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Two werewolves are willing to fight to the death for the territory of a town, but first they are going to need a pack.

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Wendy yawned and grabbed her backpack. She looked around warily before quickly jumping up from the window seat. The library had been her choice of sleep the night before. She'd slipped in right before closing time and managed to avoid the security. Wendy ran her fingers through her hair a couple of times before braiding it. That would have to do for her morning routine. She grinned before skipping outside into the sunlight. Wendy studied the streets carefully before laughing and twirling around a couple of times. "If only I had one of those poofy dresses," she sighed. "Then it would spin all around, too." Wendy was about to take off when she noticed another girl with a bag and skateboard(Thea). She didn't look very happy, either. Wendy followed her quietly all the way to the park. The treehouse intrigued Wendy enough to make her climb up after the girl. The grin was wiped off her face at the sight of her on the ground. "Oh my gosh! Are you hurt? Are you dead? Are you still breathing?" Wendy ran over and started poking her in the side.