True fear paralyzes the body and leaves one helpless

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a character in “The Realm of Eyphah”, as played by Death Himself


Appearance- When in his true form-The very second you lay eyes on fear you would see why he got his name.He stands at least 8 feet tall but still manages not to look slender.His eyes are a deep sliver color that could make even the bravest of men weak in the knees.His hair a simple short black mangled mess and.Perhaps the very thing that stands out most on his face is his huge wide mouth that he uses for his favorite thing.......devouring things(This includes his prey).When he actually cracks a smile it would look 100% wicked and could bring a man to there knees.As for clothing he wears nothing more than a simple long black cloak making him look all the more tall.On his back he always carries his nearly 6 foot scythe that he just loves to use.

When in his humanoid form-When in his humanoid form fear is much less wicked looking.He appears to be a simple teenage boy of about 19.He stands at about 6 and a half feet with longish,straight black hair that always covers his silver eyes.He still wears only his cloak which in this form looks way to big for him.His 6 foot scythe remains on his back looking much larger than it would when he is in his true form.




Species-Shape shifter

Role-Shape shifter 3

Age-147 but looks 19 in humanoid form

Power-Other than shape shifting the only thing that could be classified as a power is fear's freakish strength that he built up swinging around his huge scythe


Personality-At first glance fear in his humanoid form would appear to be the quiet,mysterious type and most of the time he is.But when there is something he wants of he is hungry and wants to taste blood his true personality comes out.Fear loves to watch his victims suffer and squirm.He lives for the thrill of the chase and loves to devour his prey with his Huge wicked mouth,sometimes whole.Fear has a sick sense of humor and a wicked temper that has caused the deaths of many a creatures.Fears laugh and creepy smile is enough to cause anyone to become paralyzed with fear.His name does him justice 100%

Likes-To hunt,torture,and devour his prey.Swinging around his massive scythe.The smell of blood.His cloak.His massive scythe.The sense of victory.

Dislikes-The cold,fools that think they are better than him,vampires,weaklings,the smell of flowers.

Description of Appearance-

History-Fears history is surrounded in mystery for the simple fact he does not speak of it.Though there seems to be somethings in his past that will force him to stop and think every now and again it would appear his past was just as bloody and wicked as he is now.


So begins...

Fear's Story

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A blood curdling scream rang though the thick forest.It was a scream or both pure terror and extreme pain.The kind of scream that a living being only made when they were faced with true fear.Fear that not only paralyzed the body but at the same time rotted away at the soul.

The scream stopped as suddenly as it came as if whatever made it was no longer able to.Even the trees in the forest seemed to listen for anothr scream.But none would come as a huge dark figure crept out of the forest holding a bloody,mangled mess of what might have once been recognizable as a living thing.

The figure wore the most wicked of smiles,one that could bring even the bravest of men to there knees.The figure wore this smile as it devoured the mangled creature that it held in its hands.It ate as if it were a starving wild wolf.The blood splattered across the ground and on the face of the figure as it dinned on its catch.The figure seemed to be very please as it finished its meal and threw the bony carcass on the ground and wiped its face with its arm"Satisfying indeed"Said the figure in a very raspy but deep voice.

The figure began to chuckle slightly as it looked up at the canopy of the forest sniffing the air"What is this smell,its suddenly showed up a few days ago.Its absolutely tantalizing.I must have whatever its coming from.I must devour the creature that wears this scent"With that the figure walked back into the forest and off towards the scent of these mysterious new creatures.He would not stop until he got a taste of them.