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a character in “The Rise of the Titans: Crimson Age”, as played by deliverusfromevil


"My job became less necessary with text messaging. Fucking technology."

Role: "I'm pretty much most important person in Olympus." Hermes, the Messenger God and God of Trade. He's also the Patron of Thieves, children and shepherds.
God/Titan Symbol: "It's a short list, don't worry."Greek Strawberry-Tree, hawks, Herald's staff or otherwise known as a caduceus, tortoises, rams, and Wednesdays.
Appearance:"Let's see how you describe the sexiest man alive." Hermes stands at 5'12, making him taller than many of his Olympian kin and giving him some ammunition over his shorter siblings. He's not as muscular as Hades, or freakishly ripped like Ares (which he suspects is either godly magic or roids, but he'd never tell him that). In fact he's the complete opposite of his uncles and brother. He's got a slight athletic build, and long limbs that give him a better reach for everything and anything, similar to a monkey.What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with speed. He's a fast little bugger, even in his chosen mortal form. His chocolate brown hair is always perfectly quaffed and ready to go no matter. Even Aphrodite's asked him how he gets his hair to stay so great but he's unlikely to share his secret. Deep brown smiling eyes that reveal little to nothing other than his regular amusement for everything around him. If you spot him on the streets, he'll blend into the crowd with blue jeans and a t shirt. He'll sport a jacket and tie if absolutely needs to, but he'll be share to bitch about it until he's able to take it off.
Persona:"One cocky son of a bitch, coming up! If you need a few words to describe Hermes, here they are. Funny, outgoing, sarcastic, sly, and extremely energetic. He's pretty damn cocky if you couldn't already tell, and he has no problem letting people know he' confident in himself. An easy person to make as a friend, but the worst to have as your enemy. Fool him once, shame on you. Fool this guy twice? Unlikely because you'll probably wind up in the middle of the Mojave Desert if you try and screw him over. He's the patron of thieves, so it's no surprise he isn't on the straight an narrow. He can sweet talk anyone in almost anything if he puts his mind to it. He has no shame in taking control of the spotlight and shining it on himself. Manipulating people comes as easy as breathing to him, and he has no qualms about doing it, even to his own family. Similar to Eris, he's fond of stirring the pot for a bit of drama, especially if it's family drama.
Job:"Tried taking down UPS. Didn't work out so well, so I'll stick to my regular job." He still runs (or flies depending on if he's got his shoes on) messages and tasks around town for the rest of the Gods. He's in between jobs otherwise.
Powers:Maximum of three powers.
What do you hope to achieve by the end of this war?:"I like confrontation and fights as much as the next person, but this is a little too deep for me. Let's resolve this peacefully guys."
Theme Song: [url=urlofsong]Song name[/url]
Relations:He's had his share of flings with the Immortals, but he's had a thing for Persephone and Artemis for awhile now. It's probably because one's taken and another's the Goddess of Virginity, but he love a challenge.He's not looking to snatch up either of them at the moment but he has no problem flirting, especially now that Persephone's above ground. It's even more fun to watch Hades flip out over it.
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So begins...

Hermes's Story


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus – Brandon Powers

Olympia (The Electric Company)

Brandon had folded pieces of paper into the shapes of paper llamas and was stacking them in a cheerleading tower before his laptop. He had one more to place on top as he leaned close to the base of the llama pyramid and carefully inched the final llama toward the top. He held his breath. His brows were knitted and his eyes tense with focus. He managed to complete the task and slowly leaned back. Smiling in success, he threw his fists into the air and exclaimed, “Oh yeah!” He was the best.

Sitting back in his office chair, he crossed his arms behind his head and glanced at his laptop. An hour barely crawled by and there was still pages of emails he had yet to read. Glancing back at his llama pyramid, he couldn’t believe that that was the only thing he had accomplished. Frowning, Brandon reached into his trouser pocket and removed his cell phone. He flipped through his contact list to Hermes and tapped in a text:

Inform everyone that dinner will be at my mansion at 8. EVERYONE will be there. I won’t take no as an answer.

Tucking his phone back into his pocket, Brandon sat forward in his chair and clapped his laptop closed. He then picked it up and placed it inside his suitcase. Closing the lid, he slid it off the table as he rose from his chair and headed straight for the door. The llamas remained stacked in their position as he walked out of his office.

Cynthia had called Hermaine and told her of the evening dinner arrangements. She still didn’t know who the girl was, but she sounded too young to be any lover of Mr. Powers’s, unless, he was into young girls. He was a pervert after all. The secretary was on Facebook and scraping a nail filer along her nails when her employer emerged with a stride of purpose.

Lowering her filer, Cynthia sat up in her chair. “Mr. Powers?”

Brandon stopped and faced the voluptuous secretary. “I’m heading out for the rest of the day. I got a family reunion to attend. When can I see you again?”

Cynthia blinked. “Umm, well, I work Mondays through Fridays…”

“I’m not asking about your hours. I’m asking when can I see you again?”

