The Playground of Space and Time

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A teenage physics genious named Matthew frees the genie Syncya from a crystal, and becomes her master. While he uses her powers to explore the universe a governement offical seeks to capture Syncya for his pown purposes.

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It goes without saying that Matthew was shocked, amused, amazed, and confused all at the same time. Here he saw a beautiful woman appear out of nowhere and claim to be he genie. At first he thought he was dreaming, but being a lucid dreamer, he could tell the diferance between dreams and reality easily. This was all too real. Then he thought this might be some joke. But then he remembered all she sprang from the crystal, so it couldn't be that either.

The only logical explaination Matthew could devise was that this was all truly happening to him. But that was the craziest idea of all! Matthew never had believed in magic, and now he was staring right at it. The only responce Matthew could give was, "How is this possible?"