LondonGweneth May Victoria

Guys,guns, and muffins, what more does a girl need?

a character in “The Perfect Excuse: The Law”, as played by Shyan Kalyssa

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Gweneth stands at about 5'4" and despite her 36 D breasts and guetto booty she actually weighs right around 130.



Rule 1: Don't ever use her real name it's Gwen or you get tased

Gwen is never afraid to speak her mind but she tends to keep her real thoughts and emotions hidden from the world. She tends to portray the office skank to those who see her most often but in truth she can be intellectual and kind. Gwen loves her guns and junk food all which is something to fill the hole in her life.

Rule 2: Say anything about her fear of spiders and heights, you get tased

Gwen generally stays away from heights which besides spiders is the one thing that freaks her out. Yes, she hates spiders most bugs in general actually but shes not the screaming girl over it she just tends to avoid them. Her one weakness is children often thinking of the childhood she never got to experience she is always willing to stop to help them and care for the less fortunate.

Rule 3: Stay away from her stuff or well you get the idea

Gwen loves her guns from her old fashioned Colt to her black market 50 mag she treasures each and every one of them. Shes almost religious about their upkeep and she never lets anyone see them.


Standard issue police 9 mil
((And thats just for her job))


Gwen was raise by her single mother bouncing from place to place as her mom always tried to find a new boyfriend who Gwen hated and had to call "Uncle". Her mother tried her best but ultimately failed to realize how the moving all the time and costant change was damaging her daughter.
Gwen moved out at 17 and finished highschool then she joined the police force at 19- amazing she passed considering the rigorous boot camp- she's constantly late to her job but she enjoys it..somewhat. Considering its the only legal job that allows her to carry a concealed firearm she deals with the crappy assignments.

So begins...

Gweneth May Victoria's Story