Gabrielle G. Hunter

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Full-Name- Gabrielle Gayle Hunter
Nickname- Elle, but most people call her Gayle.
Gender- Female
Species- Human
Role- Human One
Age- 18
Power- N/A
Orientation- Straight
Personality- Elle is quiet and introverted. She's kind and loves her friends very much, willing to do anything for them. She's really neat, the motherly type, and is often the one who takes care of the rest. She does not like taking risks, and is very careful with her words and actions. She often works too hard, never taking a rest until her work is finished.
Likes- Animals, especially cats, the color purple, and her friends
Dislikes- Being alone
Description of Appearance- She's short for her age, slightly smaller than almost all her friends
History- Elle was born into a dysfunctional family. Her mother was a drunk, when her father wasn't out of the house, he was arguing with her mom. Only her grandmother took care of her as a child. When Elle was 11, her grandmother passed away, leaving her alone to take care of her mother. After school, Elle would rush home to clean up after her mother, who often brought strange men home. When this happened, Elle would hide in her bedroom. Her parents never seemed to notice her anyway. When Elle was 13, her father walked out on them, claiming he'd had enough. Elle began spending as much time as possible in school, not wanting to go home and see her mother passed out on the couch again. As a result, Elle's only family was her friends and teachers.
Other- Mushu

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Gabrielle sat up. "Oh... my head hurts." Hold on, what happened? I can barely remember it... Suddenly, Gabrielle saw something in her mind's eye.
Following her friends through the woods, Gabrielle shouted, "I don't think this is so good! No, wait, hold on!" She just had some kind of feeling about the place, and it wasn't good. A flash of light followed, and Gabrielle panicked. Stumbling forward, she lunged through the white nothingness.
Dizziness. Gabrielle couldn't see anything except white, and her head was pounding. Whirling around, she tried to catch a glimpse of her friends. No such luck. Tripping and falling, Gabrielle's eyesight started to fade. Blinking, she tried to hold on to consciousness. The world made up it mind and shrank away to black.

Gabrielle's head hurt. Looking around, she spotted Lilian a short distance away. Getting up, she weaved her way through the trees and flora, finally standing in front of Lilian. "Hey. You okay?"