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A teenage physics genious named Matthew frees the genie Syncya from a crystal, and becomes her master. While he uses her powers to explore the universe a governement offical seeks to capture Syncya for his pown purposes.

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"There is nothing weird about being a genie." She retorted, taking the crystal and holding it up. It glowed a deep blue, transforming into a ball of light. The light dissipated, and a ring was left in it's place. The ring was silver, with blue markings twisting around the frame, a smaller version of the crystal set at the top. She handed the ring to him and then went on to the next task, the food. She rubbed her hands together and then slowly pulled them apart, a blue web spreading between her hands, as the web turned from a blue to a blood red, she smacked her hands together and a mystical cloud of blue and red smoke exploded from her hands. When the smoke cleared, she was holding a hamburger. "Best stuff in the world." She said, taking a huge bite afterwards.

"Anyway, mmrf, I just told you that I'm a genie. You know, like Aladdin, except way cooler." She said with a mouthful of food, swallowing and taking another bite, and then swallowing before she continued. "I haven't always been a genie. I tried to...I did something that wasn't favored in my world, and my punishment was a lifetime of servitude. So, you find the crystal, I become your servant, you get as many wishes as you would like until you die. I'm pretty sure I said this already." She looked at him, and then glanced at the notebook. "Are you taking notes?"