The Princess And Her Keeper

The Princess And Her Keeper

(Rebooted 1x1 RP with toajojo) With the land in chaos, from just getting over a plague AND famine on top of it, the people are angry, rebellious even. When the capital's keep is stormed, a mysterious, young peasant comes to the aid of the princess.

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The country is in turmoil. For five, long years, the Kingdom of Laric faced a plague that would cleanse its population of tens of thousands of the poor souls, effected by what had come to be known as 'The Wraith', due to the list of symptoms containing ghost-pale skin and a dark, black-reddish pigment around the eyes, as well as the eyes holding a shade of red to them as well. Four years into the plague, Laric experienced heavy drought that would cause famine in the population in the final year of the plague. The combination of hardships and tragedy in the population started to kindle riots from the unrest. Knights were assassinated in their sleep by their very own serfs; lords turn on each other in a fight to either over-throw or protect the king and his family.
Now, many rebel factions have already formed inside the capital city of Williston and plot against the royal family. To go anywhere, even inside the city, means possible danger. With a cloak and dagger lurking around every corner, it is only a matter of time before this powder keg explodes. This is where their story begins. The story of...
The princess and the keeper.

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#, as written by toajojo
The fall, although only a second or two in reality, felt as if it were an hour in Zariah's head. Her eyes screwed shut tightly and lips parted in a silent scream. "Oomph!" she groaned as she forcefully made contact with Gabriel. Ending her short free fall. The air was knocked out of her and she panted softly.Trembling, she unwrapped her arms from around herself and placed them on Gabriel's shoulders. A very unfeminine like chortle bubbled from her throat from the extreme relief she was currently experiencing. "Y-yeah." She breathed, her stomach instinctively tensing at the ticklishness of his warm breath through her nightgown.

Her fingers gripped into his shoulders tightly as he moved to put her down. Her feet gently touched down upon the shingles of the roof and she had to consciously work to stop her legs from wobbling pathetically. The princess nodded forcefully. It was already over and done with. She needed to move on now. They were in a hurry for goodness sake!

Gabriel released his hold on her, and Zariah found herself slightly surprised at the sudden contrast. A cool wind blew and bit at her skin through the thin silken garment, effectively robbing her slight frame of warmth. For the most part at least. Within seconds her hand was taken into his calloused one and she found herself being led once more. Her chilled digits encased in the the warmth he radiated. She managed a wry smile at his warning.

Misty blue eyes trained fiercely on the back of the boy as she followed in his steps with her own swift and light. She could not cry anymore. At least, not yet. She blocked out the noisy suffering of her people from below. Was that cruel of her? She focused her sights forward. To where Gabriel vowed security. Not downwards.

Zariah clenched her hands together to keep the heat and observed the way Gabriel propelled himself with a sharp eye.

She inhaled deeply and bounced a little on the balls of her feet before taking off. Zariah had always been quick.

Bending her knees, she leapt forward and grabbed hold as tightly as she could with both hands.

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The boy feels a tug and finds himself pulled forward. Thinking quickly, he plants his off-hand firmly on the merlon next to him and pushes on it to create leverage in his pull. In a grunt, he begins to pull the princess by her hand, lifting her up and setting her back down on the crenel portion of the wall before removing his other hand off of the merlon and using it to help lift her the rest of the way, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling before gently setting her back down.
As if fully rehearsed, Gabriel looks down the length of the wall before calmly reverting back to directing the escape. "Lets go," he instructs of the girl as he heads in the direction of the defensive tower connecting their portion of the barrier with the front segment.

Where could they be going? There is not much room left to run and they would most certainly be spotted if they were to use the tower or gatehouse's staircase down, even if they would be moving through the rear of the fight.
But something catches the eye: a metallic object seemingly curving around and gripping the edge in two pointed hooks.
Upon closer inspection, it appears to be the head of a grappling hook, placed to hang a rope down in a shadowy portion of the wall; down to what seems to be the moat around the inner wall. It especially gets bad when Gabriel seems to have stopped in front of it...
"...Okay," he reassures, already knowing what he is about to hear from her. "Before you say anything...I assure you there is a small surface down below and I already have a boat next to it, ready to go!"
Of course that doesn't encourage much better of a reaction...
"Look, you have nothing to worry about as long as you can hold onto my back. I'll do all the climbing down for you."
The boy can't hide himself from somewhat cringing with the words coming out of his mouth. He knows that the words coming out of his mouth are probably some of the scariest a princess can probably hear, even if they are not much more than only a little unsettling for him.
"...I PROMISE that I'll be as gentle as possible and all you will have to do is hang on to me."

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#, as written by toajojo
Gripping Gabriel's hand with all of the strength she possessed, she slowly atempted to scale the wall using the traction from her boots as he pulled her up with a grunt. She made it up to the crenel and he let her down there. Instinctively, she reached out her arms to be helped down to the ground. Holding onto the boy lightly as he set her feet down on the stone blocks of the wall.

