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The Rise of the Tari » Places

Places in The Rise of the Tari

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Rise of the Tari.

All Places

Senate Chambers

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         A young boy watched the fight with wide eyes. His mother tried to turn him away so he wouldn’t see, but he didn’t let her. When the king yelled “Healer!!!”, the boy wrestled away from his mom and ran to the market.

The crowd that had gathered around Myr was dispersing and going back to their shopping. Her examining a badly sunburned young hunter wasn’t as interesting her acting like a fool. Out of nowhere, a boy grabbed her arm. “Myr! Myr! The prince... the king... somebody cut the king...” the child was out of breath.

She grabbed him by the shoulders. “Where?”

“The senai... the seni... where the toga people are.”

Myr got the idea. She grabbed her bag and ran as fast as she could. It wasn’t very far, and she knew some shortcuts.

“Healer coming through! Make room!” she yelled at the back of the crowd she saw. People got out of the way, first slowly, then faster when a guard joined Myr and started pushing them aside. Without asking, she started working. She bound his arm to stop the worst of the bleeding. “On your side, this arm up” she ordered. “Stay awake.” She began cleaning and treating the wounds, the liquid she used felt worse to Tenszar than the knife had.

The cut in Tenszar’s wrist could be bandaged, the one in his hand was a bigger problem. “Does anyone have a thin needle? And fire. Give me fire.” Myr only owned a bone needle, it wasn’t very suitable for stitching a hand. A woman handed her a bronze needle, a moment later someone brought a torch. Myr held the needle in the flame until the metal burned her finger, threaded it with a long hair, and stitched the cut. “If you have something important to say, do it now. I’m going to give you something against the pain, it will confuse you a bit while it works.” After wrapping a tight bandage around his hand and lower arm, she removed the first one around his upper arm. “Let’s hope it doesn’t start bleeding again.”

Tarin Senate Chambers Owner: RolePlayGateway

A vast meeting hall where Senators and advisers go to advise the young King.


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         "I'm sure that your actions to come will dictate your standing," he replied; talking calmly as he strode through the busy streets. "But until then, I would be a fool not to start with the foundations my father spent fifteen years building. This place, this culture, is the first of its kind. No other such settlement exists as large or as advanced as we; we're the dawn of a new, brilliant era and I need to make sure the men and women who build it are worthy of remembrance."

He watched as the Senate rose before them, high above the surrounding buildings upon a mound of white stone and exactly fifty steps to climb to reach the pillar-laden entrance.

"My mother despises this place. She says that one day I will come to also despite it, as a pit of snakes and spiders. I hope that her prophesy turns false, or at least falls short of the target."

He began to climb; Senators, Soldiers and Citizens alike stepped aside to allow him higher. The chambers were not fully open to the public, but the outside and the public forum within (where administrators received feedback from the common man and relayed it to the meeting halls beyond) were often teeming with men, women and children of all ages and occupations.

This is why, that when a certain foreigner had climbed those steps barely ten minutes beforehand, he hadn't been stopped. Looked upon with slight suspicion, perhaps, but the people were very aware that no such law yet existed where ostracization was a vald path.

This, perhaps, was about to change.

As the new king climbed higher, the foreigner began to descend and wound a cream turban around his face like a mask, while brandishing a four-inch bronze blade in his hand. The assassin began to quickly move...

Down the steps he ran, two at a time, before leaping forwards and falling down upon Tenszar, who was pre-occupied with watching his feet so he didn't fall. The two stumbled, fell and rolled in a scrawling heap back down to the street below.

At the bottom, one man pinned the other. Punches were thrown by the one underneath, followed by a slash of a blade that the prince could only block with his naked hand. He grabbed the hand and the knife within it and wrestled as hard as he could.
A rock was thrown by a nearby man, which struck the assassin in the head and caused him to stumble to the ground. He released the knife, but Tenszar's left hand and wrist had been struck and royal blood began to spread quickly over the stone ground.

The assassin regained his composure, watching as two dozen guards began to quickly run to fill in the surrounding area and come to their King's aid. The foreigner made the choice to run and delay his death. Against such numbers, with Tenszar still alive, he knew he could not succeed witout throwing away what he was not yet willing to leave. The would-be killer thus turned, pushed his way through the growing crowd and disappeared into the city as many a guard began the chase.

At the bottom of the stairs, Tenszar could only tightly clutch at his wound with his remaining right hand and watch events unfold around him. "Healer!!!" he yelled; he cried.

Ammisar Owner: Nevan

The world of Ammisar, a fantasy planet whose most intelligent race has only just entered the bronze age.

Market District

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         “Enough of that affair, let’s get back to you,” Kadhek turned to his friend, “You should marry her.”

“What? I’m not ready…” Fi’irios protested weakly. He didn’t have any real reasons, excuses rather, to stave off marriage.

“’Not ready?’ You’re five years too old to say you aren’t ready, at the age of fourteen a Tarian has come to the appropriate age to marry,” Kadhek paused and smiled at Fi’irios, “I think you’re more than ready.”

“But..” Fi’irios mumbled.

