Skyline City, CaliforniaDee Elizabeth Detris

"The only way I'll get to these people is to beat it into them."

a character in “The Power House”, as played by Virile

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Name: Dee Elizabeth Detris
Nicknames:Dee did not socialize enough to have earned any nicknames.
Role: Villain
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: Image

Dee has decently long brown hair, and bright green eyes. In terms of clothing, Dee seems to have an interesting taste in fashion. She likes to be "natural" and refuses to wear furs, but seems to think that floral, as in literal flowers and plants, is in. Fun fact, it isn't. She prefers lighter colors, like light greens and pinks, and throws in a few blues whenever she can find the material for it.

Alter-ego: Wind
Disguise: Dee does not wear a disguise. Or rather, she has yet to put one together as this is her first time using her powers. However, her normal style of dress seems to be odd enough to classify as one.


Personality: Dee is a preachy type. She seems to think that by going off on random, long rants she can get through to people. She likes to flower up her language and is almost completely devoid of a sense of humor. A permanent scowl is painted on her face, and she rarely ever smiles or even gives the slightest hint that she's happy. Not the liveliest of children, and when it comes to socializing, she rarely does it on her own accord. She will only speak when spoken to, and even then doesn't offer much back.
  • Nature
  • Country music
  • Flowers (smell and appearance)
  • Animals
  • Silence
  • Vegetables
  • Literature
  • People
  • Industries
  • Loud noises
  • Socialization
  • Meat
Hobbies: Sewing, playing guitar, reading
Crush: ~~~
Theme Song: The Endless(?) - Sound Factory Carolina


Powers: Dee is able to control the air around her. She has to "channel" to do anything effective with this, and if her channeling is disrupted by anything, she will lose control of the air. She can do anything from making it flow to pushing it out, but with different effects come different processes.
Weaknesses: Cannot take a hit, not in good shape physically.


Dee was born into a very wealthy family. Her parents owned a large-scale business. What they had in riches and other unnecessary things, they lacked in things like sensitivity, love, and anything else that could even remotely be considered positive. They could fake it the best they could, however. And gained quite a healthy amount of friendships and admirers in their time of faking. Dee, even in childhood an avid lover of the world, was disgusted at the disregard for humanity and nature in their method of work. She rebelled against them, and went as far to be the "outcast" of the family. Using some spare money, they had a special place built for her, a small house. Dee could only come over for food, and was sent immediately back to her "haven", as she called it. She's lived like this until now, inside this place with everyone else. Despite their child's disgusting behavior, they still wished that she use her powers to the fullest in whatever ways she can. That, and they'd love to get her out of their hair for even the shortest amount of time.

Her parents both possessed powers, but cared not for the usage of them for good or evil. They officially worked under the labels "Divine" and "Gust", but only used their powers when called upon. Her father had power similar to hers, while her mother had mild psychic control. Dee found out her powers in her solitude, she had nothing better to do, after all.

Dee has taken this chance to teach the other children her ways of nature-appreciation, whether they like it or not.

So begins...

Dee Elizabeth Detris's Story