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Two werewolves are willing to fight to the death for the territory of a town, but first they are going to need a pack.

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Wendy was too involved in checking out the rest of the treehouse to notice the weird look thrown her way. She crossed her legs and sat down, listening intently. However, the smile never left her face. If anything, it seemed to get wider. "Hey, I ran away, too," Wendy giggled slightly. "But I didn't have anywhere to go, so I usually hang out at the library. And it's nice to meet you, Thea." She shook her head, made a strange face, and then nodded. "Well, I'm hungry, but I can't take your food because you didn't think you'd have to pack for another person, even just for one meal, so no thanks." Wendy abruptly cut off and grabbed her bag before pulling out paints and paper. "You wanna fingerpaint? Or just regular paint? I've got brushes in her somewhere," She rummaged through her bag again.