“’But’ what? Ah, I forgot …you can’t dance,” Kadhek chuckled. Fi’irios was about to open his mouth, but he was cut off by Kadhek, “My apologies, everyone can dance, but you in particular, don’t like to dance. How awkward.”

“I can dance just fine, it’s just I find the idea of cavorting about the ground. I’d look very…”

“Awkward?” Kadhek inputted.

“Awk..ward? Is that another school of thought?” Fi’irios turned a glance at his old friend, perplexed at the word.

“Great Goddess Fertilia, I hope not. I teach wise men not dancers.” Kadhek chuckled before roughly cradling Fi’irios under his arm.

“You two were practically meant for each other,” Kadhek was barely holding on, he felt like he could burst out laughing before the crowded streets, but as a teacher he had a bit more decency to hold it in.

“Funny,” Fi’irios narrowed his eyes directly at Kadhek; he knew it was a shot. “I’m sure if anybody knew, it would be you,” Fi’irios arched his eyebrows in a sardonic manner. Kadhek simply replied with a smile before he continued on.

“You’d better start liking the dance now, or you’ll end up growing grey alone,” Kadhek warned him comically as they passed by some produce stands.

“Dancing beyond nightfall…” Fi’irios groaned, “How tiring would that be?” the thought of dancing long past the moonlight did not disgust Fi’irios, but it did make him feel sore.

“Very tiring indeed,” Kadhek shook his head with a wide grin of mockery.

“It makes me grow weary, but at this age, I’m surprised she hasn’t been betrothed yet,”

Kadhek raised his eyebrows. “Hmm, perhaps she has been spying on you as well?”

Fi’irios scoffed at the notion and pushed him aside in a flippant manner while they continued walking.

“If only one could express love and receive the blessing of the Gods in a different way,” Fi’irios mused to himself.

“Hmm, if there was a different way, perhaps you’ll find it. Run along good man, run along to your forge!” Kadhek smiled slyly as he continued on his own path.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Kadhek,” Fi’irios turned a corner and slipped through the crowds, on his way back to his father’s forge.

Tarin Market District Owner: RolePlayGateway

With shops and market stalls, merchants come here to sell their wares.

Residential District

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         Horus awoke to blinding rays of light shining through the window above his bed. His home was quiet, the only sound coming from beyond the gates in the markets. He let out a deep breath as he rolled from his bed and hopped to his feet. Stretching his legs, he quickly draped himself in his robes and stepped outside.

Walking into the small courtyard, Horus found that his mother and father were still asleep in their bed. Undoubtedly they had attended the funeral the night before, and would still be grieving the loss of their dear friend. He reflected on the time he had spent with the past King, but this only put him in a slump. Horus dipped his face into the cool water of the washbowl to rid the thoughts from his mind, and proceeded on. The gate to the home creaked as he opened it and stepped through quietly, then again as he shut them.

"Ah, good morning Horus."

Horus turned to see one of his neighbors, Typhos, was also leaving his home. Typhos was an older gentleman and a kind soul, he lived for the most part alone. "Good morning to you, sir. Where are you off to so early today?"

Typhos smiled warmly, "Just off to see get some things from the markets. And you, Horus?"

"Just making my way towards the Senate Chambers, in fact," Horus replied, "Perhaps I will stop at the market district on my way."

"Well, you have a good day then, son." Typhos shut his gate and walked away towards the markets. I suppose I could pick up some things for mother and father, Horus thought, I might as well stop there.

Settled, Horus slowly meandered his way through the residential district, heading towards the markets.

Tarin Residential District Owner: RolePlayGateway

Where the majority of people live.

The Temples

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         Myr needed a moment to think about everything Tenszar had said. Random arrests? And "I know in my heart I will never live up to him", that was something one might say because it is the sort of thing one should say, but it sounded like he truly meant that he felt inadequate.

"Prince Tenszar!" she called out at his back. If he turned, she would look him straight in the eyes, showing him she was speaking from all her anger about her past. "It's true you must honor your father by seeking justice and by continuing his work. But greatness is not found through imitation, it is found in here!" She pointed at her heart. "You already are a great man. You treat a beggar with the greatest respect, no small-minded man would do that! And being the great man you are, you will find justice. You WILL NOT find someone random and convenient to blame. Misplaced blame will turn friends into enemies, and I should know! You will lead your people to find the murderer, and will graciously accept if that should fail, or else the ground you walk on WON'T BE WORTH MY SPIT!" She lowered her voice. "You already are a great man, prince Tenszar. Good night."

Then she ran like hell itself was after her.

Tarin The Temples Owner: RolePlayGateway

The temples of the Gods, where religious people pray and seek their guidance.

Military District

Military District Owner: RolePlayGateway

Where the military resides.

The Palace

Tarin The Palace Owner: RolePlayGateway

The largest building in the city; home of the royal family.

The Cradle

Ammisar The Cradle Owner: RolePlayGateway

The known world...


The Cradle Tarin Owner: RolePlayGateway

The first city of Ammisar, founded by King Vaylen and the Tari people. Post here if no other specific room exists within the city.

The City Walls

Tarin The City Walls Owner: RolePlayGateway

Self explanatory. With several gates and incomplete towers dotted around it.