The Resurrection of Magic

The Resurrection of Magic


Magic is dying, and the Council of Old has finally made one, last, desperate move to strengthen it once more. However, this involves taking family members, a magically hidden island... and a whole lot of luck.

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ImageThe Resurrection of Magic

Thomas Shevlin, elected spokesman of the Council of Old, ran a hand through his hair in frustration, the arguing of his fellow council members ringing in his ears. All thirteen of them were seated around the big, oval-shaped mahogany table, some shouting, others brooding, and others still, looking thoughtful. The spokesman himself appeared quite fatigued, as if he had been seated in that same spot, arguing that same topic, for months on end. And in fact, he more or less had.

A soft, unnoticeable sigh escaped his lips before he straightened himself, deciding to finally end this arguing. He had come to the conclusion that something drastic had to be done, and so, having conversed with Simon Bickerlow, another council member, for hours on end, the two of them had come up with an idea that might just solve their problems. Granted, it would be a test, and they would be turning family members into guinea pigs, but it was a price worth paying. The future of magic was at stake.

Magic is dying. Or, at least it's been decreasing gradually in strength throughout the last many centuries, and the Council of Old, consisting of one representative from each of the 13 magical families, has been trying to figure out a way to turn the tide to maybe restore magic to what it once was. However, ten years have now passed since they decided something needed to be done, and no viable solution had yet been proposed. Until now. Leader of the council, Thomas Shevlin, along with a couple of others, especially Simon Bickerlow, has come up with a plan. It's risky, no one knows if it will work at all, but first and foremost, the doubt in most, is... will they ever truly find out? See, the thing is, there is no guarantee the chosen 26 participants will even get along well enough to actually test the theory of this experiment.

For as long as anyone can remember, the 13 families have never mixed. They have always paired up with humans - non-magical beings - and had children with them, so over the years, all the human blood has been taking over more and more, drowning out the magical part. Or, at least, that's the explanatory theory that has been proposed. So of course, the obvious solution would be... mixing the families at last. And that's exactly the idea.

Each of the 13 council members are to choose two family members between the ages 17 and 27, who will be sent to a magical island, invisible to the rest of the world, on which the 26 unknowing participants are to live in a huge castle, all of the island's facilities available to them. Everything here is magically constructed, from never-emptying cupboards to never-ending power supplies. Each of the new habitats of the island will be given a suite including a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. There are several kitchens in the castle, all fully stocked, and the entire place tidies up itself, as all the tools to do so are more or less alive, or at least animated. Basically, the place is like something straight out of Disney's Beauty and the Beast - a place where anything can happen.

So what's the catch? Well, none of them know why they're there or how they ended up there in the first place, and not all the families get along with each other all that well - quite frankly, some of them barely tolerate each other for the couple of annual gatherings the council decides to do, so one might ask... is this even safe? They will merely all be showing up at the exact same time, each seated in a chair at a grand table in the middle of a huge dining room, having been removed from whatever they were doing without a warning. From then on, future happening are up to them, but of course... the council members at home; aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, will be crossing their fingers in the hope of seeing a new generation of magicians being born. Literally.


All magicians are, in essence, able to perform spells and produce potions, if they have the knowledge, items and concentration required, but apart from this shared gift, they are each born with an affinity for one thing in particular; a magical power they can tap into at will, without potions or spells. Of course, all of the gifts can be performed by anyone, but it would in most cases take a lot of time and practice to even learn how to properly do it. This special, individual power sets a magician apart from the others and often partakes in defining him, or her, in the eyes of others. It's different from family to family, and person to person, how much focus is on this power itself, especially considering some are more dangerous than others. For instance, taking an untrained necromancer to a funeral, or letting a magician with the gift of elemental punch, partake in physical sports, without training, could be disastrous. Especially since the 13 families have gone for centuries, more or less hiding their magic from the world. Well, aside from pesky little periods of persecution throughout history.

Apart from this individual distinction, all the families have different, defining traits they are known to possess; it makes it easier for the families to tell each other apart. Some of these views are more judgmental - maybe even misled - than others, but all in all, they are more or less true, and having known each other for so long, the families have each had quite a bit of time to find things to recognize each other by. Between the families, there are also both centuries-old hostilities and alliances. Some keep out of the fray, where others eagerly feed any present troubles. Some simmer beneath the surface, and others still, are right out in the open for everyone to see and acknowledge. However, during counsel meetings, or other council-related gatherings, temporary truces are instilled upon all the families, and breaking these are punishable by death. However, such breaches are very rare. In fact, the last one was more than a century ago.