Cynthia stared blankly at her boss until his question finally clicked. Her cheeks glowed and she clutched her nail filer nervously. “Oh my gosh, um, oh my gosh!” She dropped her nail filer and hid her flushed face behind her hands. Her boss was seriously asking her out? It was so unusual.

Brandon rested his hand upon his hip and sealed his grin behind a smile that was so mischievous, naughty, and playful. If she didn’t give in, she would have to upon taking in his panty-soaker 3000. Cynthia parted her fingers a few centimeters and upon taking in the look he was giving her, she closed her fingers and then slid them down her face until they just revealed her green gaze. Lowering her hands, she set them in her lap and tried to squeeze her lips into a straight smile, but could not.

“Aren’t you married, Mr. Powers?”

Brandon arched a brow. “I can’t marry a woman that I feel would try to steal my money.”

“Yet you want to go on a date with me?”

“Maybe I trust you?”

“I just met the boss I’ve only been working for for over three weeks today, and you already trust me?”

“You want to give me a reason to doubt you?”


“What time do you want me to pick you up?”

“Wait, didn’t you ask ‘when you wanted to see me?’”

“Now, I’m asking ‘what time?’”

Cynthia’s hands returned to her face to hide the amused smile that curled on her lips. He was so bold, and she couldn’t believe that she actually liked him already.

It’s only a date, she thought.

“What’s good for you?” she asked him.

Brandon frowned as he grasped his chin in thought. “Hm…the reunion should be over by…9, so how about 9?”

“All right; 9,” Cynthia agreed.

Brandon pumped a fist and pointed a finger at her. “You won’t be disappointed!”

As her boss scurried out the door, Cynthia sat back in her chair and stared at her Facebook page.

“What the hell did I just do?” she muttered softly to herself. A dinner date with Brandon Powers—THE Brandon Powers. It was frightening yet exciting. What was she going to wear?


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(Heading back to the Mansion)

"She [Maia] bare a son [Hermes], of many shifts, blandly cunning, a robber, a cattle rustler, a bringer of dreams, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates."

The Messenger God hummed a harmonious melody as he made his way home.One blue headphone stuck into his left ear and the other bouncing off his chest with every step he took. The small messenger bag that hung across his chest was filled with snack foods for the upcoming football game he would be watching at the mansion. Sixty inches of flat screen was all his for the day and he couldn't have been more excited. Seeing the familiar yellow roof of the mansion he shared with his fellow immortals in the distance, Hermes picked up his pace and he easily passed several humans as he maneuvered along the sidewalk.

He felt the vibration of his phone against his chest as he made it to the front door. He reached a hand into his breast pocket and read the small lettering out loud to himself. "Inform everyone that dinner will be at my mansion at 8. EVERYONE will be there. I won’t take no as an answer." Hermes read. He rolled his eyes the minute he saw where the text had came from. "Well there goes my night." He grumbled.

"Zeus, why the fuck can't you just tell them yourself. You're the billionaire with a fucking 4G plan." The god cursed, not bothering to text a reply back to his father.

As he pushed the stained glass door open into the extravagant manor he called home, he scrambled through his contacts list . Everyone was in there , but one name among the list made his mortal body chilled straight to the bone.

"Sure Dad, lemme just send a text to Uncle Hades . Sorry about your wife having to leave you for six months. Want some steak?" He sighed and continued looking through his contacts. When he spotted the Springtime Goddess's name in the "P" section of his Droid Aria, he began typing the first text for Zeus's summons.

"Heya puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurty lady,

Dad wants us all to meet up at the manor for a dinner or something. Be there or be square. If you need someone to escort you, give me a call and I'll fly over ;D.

P.S: No getting out of this either, or Dad will be pissed.

As he sent the message, a sudden ominous feeling passed over his body. Maybe being so familiar with his uncles wife wasn't the safest of options, but it sure was the most amusing. He clicked the button for a group text message, clicking on Demeter, Poseidon, Ares, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Hera, Hephaestus, Athena, and finally Hades (after a few minutes of deep breathes and careful rewording ).
Zeus want's us all at the manor for a dinner. No exceptions guys. Don't ask me what the hell for because I don't know and I don't care, just be there.
He clicked the send button and slid his phone back into his pocket. He had expected to be drinking a beer and munching on barbeque chips while he watched his favorite team play and fail miserably. Instead, he was now forced to attend his father's dinner party and pretend to play nice with the rest of the Olympians.

With his task finished, Hermes went to rummage through the kitchen and find something edible and full of fat he could snack on before the dinner.


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#, as written by vinyl

Demeter nodded in agreement to her elder brothers words. She watched as he threw his own phone towards Apollo so that the younger God could explain to his father his vision.

The rapid beeping of her own phone and Poseidon's made the Harvest Goddess raise a brow and pull her own out from the inside of her dress pocket.

