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A teenage physics genious named Matthew frees the genie Syncya from a crystal, and becomes her master. While he uses her powers to explore the universe a governement offical seeks to capture Syncya for his pown purposes.

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Life can get boring when you're a genie. Stuck in a lamp, well in this case a crystal, until some lucky bastard comes along and rubs it. Syncya just so happened to be in this predicament, so she watched from her little blue crystal as people walked by, one after the other, ignoring her. She thought she'd never get to have a little freedom. Even being someone's slave was better freedom than this. Person after person, day after day, year after year, until...

A guy with long black hair, maybe a high school student, looked her way. Walked her way...picked her up! As soon as he rubbed the dirt off of the shard, she sprung from the gem as though she had been trapped for centuries, which she was.

"Hello!" She yelled, giving him a smile. "My name is Syncya, and you sir, have just lucked yourself into a genie." She bowed to him with the greeting, standing back up to continue. "I know what you may be thinking: "Oh A genie? So I have three wishes?" Well you're wrong! I am a special genie, and I am now your slave, until you die. Doesn't that sound great? My power is basically unlimited, but there are a few things I can't do. I can't time travel, and I can't create or destroy matter." She walked a circle around him, hugging him from behind and laying her chin on his shoulder. "So master, don't yo think you should wish your pet had some food? I'm pretty hungry after being cooped up in there for so long~"