  • Charcote, Everhart, Ferrick
  • Shevlin, Himes, Reagle
  • Aubony, Titus
  • Mercer, Bickerlow, Diegan

The Gleasons do not ally with anyone, as they only trust themselves and would never risk their secret being revealed.

To keep themselves out of conflict, the Narramores have chosen not to ally themselves with anyone, but rather to remain neutral.

In 1821, during one of many council meetings, council-member, Amelia Himes was killed. No one remembers over what, or what actually happened that day. In reality, no one even at that time could even tell you what went down that evening, as it was all a big blur. All anyone knows for certain, is that the offender was Katherine Everhart. The thing is, however, that a lot of people call it in accident. Katherine's temper flared, rendering her powers of telekinesis uncontrollable. Why? Because the girl was only 8 years old, and had been brought along by her father who was a council member. The Himes family never forgave the Everharts for this, and as the years passed, resentment only grew because the story was passed down through the family subjectively and the story has been changed in numerous ways, now portraying the other familiy as monsters, more or less, changing ages and circumstances to make it seem more horrible.

70 years ago, a couple of Charcotes decided to pull a prank on some members of the Reagle family. It was supposed to have been more or less harmless, but something went wrong, rendering the Reagle family's main house burned to the ground. Several limbs were broken on different people, and well, the whole thing turned into a catastrophe. One that sparked a flame of hatred. Now the two families, opposites in many ways, can hardly look at each other. The Reagles consider the Charcote family irresponsible and childish, whereas the Charcotes consider the Reagle family stiff-lipped and snobbish.

Resentment has been building under the surface between the Gleason and Titus families. It's not quite as serious as some other in-between-families issues present in the magical community, but it's there nonetheless. What causes this? Well, the Titus family always throws the magical gatherings, and the Gleason family never attends, because they rarely choose to socialize with the other families in general. However, their continual rejection has begun getting on the nerves of the hosts. Other than that, the one time they did attend, 106 years ago, they were uncomfortable and rude to everyone. As for the Gleasons, they rarely like any of the other families in general, but they have grown quite irritated with the fact that the Titus family cannot just accept their lack of attendance.

As for the Ferrick family, they and the Aubonys have, for as long as anyone remembers, been competing with each other. Both families are very aware of their appearances, although for different reasons, and naturally that has bred some not so friendly competition.

"To be free is the greatest gift of all."

The Charcote family is known for being a little "silly". They're the ones usually reprimanded for talking during a ceremony, accidentally (or on purpose) messing up a potion, or just generally acting out of what you'd call "proper" bounds. That isn't to say they're all a bunch of crazy lunatics, but rather that they aren't raised very strictly and are often allowed to do things others wouldn't be. This has earned them a judgmental (and oftentimes not entirely true) reputation for being stupid and immature, among the others families.

Chosen Council Member: Pamela "Pam" Charcote, 50 years old.
Pam chose to send her youngest male cousin, and her younger sister's oldest daughter - second cousins.

|Charcote|26|Elemental punch: the ability to give one's hand elemental qualities|Jensen Ackles|OPEN|

|Charcote|20|Invisibility: the ability to render oneself unseen by the naked eye|Jenna Marbles|OPEN|

"To be the guide of others, is to take upon yourself great responsibility."

The Shevlin family is of respectable reputation. Their magic is, as far as anyone knows, the oldest, and children are trained in the usage of practical magic more or less from the moment they speak their first words. They have extensive knowledge of all magic and the other families often look to them for any spells they may be missing in their repertoire. They're quite well off, and are sometimes considered snobs, because yes, in some ways, this family does consider itself more important than some of the others. No one openly challenges the Shevlins, but some resentment, or maybe jealousy, is definitely brewing in other families.

Chosen Council Member: Thomas Shevlin, 41 years old.
Thomas chose to send his own two children - siblings.

|Josh Shevlin|19|Blasting: the ability to disintegrate objects or persons with a hand gesture|Chase Crawford|Taken - ViviOrunitiaFF9|

|Daniela Shevlin|21|Illusions: the ability to alter or deceive what is perceived|Cintia Dicker|Taken - Mela|

"Things are not always what they seem."

"Shy" is a word easily flung in the direction of the Narramore family, however, this is not necessarily true. In fact, this family merely cowers in the face of conflict. Or, at least, they have so far. This means a lot of the other families consider them "the weak link", which in turn translates to no one really considering them threats. Keeping this in mind, some may argue that the Narramores are more slick and intelligent than weak and shy, but it's hard to know for sure. Things aren't always what they seem with this family. In fact, what no one knows, is that the Narramore family is quite capable in the face of danger. Perhaps not in the same way as the Shevlins, but they would prove challenging to most, and are definitely worth keeping at eye on - if you're able to see through the expertly placed mask they have hidden themselves behind, that is.

