The Pen Pal Project

The Pen Pal Project


Ever wanted to know what it was like to have a pen pal? Now is your chance to, if you never had one. ((Already started but would love to have more people involved.))

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The Pen Pal Project: Overview

Hollyfield Prep’s overenthusiastic, new English teacher is anxious to make her first year a success. And just how does she plan on instilling in her students a love of the written word? With a pen pal project! She has spent all summer making arrangements with Riverview School’s English department to bring this project to life. Each of her students will be paired at random with a Riverview student. The students are expected to write letters back and forth for the entire semester as part of their grade.
The only flaw in the young teacher’s otherwise brilliant idea? Hollyfield Prep and Riverview are rival schools, and students are less than thrilled by the prospect of handwriting letters to their perceived enemies. Will the Pen Pal Project turn into a complete disaster? Or will the students end up forming unlikely friendships?

The Details:

-Hollyfield Prep is a private school full of promising students. Picture girls in plaid skirts and boys in ties and blazers. Naturally, they have a bit of a reputation for being spoiled, rich brats. While the stereotype is not necessarily true, it plays a huge part in how Riverview students treat Hollyfield students.
-Riverview School is quite the opposite of Hollyfield Prep. It’s not to say that the students are bad, but as far as Hollyfield students are concerned, they think of Riverview students as dangerous, unsavory characters. Again, this is not necessarily true of all Riverview students, but we all know how perception and reality can be drastically different.

The Question:

Anybody think they might wanna give this a whirl? Characters would be high-school seniors with a bad case of senioritis. Posts don’t have to be just letters. They can include reactions to letters, reactions to the assignment, or (later on in the rp) even meetings with their pen pals. I figure anyone who would like to participate can post a character description, and we can all pair up.




Toggle Rules

1.) Have fun!

2.) PM me and tell me who you want as your Pen Pal.

3.) Cussing is allowed.

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Maxi looked around. She was helpless. "Shit" she muttered. Then she remembered the bottle of vodka her father had left in the backseat. Hey, if She couldn't get out of here now, why not escape reality? She laughed hysterically and chugged away.

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Hearing a sudden thud come from behind her, Neru turned around and saw DJ flat on his face. At first, her face turned a pale white, which was quickly replaced by a dark red. Panicking, she held up DJ's head. "DJ," her voice turning into ice. "What are you doing in my room?"

She let his head down and grabbed a pillow off her bed. Lifting his head up, she put the pillow under his head. Thinking that he was rude enough to come into her room while she was wearing the uniform, she decided to drive his face into the pillow several times before he had enough. Neru let his head fall onto the pillow and sat on her knees. "DJ, were you peeping at me?"

'I swear, if he was, I'll make him regret this....'

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Pillow to the face: a popular method to cut off a person's oxygen supplies to kill them. To smother them. A method Woodstock remembered well, considering the same method was used more than once to attempt to end his life. When the attemptee failed to kill Woodstock, due to his struggling, they instead inclined to just beat the fucker until he would fall to unconsciousness. Hence why he flailed in panic as she drove his face to the pillow, he scootching as far away from her until he hit a corner, he tucking his legs into his chest, ducking his head in fear, waiting for the first blow. He shook his head repeatably 'No', although it was difficult to tell if it was in response to her question, or pleading not to be beaten.

Such was the effect of alcohol; one moment, light as a feather and willing to take on the world. The next, Demons of memory plaguing upon one like a swarm of locusts, tearing at one's mind like the insects did flesh. The slightest of sounds, smells, or responses triggering a memory, whether happy, sad, or pained.

And their was enough pain stored in Woodstock's noggin that the Bible would be green with envy.

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Neru looked at him with pity and sighed. 'He probably was too damn drunk to find Kai's room....' She squat down next to him and poked his face. "Hey, get up... I wasn't trying to kill you..." Looking at him, she lifted his head up and looked him in the eye. "Dude, either you go to Kai's room, or you can stay in the corner for as long as you need to. Meanwhile, I'm going to take care of the booze you had earlier...." Neru chuckled to herself thinking of what would probably happen if the alcohol was left downstairs. "I don't feel like seeing you drunk anymore, okay?"

She patted her skirt down and walked through the door. "Oh, and Kai's room is all the way down the hall." Neru continued walking, going back downstairs. Seeing the Jack on the table, she picked it up and held it in her hand. 'He must really be a drinker if he can stand this... Heh, almost like papa...' She chuckled and hid the alcoholic drink in the freezer.

'This is going to be a rather awkward night...'

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Woodstock did not reply, only lost in his own thoughts. As she left, he produced a small plushie of the Peanuts character Woodstock from his cargo pocket, hugging the plushie tight. It was not unlike that of a small child, scared of the dark. As was he--scared of the darkness forced within him.

But darkness was forgotten as Woodstock fell asleep, still tucked into the corner, cradling himself in a fetal position, hugging the plush. His breathing was slow and heavy, peaceful. Darkness begot darkness; shadows fled from shadows.

