The Rise Of Necromancers - S.P Based - OPEN

The Rise Of Necromancers - S.P Based - OPEN Open

This is loosely based on Skulduggery Pleasant Books. It is about magic, mages, vampires, zombies and the like. OOC:

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The world is at peace and all over the world all the magic councils are running smoothly, until one day the Necromancers (mages that use Death Magic) figure out how to bring back an army of powerful zombies. The necromancers are tired of being a joke in the magical world so they decide to take over the magical councils of the world. They start in america and it's up to S.D.F Secret Defence Force to stop the attack before it starts an all out war between the mages of the world.
They must figure out who is causing this and stop it.

Things you should know:

All characters can be moderated by anyone. Except for your personal ones. You can create characters as you please but you will be limited to creating two. You will not need to fill out a character sheet for these extra characters, but you should have an idea of who, what, why and so on.
You may choose to be bad, or good or neutral, whatever. Nothing is set in concrete. The story can change in just one post, but it MUST be first discussed in OOC.


1. Up to two characters per person. (The GM will break this rule for plot purposes.)
2. At least 200 words per post. Be detailed and descriptive, use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. You must submit a roleplay sample using your character of at least 300 words in order to be a part of this roleplay. Put it at the bottom of your character sheet.
3. If you have ideas for the plot you must post in the OOC before putting them into affect.
4. Follow the character sheet I have created for you.
5. If the GM asks you to change something with your character, you must obey.
6. Read The OOC Post Thread.
7. Must have some knowledge of Skulduggery Pleasant, or read the wiki.

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Character Portrait: Vernados Rhodes (Vern)
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Vern walked into the empire state building. He was wearing a grey hood top and track pants. He walked quickly to the door marked 'Staff Only'
He took out his plastic card and swiped it on the reader. There was click and the door opened. He quickly walked through the door. The cold air hit him in the face and the bright lights nearly blinded him. He walked past the receptionist and walked straight into the S.D.F office.
"Hey, I'm here. Why'd you call?" Vern asked. He wasn't happy that he was missing out on his Saturday.
General Crunt looked up from his work. "We have a crisis. The Necromancers have turned on the sanctuary."
Vern's heart jumped.

The Rise Of Necromancers - S.P Based - OPEN: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: The Rise Of Necromancers - S.P Based - OPEN

I love Skulduggery Pleasant. I have all the books. I submitted my char. Hope it's alright. I can't wait to post!

[OOC] The Rise Of Necromancers - S.P Based - OPEN

This is the OOC topic for the roleplay "The Rise Of Necromancers - S.P Based - OPEN"

Elementals, Mages, Vampires, Zombies.....

This is a brand new RPG loosely based on the Skulduggery Pleasant books. I'm not sure if this has been done before but I am very keen to get involved in one. I would prefer is you have read the books but if not that is okay also.
Okay here is some basic background info:

Mages can have two main abilities:

They control the 4 Elements; wind,water,fire and earth. Depending on the age and ability of the mage they may have different abilities, such as flight or advanced manipulation of any elements.


Adept mages have dedicated their life and magical potential to a single set of powers, although the scope of these powers might vary. They can vary anywhere from teleportation to Necromancy. It can be really anything, but must have a downside if its an amazing power
i.e self healing, can only heal if.... BUT don't worry about that just give me your adept power and I'll tell you if its okay.
More info on adept powers here:

More info later on......

Character sheet:

Name: [names should be out there as mages change their name so it can't be used against them... i.e skulduggery pleasant]
Age(you look as mages age extremely slowly): [15 up...]
Actual Age: [15-300]
Race: [Vampire/Mage]
Type of magic: [Adept what kind?/Elemental]
Alliance: [Necromancers...Neutral....etc....]
Description of personality:
Physical Description:

Any questions please post here. Thank you so much.