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The Outcasts Foundation » Places

Places in The Outcasts Foundation

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Outcasts Foundation.

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Energy Training Class

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         Professor Rowena and Professor Reed entered to a full classroom. The students were all sitting on their mats on the floor looking wide-eyed and ready to learn.
"Good evening class! I would like to introduce Professor Reed to you all," Professor Rowena motioned towards the new face.
"It's nice to meet you Professor Reed!" The class chimed.
"It's nice to meet you as well class, would everyone like to get started?"
He and Professor Rowena sat on their mats facing the class.
"Okay everyone, today we are going to learn about sacred breathing. This first type of breathing is called Meditative Breathing. It is a three step process to end up at meditative state. Now, Step one. Close your eyes and sit upright with your back arched in a bit. Step two, take four deep breaths and count to ten when you inhale and count backwards from ten when you exhale. That's right, good job! Now Step three, count down from fifteen in your head. Once you hit number one you should be totally relaxed and in your meditative state. Keep breathing deeply. Hold this for as long as you would like," Professor Reed kept peeking out at the class as he was giving the instructions. Some students were trying not to giggle at the situation. Others were doing quite well.
"Alright, now when we come out of our meditative state we perform what is called the Ascending Breath. This one breath will take you up from your deep state of mind and tell your body that it is time to wake up again. Now, count up to five , visualize yourself underwater and coming up to the surface. Once you hit the number five take a violent breath in until you can inhale anymore, then let it out just as quickly. "

The students all looked at each other, feeling refreshed. They all started giggling and whispering to each other about how they had no idea what they were doing the whole time.

"Now class, your homework for this week is quite simple," Professor Rowena announced as she passed the assignment sheets around the room.


1. What did we study in this lesson? (2 points)
2. What are the three steps in Meditative Breathing? (4 points)
3. T or F: Coming out of our meditative state is called the Descending Breath. (1 point)
4. Practice this breathing exercise once a day. This will get you used to breathing deeply (which is healthy) and to falling into the meditative state correctly. (2 points)

Extra Credit: What was the visualization technique to come up out of the meditative state? (1 point)

This is the classroom that holds each Energy Training session. Year 1- Mondays, Year 2-Tuesdays, Year 3-Saturdays Taught by Professor Rowena and Professor Reed

Noita Academy Of Witchcraft

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         After a very long History class, Viveka runs out the door. All she wants to do is curl up on her bed and sleep. But nap time isn't allowed.
"Ah, Viveka, how are you on your first day here?" asked Miss who appeared from around the corner.
"Oh hello Rowena!"
"I knew you were clever enough to figure it out," Professor Rowena and Viveka gave each other sly smiles as the rest of the group busted into gasps and questionable looks.
"Students, this is an example of the Astral Plane. You will all eventually learn how to reach the Astral Plane to gain knowledge, materials, and healing remedies. But for now, we are leaving the mystery of how Viveka found my name, for further investigation. My name is Professor Rowena and it is a pleasure to be your headmistress. Now, how was your first class?" Professor Rowena pointed to an overweight blonde in the middle of the group.
"Oh it was...lovely," replied the girl.
"It was boring," the brown haired mousy boy who goes by the name Ralphie, exclaimed.
"That is to be expected, you are first years! These are all of the basics! Now run along to the study and do your homework for that class. Tonight, after dinner, you will have an Energy Training session with Professor Reed and I," she pivoted on one heel and marched down the hall.
"Energy Training should be interesting huh?" Viveka looked at a small, black haired girl as she said this.
The girl nodded.
"What's your name?" Viveka asked. The rest of the group had already left, they were making their way to the Study where all of the other students were.
"Scarlet," the girl squeaked.
"Oh yeah, you are the sneaky type aren't you?"
Scarlet looked at her, puzzled. "I'm not sure I understand."
"You are quite but you know a lot. Too much maybe," Viveka broke into a grin. "Come on, sit with me in the study."

This is the witchcraft academy

History Of The Witch Class

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         Professor Jane was sitting at her desk when her ten students from Dorm 3 took their seats. She smiled at them all, thinking whether or not they will be able to handle this class. "I guess I shouldn't doubt them yet," she thought.
"Good morning class! My name is Professor Jane and I am your History teacher. Here are your books, Our Journey To Modern Witchcraft, by Aza Z. Allly. This book contains everything you need to know about our history. Now, shall we get started?"

The class stared at her, groggy from the lack of sleep they all experienced.

"Okay then! Today we are going to be learning the very basics. What is a witch? I can definitely tell you that they aren't the wart nosed women you see on the cover of every fairy tale, nor are they the scary old ladies who live down the street. Now can anyone answer this for me, where did witchcraft begin?"

A small brown-haired, mousy boy raised his hand. "The planet Earth. Is it true that they are scared of witches now?"

"Yes, the planet Earth but unfortunately you are correct about them being scared of us now. The people who practiced this religion brought it here to save it from being burned to the ground...quite literally. Now something we all need to learn are the roots words.
Wic- means 'wise' and 'to bend and shape', for we are the wise ones who can bend time and energies to reach our specific needs."

"Now, can anyone tell me what the origin of the word 'witch' comes from?" Professor Jane looked around the room, impressed that there was a hand in the air. She figured she could stump them with this one. "Yes..?"

"Scarlet Grace, Professor. It is originated from the Anglo-Saxon traditions."

"Precisely! Now I think this is all the time we have for this lesson. The next class we are going to focus on the very beginning of witchcraft on planet Earth. Here are the homework questions..."


1. Who wrote, Our Journey To Modern Witchcraft? (2 points)
2. Fill In The Blanks: ____ means ____ and 'to bend and shape'. (2 points)
3. T/F: The word 'witch' originated from Latin. (2 points)
4. What do we call the people who can bend time and energies to their specific needs? (4 points)

The answer to these questions will be posted next class.

This class consists of learning about the history of the Witch on our neighboring planet Earth. Year 1-Mondays, Year 2-Fridays Taught by Professor Jane


This class is focused on herbs and what they can do for us! Year 3-Fridays Taught by Professor Jane

Magickal Alphabets and Symbols

This class teaches how to read the ancient texts of witchcraft Year 2-Wednesdays, Year 3- Fridays Taught by Professor Reed

Magick 101

This class is a basic introduction to witchcraft. Year 1- Tuesdays and Thursdays Taught my Professor Rowena

Art In Wicca

This is basically a class that teaches students the different ways Wiccans express themselves. Electives-Saturdays Taught by Professor Fabula

Astrology Class

This class focuses on the stars, planets, and star charts. Year 1-Tuesdays, Year 2-Thursdays, Year 3- Wednesdays Taught by Professor Stella


Ulkopuolisille, the home of the outcasts.


This class teaches students how to read tarot, runes, and other divination tools. Year 1- Fridays, Year 2- Mondays, Year 3- Thursdays Taught by Professor Reed

Pantheons and Mythology Class

This class is about the ancient gods and mythology. It holds legends and information about the deities that many worship. Year 1- Wednesdays, Year 2-Mondays, Year 3 Tuesdays Taught by Professor Fabula.