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Maxi woke up a few hours later. Se had passed out in the backseat of her car. She tried to move, but her hands and feet were bound, and there was some sort of cloth in her mouth. A face turned and looked at her from the drivers seat of the car. She had no idea who he was, but he smirked and looked her up and down. "Well well well. Somebody is finally awake." she tried to swallow,but she was too dehydrated. [shit.. what do do?] she thought to herself as the man's hand reached for her thigh

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Putting away the dishes that she had finally finished cleaning, Neru went back upstairs and went into her room. Seeing DJ in the corner curled up in that position, she couldn't help but smile. "Kawai..."(1) She knelt next to him and started stroking his back. 'Maybe I should just let him stay in here for a while... Looks like he won't be up for a while...'

Leaving him there, Neru picked up a blanket from the closet and put it around him. 'He should stay warm for a while...' She started going through her dresser and pulled out her pajamas. Quickly changing before DJ could wake up, she slipped quietly into bed. 'I wonder what's going through his head?'

Neru closed her eyes, and started to drift off to sleep. "Watashi no koi o higeki no jurietto ni shinaide. Koko kara tsuredashite. Sonna kibun yo..."(2)

(1) "Cute..."
(2) "Please don't make my love tragic as Juliet's. Take me away from here. That is how I feel..."

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Re: The Pen Pal Project

Okay, so my onii-chan (AKA: Mat_z6) has a remake of an old roleplay, called The Final Twelve, and he is currently in need of more players.

If anyone is interested, just click on the link.

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Pooh, what happened to Dumisa-kun and Aria-san???

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Hey. So, sorry to say, I am forced to be on probationary leave of my computer for a minimum of two weeks, maximum of a month. I know this is terribly inconvenient, and I apologize for the hassle. Just try and work around whatever issues may pop up in whatever manner necessary. If I return, and there is ample opportunity in-plot to do so, I will jump back in after this leave.

Thank you for understanding.


Re: The Pen Pal Project

Okay, so I've been thinking, anyone wanna do a 1*1 role play with me? I get bored easily, and whenever I refresh the "My Roleplays" page, it never changes....

Re: The Pen Pal Project

This roleplay has actually been going great so far :)

(I agree with the love triangle thing as well >:D)

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Aria: Let's give Dumisa a few days chance to respond. If he doesn't, I'll have Woodstock save Maxi's ass. Again.

(My writer-sense is tingling...I'm sensing a love triangle beginning to form...)

Re: The Pen Pal Project

I'm still here, just been dealing with OOC/IRL drama. It sucks. -Sighs-

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Haha, hai hai! x)

Might as well, but I've also been wondering. Where did John-kun go???

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Hellz to the yes, we do.

After this little stumble, do we just want to fast forward to the party?

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Question for NewKidOnTheBlock!

Do we still have to do the party at the University of Down-the-Street?

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Hey you guys! I have an empty slot in my RP, My Only You, and I need a (male) Head Demon.

If anyone is interested, please PM me!!

Re: The Pen Pal Project

NewKidOnTheBlock wrote:As to Neru, for Woodstock, sleeping is good. Better than she being all up on him. That would be bad. ._.'

Definitely.... Neru's not exactly the type to be "all up on" someone when she's drunk.... Most likely to be either sleeping or slurring in Japanese (or English, whichever she prefers)....

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Mr. Dumisa, sir, permission to speak freely?


Re: The Pen Pal Project

Eh, it's whatever. I used the opportunity, so I don't mind. But it is godmodding, which in principle ticks me off.

It's all good now.

As to Neru, for Woodstock, sleeping is good. Better than she being all up on him. That would be bad. ._.'

Re: The Pen Pal Project

I saw that too, and was like, "Wait, since when are we suddenly in the car? I thought we were getting to it...."

Aside from that, Monday seems good enough. The letters might take a while to get back onto though....

(And with Neru tipsy, she's gonna be falling all over the place! Plus her case of sleeping a lot....)

Re: The Pen Pal Project

I think Monday would be good. Plenty of time to ship off letters.

Aria: Y U NO GIVE ME HEADS-UP? That's technically godmodding, making my character ram into yours. I'll go with it, mostly because it gives a whole new issue, just wanted to let you know the technical breech of rules that others may not take so lightly.

Re: The Pen Pal Project

That sounds a lot easier than the letters going back and forth (abnormally fast, I might say).

Also, what day is it in RP time? Like, Wednesday, Thursday. Or even something really close to the weekend.... Say maybe, Friday? I don't know but, there has to be a specific day... It's really confusing to not know the day in RP.....

Re: The Pen Pal Project

Angel: You can just call me NewKid. It's shorter. Plus, sexy is what sexy be. Silent. Handsome. Kind. While still being an all-around 'bad boy'.

ALL: So, my thought is that this party that DJ is DJ'ing could be the first meeting of our characters. If we get bored with the individual postings, we could just focus on the letters and responses until 'Saturday' (RP time).

Re: The Pen Pal Project


Re: The Pen Pal Project

Dumisa: Amen. Thank you.

Angel: It's not that big of a deal. I was more worried about the speed of the letters. As to Woodstock's 'muteness', there is a story behind it...which shall reveal itself in due time...