Chosen Council Member: Edward Narramore, 46 years old.
Edward chose to send his youngest son of two, and his male cousin's daughter - second cousins.

|Narramore|23| Hypnosis: the ability to connect with others and thereby being able to order them to do things|Cam Gigandet|OPEN|

|Sierra Narramore|18|Reactive Adaption: the ability to develop a temporary immunity to that which one was injured or harmed by|Summer Glau|Taken - crystalrain|

"Anger is simply a grand show of passion - passion that consumes all in its path."

Some may argue that one needs tranquilizers when choosing to spend time with an Everhart. The "Everhart Temper" is quite renowned and by some, even feared, so they are to be carefully approached. The men, especially, tend to get very physical once they lose control of their temper, and it can be quite chaotic if nothing/no one is able to subdue them. It's not that they are uncomfortable people to be around, but their stubborn and temperamental nature makes many people wary of them. They're quick to make enemies because of their inability to rein in their tempers in important situations and the likes.

Chosen Council Member: Tanya Everhart, 47 years old.
Tanya chose to send her sister's son, and her brother's daughter - cousins.

|Acheron Everhart|25|Freeze Vision: the ability to freeze people and other objects with one's gaze|Grey Damon|Taken - Mela|

|Everhart|19|Mediumship: the ability to see and communicate with the dead|Holland Roden|Reserved - ImagineThat!|

"Loyalty is a strength many do not possess."

The Himes family's main trait to be recognized would be their loyalty; loyalty towards family, friends, partners, and so forth. To be friends with a Himes is something to count yourself lucky for, as this person will be the friend you can always count on; the person you can always call when needed. However, this also means they are oftentimes exploited by others, which to some families is a testament that they are easy to manipulate and take advantage of, and yes, some of them are, but others remain dignified. One should be careful judging a Himes in advance, and assume that they will take anything you dish them, just because they like to help and support others. Where this limit is set, however, is different from person to person, but their reputation among the others is that they are gullible and easy to use for selfish purposes.

Chosen Council Member: Wesley Himes, 45 years old.
Wesley chose to send two of his brother's four children - siblings.

|Himes|23|Teleportation: the ability to move oneself and/or others from one place to another in a moment|Beau Mirchoff|Reserved - crystalrain|

|Himes|17|Healing: the ability to heal with a touch|Britt Robertson|Reserved - OverTheRainbow|

"Beauty will never falter. Not even the coldest of winters can slay it."

Looking at the Aubony family, you will notice two things. One, they're all expertly groomed and two, their eyes are judging you the moment they see you. This family has a tendency to be very vain, and quite superficial. No one really knows how it started, but it's the general mentality among them. The Aubonys are not people you will ever see walking outside in sweats, hair messy or hastily donned. No, they would rather get up an hour before they have to, merely to make sure they have enough time to look absolutely perfect when they step outside. A lot of families laugh in the shadows, others envy them their knack for beauty. It is ingrained in the children from an early age that obesity, or clothes that are out of fashion, are sins worse than murder, so they will often regard people who don't care about that, with a patronizing glance.

Chosen Council Member: Anna-Lynne Aubony, 41 years old.
Anna-Lynne chose to send one of her own two daughters, along with the only son of her brother - cousins.

|Aubony|18|Dream Precognition: the ability to gain knowledge of the future through one's dreams|Drew Roy|OPEN|

|Juliette Aubony|23|Gravity Manipulation: the ability to hover up to 2Β½ meters above ground|Doutzen Kroes|Taken - Korrye|

"Decisions made in haste are always followed by regret."

The Mercer family is considered very critical, which isn't necessarily a singularly good or bad thing. They are the types to always weigh cons and pros before making decisions, which is quite disadvantage when a quick decision needs to be made, in the council for instance. On the positive side, they rarely make choices they later regret, because everything is carefully evaluated and re-evaluated. At the same time, they would never take a newspaper article and simply believe. No, they're the types who question the author's actual, scientific knowledge on the topic, how many people were really in this poll, what has been left out of this or that quote, and so forth. Their entire lives, children of the Mercer family have been taught always to look with scrutiny at the world around them, which also has a tendency to make them rather untrusting.

Chosen Council Member: Garrett Mercer, 44 years old.
Garrett chose to send his youngest brother's daughter, and his oldest brother's son - cousins.

|Mercer|21|Fire Summoning: the ability to produce fire with only a thought, but not manipulate it|Shilo Fernandez|Reserved - OverTheRainbow|

|Olivia Mercer|21|Pain Muting: the ability to mute both mental and physical pain temporarily|Jenna Louise Coleman|Taken - ViviOrunitiaFF9|

"A body is merely another weapon."

