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Two werewolves are willing to fight to the death for the territory of a town, but first they are going to need a pack.

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Wendy let out a sigh of relief before grinning once again. "I was walking out of the library because I was sleeping there- well, last night I was- and I saw you walk past, or more like skate past, and you looked upset so I decided to follow you and I saw you go up into the treehouse- it looks so cool, by the way- and I saw you on the ground and I started panicking 'cause I thought you might died or hit your head or something," She said all in one breath, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was probably making no sense to the girl. "I'm Wendy," She stuck out her hand while studying the treehouse. "Is this where you live? I've never had a treehouse, but I've always wanted one because then I would have somewhere to store my paints other than my backpack."