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The aura master

a character in “The Pokemon Adventure”, as played by darkune

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Name: Riley
Nickname (if any): none
Age: 17 years old
Description (if human turned Pokémon, both appearance as human and Pokémon [pictures optional, but written description still required]): Image along with this he has a white scar on his head that goes back into his history.
Pokémon Species (if a wild Pokémon or villager): Riolu
Personality: Bold but solitary. He doesn't really care about anything that he isn't the star of. Riley has a short fuse when it comes to trainers because they always try to capture him.
Equipment (note that Pokémon should only be able to carry very little, due to lack of packs/bags): Blue hat
History (if trainer not turned Pokémon, put your team here, in addition to history): When he was very young he was captured by an Aura Guardian and was trained by him for most of his life. His trainers sister had a Eevee named Amanda, Riley immediately became protective of her. The trainer and his sister took all of there Pokemon out to a nearby cliff edge to train fighting moves, but when Riley's trainers Pokemon Hunter rival showed up and stole the Eevee. The trainer tried to chase them but was stopped by a massive rock slide which ended up killing him. Riley found his former trainers hat and ran off into the woods never to be caught again.

Attacks: 1.Earthquake (mastered)
2. Quick attack (Almost mastered)
3. Dark pulse (Working on it)
4. Dig (Mastered)

Attacks trying to learn: 1. Aura Sphere
2. Extreme Speed
3. Shadow Ball
4. Blaze Kick
5. Sky Uppercut

Stats: (1-5)
HP- ***
Attack- ****
Defense- ****
SP.Attack- *****
SP.Defense- ***
Speed- ****

So begins...

Riley's Story