She dusted herself off while Gabriel peered up and down the stretch of the wall. Hearing his low-toned command, she hurried after him taking in their surroundings and direction. It was not often -- actually, she had never once been up there. She knew the layout in her mind's eye, but never had the chance to put it to use until now. She wondered where it was they were heading exactly. From what she knew, there was not too much more space for them to run and keep hidden.

Zariah looked harder for whatever she must have been missing. Gabriel knew what he was doing, she was hard-pressed to assume. Then she saw it. The moonlit glint off of its metallic surface catching her eye. She slowed her pace as she watched Gabriel come to a full stop before the contraption. The princess pursed her lips in disapproval listening to her guide's reassurances. He must not have had any sense. Wait. She actually knew that.

'One. . . Two. . .' Deep breathes to calm and collect her thoughts. It was established. The peasant was insane. Zariah rubbed her arms with her hands to counter to chilly sting of the wind. This was her only option though. She stamped her feet childishly in frustration. Why was there never a better option?

"No. I promise if something happens while you do this, you will live to regret it." Zariah bit out a terse threat.

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Gabriel patiently waited as the girl took deep breaths. He couldn't help but imagine what must be going through the princess' mind.
...I must sound absolutely mad to her, mus'n't I?
But then she begins to rub her arms up and down in the cold. Gears are turning now.
Wait...hey-she's thinking about it! She's thinking about it!
Zariah stomped her feet on the stone beneath her in deep frustration.
Sheeee's thinkiiiing about iiiit!~~
"No. I promise if something happens while you do this, you will live to regret it."
Gabriel smiles. Thinking 'THAT'S what I like to hear!' even as he almost speaks in a rehearsed manner, "I wouldn't have it another way, your highness."

Gabriel then turns around lowers himself down so that the girl may climb up on his back and grab hold. Reaching behind he picks up her legs but, just before he pulls them in front to help her wrap them around, he can't help but think of how Zariah probably feels.
You and I are getting much better acquainted than I had ever hoped we would...
The boy stands back up and, with an "upsy-daisy," adjusts her to a more solid position on his back. 'Now comes the hard part', he thinks to himself, looking at the hook which would hold them as they climb down. A quick exhale escapes Gabriel's lips before surrendering to the situation. "Lets go. Keep tight on me," he orders of the girl.
On any normal situation, he could easily just hop off and slide down the rope using his feet as the break but, this time, he has a lot of extra weight. A person-at that. He has to maneuver gently; something he barely has the ability to do, given the position he has to work with. It may prove tough. "Hold on now," Gabriel cautions as he sits on the crenel and spins around on it to face the ledge.

His feet dangle in the air and it is as if the entire city of Williston is visible. He then leans over, gripping the rope with both hands before calmly alerting his passenger, "here we go," and then pushing off. His palms grip and his expression stresses as the princess' bodyguard swings around and suddenly stops their fall with the limits to his arms' length. From there, Gabriel violently kicks his feet around the rope, desperate to set his brake. Tense grunts escape through his lips as the weight pulls down on his body in a relentless attempt to pull him and Zariah to the patch of soil below. He does not even notice the grip around his neck and waist tensing up to uncomfortable levels.

Gabriel twists his leg around the rope and manages to swing it around but he has trouble getting it around his shin. His arms scream at him as the extra hundred pounds of weight prove to be a bit difficult to handle.
Come on! COME ON!
Finally, just as he feels like his arms are about to give, he makes one final kick and the rope stays on top of his foot just long enough to clamp it down with the other.
DEAR LADY, thank you!

With a relieved sigh, the boy begins to let up on the break a little and the two begin to descend, placing one hand below the other and slowly walking himself down. It takes a surprisingly short amount of time for them to reach the skinny patch of ground and are able to dismount the rope.
"Here we are, Isle De Gabe" Gabriel announces as he looks down at his now even more callused palms.
Before them, tied off to a stake planted in their-sorry, his-little piece of land, floats a pathetic little white fishing dinghy. At least it can be assumed that it were a fishing dinghy by the smell alone. It looked to have been punctured and patched a handful of times and much of the paint was scraped off but it seemed to float well enough.

"And here," the boy addresses toward the boat, "we have 'The Lady Wonder', the first you shall meet of the extensive and magnificent fleet at my disposal!...Which currently consists of one-BUT NO MATTER! She still is a sight to behold!"
A crude knife carving of 'Lady Wonder' can be seen on her port side.
"...Okay, so she is a bit unstable and you have to be very careful not to move too much if you don't want her to tip-BUT I PERSONALLY trust that she'll do her best to keep us safe and afloat!"
"Okay-maybe I won her in a recent low risk-low reward bet but, hey, it could be worse. I could have stolen her-but I didn't!" the boy triumphantly proclaims.

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Williston by Captain Awesome

The once glorious city of Williston. Now practically crawling with revolutionary factions.

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