NarutoShiro Hatake

Son of Kakashi.

a character in “The Resurrections”, as played by brightlight664

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Name: Shiro Hatake
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Rank: Chuunin
Kekkei Genkai (no more than 2): Sharingan
Affiliation: Konoha
Sensei: Naruto
Picture: Image (Forget about the one eye sharingan. He's not like Kakashi who only has one eye Sharingan. He only wears a bask thing like his father, but his eyes are normal unless he's using his Sharingan.)


Sometimes funny, and out-going, but he also cares a lot about people close to him. He doesnt like it when people joke around with death, and thinks team work is one of the most important thing there is.


The regular ninja stuff.

Kunai: Image
Shuriken: Image
Fuuma Shuriken: Image
Metal Wires: Image
Exploding Notes : Image

Shringan: Image


His father is Hatake Kakashi. He was asked to be the 6th Hokage, but suggested Naruto to be one. He had agreed he will take the place if Naruto refuses. He married someone from the Uchiha clan and got Shiro. Because of his mother, he's able to use the Sharingan.

So begins...

Shiro Hatake's Story