"Sex is natural", is a sentence most likely used a lot by the Ferricks. They are usually very free spirited and in touch with their inner wants and desires. They rarely hide what they want or accept that they maybe can't have this object of their desires. In terms of sex and nudity, they are very liberated and not afraid of showing any part of themselves. In this family, having a lot of sex, with a lot of people, is not considered abnormal or something to be frowned upon. In fact, as long as you procure protection, it is almost encouraged. It is considered a part of the process of forming one's identity, really, and not to have a proper relationship until you're 30-40 years old is equally normal. This means that they, by the other families, are often considered "sluts" who are only good for sex.

Chosen Council Member: Jonathan Ferrick, 67 years old.
Jonathan chose to send his youngest daughter and his oldest son's son - aunt and nephew.

|Ferrick|20|Posession: the ability inhabit and thereby control the body of another|Francisco Lachowski|Reserved - ImagineThat!|

|Ferrick|21|Intangibility: the ability to render oneself intangible to persons as well as objects|Elizabeth Olsen|OPEN|

"Knowledge is power if wielded by the right mind."

The Bickerlows are usually known as the smart ones. They're the ones who, from a very early age, are taught that nothing is more important than expanding your knowledge of everything, because "knowledge is power". Of course, their knowledge of magic cannot reach the one of the Shevlins, but they strive to be as good as they can. Usually, a Bickerlow would be the person to have the most random trivia, the person to look at a thing and think, "hm, how does this work? How can I analyse and properly examine it?" They're the "braniacs" of the magical community, whether they individually take interest in science, language or history, they will dive into it with a hunger for knowledge honed through the years by family.

Chosen Council Member: Simon Bickerlow, 45 years old.
Simon chose to send his son and his sister's oldest daughter - cousins.

|Bickerlow|22|Conjuring: the ability to produce objects with nothing but a thought|Richard Madden|Reserved - Korrye|

|Bickerlow|24|Ecological Empathy: the ability to sense conditions of one's environment and draw memory from greens|Felicity Jones|Reserved - alxxxjames|

"Magic is gray, and to reach this colour, one cannot make use of white alone."

Being a Gleason means you have been born into a world of forbidden, black magic. Gleasons are not necessarily evil, but the black magic has contaminated them and caused both greed and selfishness to be traits quite defining. Since practicing black magic is strictly taboo in the magical community, the Gleasons choose to hide this preference - quite befittingly, in the dark. No one knows much about the Gleasons as they usually keep more of less to themselves - the antisocial pack where others are concerned. They do not harbor the same reservations towards each other. To the other families, the Gleasons are a mystery waiting to be solved, and some may already have their suspicions.

Chosen Council Member: Louise Gleason, 39 years old.
Louise chose to send her youngest brother along with the only daughter of her oldest brother - uncle and niece.

|Gleason|25|Aura Vision: the ability to know the power and emotions of another by seeing colours surrounding them|Matt Bomer|Reserved - alxxxjames|

|Jade Gleason|18|Telepathy: the ability to project one's thoughts into another's head|Taylor Jardin|Taken - ChaosxChild13|

"Discipline is the most difficult art of all to perfect."

The Reagles have a reputation for being dreadfully tedious due to their well-mannered ways. Like the Shevlins, they can come off as a little snobbish, but really they're just polite to an extreme extent. The complete opposites of the Everharts, the Reagle family practices self-discipline almost to the point of obsession. They're known to be very honorable; the kind of people who consider it above shameful to break a vow or lie directly. For this, though they are sometimes perceived as boring, they do have a good reputation for being people whose word you can trust.

Chosen Council Member: Diane Reagle, 54 years old.
Diane chose to send her youngest son, and her younger sister's daughter - cousins.

|Reagle|22|Temporal Duplication: the ability to bring past and future version of oneself into the present|Steven Strait|Reserved - Thundera|

|Reagle|20|Animorphism: the ability to change into an animal, but only one|Karen Gillian|Reserved - Thundera|

"Know your enemy, and you shall never lose a battle."

This is the family that knows everything there is to know about anyone. They appear more or less unable to keep out of others' business and will most likely drive you crazy with questions if they take an interest in you. They are known to be quite the gossipers, taking an interest in any kind of dirt they might dig up. In truth, the bunch of them would most likely do quite well as journalists, and yes, some have chosen to go down that path. It has earned them a pretty bad reputation as people you cannot trust, because the fear of them back-stabbing, telling others the secrets they're told and such things. Of course this may not always be the case to such extremes, but loyalty is generally not an important trait among the Diegans.

