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"Word of advice, never make threats. You wanna do something don't talk about it, do it."

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Appearance/ Description: Image

Name/Alias: Anthony Day (Alias)

Code name: Target

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Weapon: Beretta 92FS or anything that could be useful in given situation.

Abilities: Being an assassin, Anthony knows a lot of little cool things that many people wish they could do. He is you're typical bad-ass. The things that Anthony is really good at is his ability with a weapon. He has handled so many guns and weapons in his years that he doesn't even know the names of most of them. All he really knows is how to use them to the best of their ability. This includes improvised weapons and household objects. He can kill you with almost anything.
He also is fairly efficient at hand to hand combat. Seeing that he is still alive after all the years he has been an assassin, he would be considered good at hand to hand.
He doesn't have any special powers....

Background/Origin: Anthony Day doesn't know much about his past. He has been trained to forget about all of that. If he hadn't, he would put to many people in danger. The reason for this is because Anthony is an assassin for hire working in a small (but very well known in the underground) company that promises to take out anyone who might be a problem. When the company discovered the truth behind Axis and their Atlas project, they joined the bidding war in attempt to gain the powers of this serum so the assassin's in the company could become almost unbeatable. They lost the bidding war miserably.
The company of assassin's watched over Axis very closely as they developed the serum. When they had a reasonable amount of evidence that the serum was complete, they sent Anthony and most of the other assassins on a mission to obtain it. The mission quickly went sour though. The building had already been infiltrated by someone earlier and he was now escaping. Most of the assassins were killed by the security and the rest by the explosion of the generators. Anthony was the only one of the assassin's left. The explosion didn't effect him and he got out there as soon as possible. Believing that all of the assassin's had died, he decided to go off on his own in order to finish what he started.

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2efTlU36Tw

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