so. But still, not wanting to loose his friends, he carried on. He's the newest addition to the group, not being around since they were all born, but coming into the New York City life from the Tennessee life at the age of fifteen. He knew Fauna when he was younger, and they were childhood sweethearts before moving away from each other. However, he's not as squeaky clean and innocent as he sounds; He's a compulsive gambler. A bad one at that. Most of his savings are gone now, as he squandered them away playing blackjack. However, he doesn't want to have this. He hates himself for it. So now, he self-harms, but only on body parts that aren't seen by the world, like hips and thighs. He has a thing for *A-Team Member One*, and has briefly in the past met, and slept with Gabrielle. (Code - #40FF00)


Other One| Thieving, Dishonest, but Caring| Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder|TAKEN

β€’ Other One - James Samuel Holt: He's the eldest of the group, the one that ran away from his parents after they started abusing him. He started the gang of *Others*, by finding the other three alone on the streets, hurt and abandoned; just like him. He brings in the most money to the group, and even found them their home. But how does he do this, only having a low paying job? Well, he crashes parties. Slipping into upper-class parties when they were low on cash, sleeping with upper-class women, and pick-pocketing them when they slept afterwards. This is what he did to *A-Team Member One*. At the moment, he's in a relationship with Fauna, after choosing her over Gabrielle. She thinks it's going fine, but doesn't know he cheats on her nearly every night. (Code - #008040)

Other Two|Insane, Jealous, but Confident| Face Claim: Ashley Greene|TAKEN

β€’ Other Two - Gabrielle Marie McCrae: She ran away from the orphanage that she grew up in, because of bullying that occurred at the age of 14. When she was found by James, he instantly fell for her, and they started a relationship, which carried on until Fauna joined the group and his attention moved from her to the new girl. Ever since then, she's been slightly erratic, crazy and acting out, like someone who had multiple personality disorder. One side of her is nice, the other is a complete bitch. She likes to drink too, and one night, was struck by a drunken man when she refused his offer, After breaking his nose, she ran. That was her other side coming out. She's now trying it on with Trey, to get James jealous. She also slept with Robert to do the same.(Code - #00BFFF)

Other Three|Murderous, Cowardly, but Brotherly| Face Claim: Hunter Parrish|TAKEN

β€’ Other Three - Trey Eric Holden: He's the older brother figure of the group, always looking out for James and Fauna, despite him being the younger of the two males. Why does he do this? When he was growing up, his parents and little brother and sister were in a car accident. A fatal one. They all passed away, leaving him an orphan, stuck in a home. He was adopted by a nice seeming couple with another son. Instantly, he thought of his little brother, and wanting to care for him as his own flesh and blood. However, his adopted brother had an extremely violent streak, and one night when he was 14, he lashed out at his brother. Other Three panicked when he saw a flash of silver in his "brothers" hand, knocked it out, and stabbed him in the stomach. When his "Brother" collapsed to the floor, he ran. It was this night, he found his "Other" friends, and Eliza But that didn't go too well and he left her company in a hurry. Hows it going now that Gabrielle is coming on to him? (Code - #0040FF)

Other Four|Abused, Untrusting but Innocent| Face Claim: Candice Accola|TAKEN

β€’ Other Four - Fauna Elizabeth Cartwright: She's the most jittery, scared one of the group. She was kicked out of her home at 16 years old, because after that age, you are no longer allowed to stay at an orphanage. She was adopted over and over again, but never wanted to stay, and caused some sort of problem so that she was turfed back into the home. All throughout her life here though in Tennessee, she was friends with Robert, who became her childhood sweetheart. Upon moving to New York however, she became the "Pet" of a gang, being used, abused and hurt by them every day. When she was able to escape, she ran into James, and became part of their group. Despite being scared of human contact, she slowly began a relationship with James, him being the only one that she allowed near her. She's the most useless of the group, purely because she can't stand strangers. (Code - #BF80FF)


1. Have fun.
2. I will reserve characters, but I'd like them done in a realistic time period, please.
3. Any problems, come straight to me. Any changes you'd like to do with the characters above, or ideas, come to me.
4. This is a literate roleplay. Posts every two or so days please, and with at least 400 words. We need something to reply to, people.
5. If you're going to be away for more than three days, give us fair warning. We don't want to be waiting around for no reason.
6. Obviously, this will have swearing, probably violence and romance in it, so be careful if you don't like that. Blah, blah.

Character Sheet:

Code: Select all
[font=georgia][right][img]Gif here please[/img]
[img] another here as well[/img][/right]
[b]Hello, my name is:[/b] Name. With middle.
[b]But you call call me:[/b] Nickname.
[b]My role in this story is:[/b] The A-Team Member One, ect, with the coded colour of your character please.
[b]I'm only:[/b] Age (20-27)
[b]I was born in:[/b] Place, Country.
[b]And on the:[/b] Birthdate.
[b]People say that I'm:[/b] Personality; again, detail please.
[b]I absolutely love:[/b] Likes; 10.
[b]But I can't stand:[/b] Dislikes; 10.
[b]Oh, and I'm petrified of:[/b] Fears.
[b]If I could, I'd love to be:[/b] Your character's aspiration; doesn't have to have anything to do with your characters description above.
[b]But in reality, I work here:[/b] Where your character really works, or what they work as.
[b]Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but:[/b] Any secrets your character has?
[b]My life so far? Well...:[/b] History. Please, detailed. I love detail, as you'll see. [/font]

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