Chosen Council Member: Marcus Diegan, 73 years old.
Marcus chose to send two of his only child's (a daughter) five children - siblings.

|Diegan|24|Deflecting: the ability to temporarily produce an invisible shield which can deflect magic|Channing Tatum|Reserved - ChaosxChild13|

|Diegan|22|Weather Manipulation: the ability to mentally affect the weather|Mischa Barton|OPEN|

"To be creative, is to be alive."

This particular family is known to be quite the hosts. They always throw the annual masque ball, along with any other events the council may come up with. They are considered creative; the kind of people to often come up with an original idea or concept for something. They aren't necessarily the kind to be "party animals". In fact, many of them are more of the poised, elegant school, as they are raised that way. Some do break out and their social tendencies show in other ways, like being an eager clubber or something along those lines, though. The tendency, however, is that they feel best when they are in control, which again, has caused some disagreements among the families.

Chosen Council Member: Neela Titus, 28 years old.
Neela chose to send her older sister's oldest daughter, along with her older brother's oldest son - cousins.

|Titus|20|Necromancy: the ability to animate the dead|Joe Jonas|OPEN|

|Titus|21|Animal Telepathy: the ability to communicate with animals through cognitive functions|Daveigh Chase|OPEN|

Character Sheet

* As you can see, the sheet is in 1st person, and I would like you to stick to that when you write, please. Sheets in 3rd person will not be accepted unless agreed on with me.

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[right][img]Gif of your character here - animated[/img]
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[b]My name is...[/b] full name, please, meaning middle names, if any, included.

[b]But people call me...[/b] your character's nickname(s)?

[b]I am...[/b] your character's age here.

[b]And was born on the...[/b] your character's birthday here, please.

[b]My special power is...[/b] explain your power here, please. Limitations? Strengths?

[b]When I perform magic...[/b] what changes about you character when he/she is doing magic? Does her/his eyecolour/hair colour change? Does the air around him/her smell like roses? Please be imaginative, here. Limits are few.

[b]I quite like...[/b] what your character likes. At least five, please.

[b]I don't much care for...[/b] your character's dislikes. At least five, as well.

[b]My biggest fears are...[/b] what is you character frightened of? At least two fears, here, and please do explain them too.

[b]Don't tell anyone, but...[/b] any secrets your character may have?

[b]People say I'm...[/b] your character's personality here. 1-3 paragraphs, no less and no more. Please include flaws too.

[b]Before the island, I...[/b] you character's history here. You don't need to write a novel, but I want something on your character's relationship with his/her family, including some general family information; names of any siblings and parents. I also want you to write what your character was doing right before disappearing. So, I think around 2-3 paragraphs should do it.

[b]Also...[/b] anything else you'd like to add about your character? Any special appearance additions like tattoos, piercings? Any talents people would know about? Or not.. you don't need to include this part of the sheet if you have nothing to write. Do not force it.

Toggle Rules

  • No godmodding.
  • I’m the GM, and I will always have the last word.
  • Always check the OOC before you post.
  • Do not join if you are not able to post about once a week.
  • Be descriptive and use proper grammar. The wpp minimum is 450 words, so if you cannot manage that, this roleplay isn't for you.
  • If you've read the rules, please write "Omfg! A yellow elephant!" when reserving characters.
  • Both Face Claims, powers and ages can be discussed - I am not unreasonable, but don't expect me to accept over-used Face Claims. Yes, folks, this means no Nina Dobrev.
  • To participate you must be able to take on both a male and female character, unless expressively discussed with me. That meas I will expect you to reserve both a male an a female, preferably from different families. There are exceptions, of course. PM me, if it's a problem, and we'll figure things out. About gay characters, they are not allowed. I am allowing maybe one, but take it up with me first. The reason for this, is that the council members wouldn't exactly send people who cannot procreate, when that is exactly what they're hoping for.
  • Sexual content is allowed, but no actual cybering, please. Swearing is also allowed, but I am expecting you to remain literal, and therefor to not over-use it in descriptive parts of your posts.
  • Oh, and have fun! ^^

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I'm diggin' him so far, honey. ^^ I have a little thing I need to talk to you about, but I'll do that once he's all finished up, in case something else pops up too. =D

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Nathan is a WIP. Have the tail end of his profile to finish but I need to get some reading done tonight. :]

Re: The Resurrection of Magic

PM coming right up, honey. =)

Re: The Resurrection of Magic

Mels, I have finished Chris Diegan. Just wanted to let you know, could you check him out and make sure that he's all set and ready? Thanks. I could use some feedback