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Two werewolves are willing to fight to the death for the territory of a town, but first they are going to need a pack.

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Kaelii frowned ever so slightly as the old drunk she had been holding up fell to the ground mumbling something about her hand and his wrinkly old ass.

"Well, it seems you just lost your leftover drinking money. Have a nice nap in the bushes, why don't you? Let me know if they're soft and fluffy like I hear they are. Well, I'd actually prefer that the next time I see you, you're stone drunk." Kaelii snickered as she turned and walked away, heading to a nearby gas station, she bought a large bag of chips, a bottle of water, and a bag of miniature donuts, which she paid for with the money she had taken from the old man.

Walking out of the gas station, she headed toward the park and headed along various paths until she reached the tree she usually slept in. Kaelii frowned as she spotted another girl in the clearing.

"Um, excuse me. Get your own tree." the small, lithe girl easily swung up into the tree with one hand, the bag of food from the gas station in her other hand.

Sitting on a branch, she pushed the plastic bag of food into a hole in the tree and waited for any response from the girl.


Dirt flew as large black paws churned it up, throwing the wolf ever-deeper into the trees. He had been following several prospective pack members and was ready to be done for the night, but he halted in his run, dirt spraying as he skidded to a stop, the moment he heard voices. Prowling closer to the sound, he crouched in the shadows, crawling forward until he could see the two girls in a small clearing, which he had explored many a time before. After watching for hardly a minute, he edged back into the forest to hunt before he shifted back into his human form, three squirrels lying rather still in the dirt beside him.

Ianto stood up, back straight to reveal just how tall he was before he slouched some, his moderately fitted shirt not helping to make him appear less intimidating. Picking up the squirrels, he headed back to the girls, feigning surprise when he walked into the clearing.

"Oh. I thought I was the only one interested in this spot." his heavy German accent was clear as he spoke, but even though he pronounced many of the words like he was still speaking his native tongue, it was somehow easy to understand what he was saying.
"Oh well. Du hast hunger? Ah! I apologize. I continue to speak the language of my home. I meant to ask if anyone is hungry. I caught a couple of squirrels. Not exactly the most appetizing thing, but it is food." He glanced at Kaylee, sensing her moderate dislike of him, so he instead turned his gaze to the other girl- Danielle- and tried to catch her green gaze with his dark hazel one.