Zeus want's us all at the manor for a dinner. No exceptions guys. Don't ask me what the hell for because I don't know and I don't care, just be there. "I'll take a ten, you're half right my brother. It's our Messenger God commanding us to attend a family dinner." Demeter pressed a finger to mouth in thought, rubbing her lower lip gently.

"I suppose I'll need to lock everything up, before we go" She murmured. While she stood deep in thought, two men ventured into the shop despite the sign her brother had planted in front of the store. One of the them; he wore a primly pressed military uniform that contrasted with the smile he gave Demeter. "Are those sunflowers for sale?" He questioned, turning towards the few golden flowers Demeter had put up on display.

"They are but I'm afraid were closed."

She lifted her eyes and met his own and in mere moments, her body became stone. Petrified as if by Medusa's own gaze, she could not move even to strike at the man before her. A small laugh of disbelief caught in her throat as she continued to stare at the man. All divine creatures had a certain aura to them that mortals did not possess. The aura of the Gods was a brilliant shade of gold to herself, though she never bothered to ask what it looked like to the others. This man before her had no gold aura.

He was a Titan and he shone brighter than the others.

"Hyperion." She finally stammered, unraveling her tongue and finding her words at last as she shoot a look towards her nephew and brother. She wrenched away from where she had been standing and walked towards the door to the entrance of Ambrosia. She lifted the stores main key from her pocket and pointed towards the exit while looking towards everyone inside. "There is nothing for sale here for you or your brother Hyperion. I know neither how or why you stand before us; nor do I care, but you need to leave. At once." She was neither a powerful god nor a particularly dangerous one , but being a mother had made her strong and she feared nothing but the safety for her child.

Persephone...., oh damn the River Styx. What if there were more than two Titans out and about? What if one of them found her?
The voice inside her head was screaming and it took all her strength not to scream out loud as well.

They needed to go home. Now.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hades – Dmitri Ruslan

The boat bobbed as Bernard manned the oars. Dmitri was standing with his hands tucked comfortably into the deep pockets of his black coat. Before him was a man with his feet in a bucket of cement and his arms bound behind his back by what appeared to be ropes, but to the gifted eye they were actually snakes. The snakes’ fangs had sunk into the hostage’s wrists and they had no intention of releasing him. Two more henchmen sat next to the hostage, while the remaining thugs stayed on the shore to guard the vehicles.

Dmitri and his men rowed out to the center of the Long Island Sound. The mafia boss drew his hands from his pockets and in his right was a mini humidor. He popped it open and removed a cigar. With clippers, he clipped the end over the side of the boat before he returned it to the box and tucked it away. Dmitri then snapped his fingers and the friction between his thumb and index finger lit the tip of his thumb on fire. He waved his burning digit beneath the end of the cigar and puffed gradually before he shook his hand and extinguished the flame.

Grasping the cigar, he held it away from his lips and sighed pleasantly. “Aah~, I just needed something for this glorious occasion. Remove the bag.”

One of the henchmen sitting next to the captive snatched the black bag from his head. The captive was an older man about in his fifties with a bristly chin and thinning, blond hair. His outfit described an editor or journalist that worked in an office somewhere: his outfit being comprised of a white dress shirt and slate-grey khaki pants that was held by black suspenders. After his mild startle, he lowered his gaze to the boat floor as a long, stubborn frown tugged at the corners of his lips.

“Hello Uncle,” Dmitri greeted. “I’m actually surprised to see you here. I thought for sure that the Titans weren’t stupid enough to think that they could sneak out of Tartarus without my knowing. Now, how you did it, is what I’d love to hear.”

“Go fuck yourself. If you think I would sell out my family, then you’re the fool!” Crius growled.

“Hold that thought…” Dmitri slid the cigar into the corner of his mouth and he reached into his inner-coat pocket to remove his new pistol. He glanced over it briefly, recalling if he had cocked it. Usually, he always had his weapon ready to fire. Directing it at Crius’s left shoulder, he switched the safety off and squeezed the trigger as a thunderous bang resounded. The titan’s arm popped like a blood balloon, completely disintegrated.

Crius shrieked in agony and wildly began thrashing about as the blood-drenched thugs restrained him.

Woo! Holy shit; there’s blood fucking everywhere!” Dmitri exclaimed in excitement. Some had sprinkled his face, coat, and sunglasses, but the thug that had been sitting to the Titan’s left was the most drenched. Grasping his cigar before it fell from his lips in his laughter, Dmitri bent over in his mirth and said, “You’re fucking soaked!”

The thug smiled despite his face being red and dripping with human syrup. “It was a nice shot, Sir.”

“Of course it was. Cauterize his wound before he bleeds to death. I’m not finished with him.”

The blood-covered thug breathed in deeply. His chest expanded and his cheeks billowed with a fire that glinted from his nostrils. Parting his lips, he spewed a hot stream against Crius’s shoulder. The other thug slung his arm beneath the titan’s throat to hold him still as he convulsed and kicked. The tissue and blood curdled and hardened in a black, smoking cast. Crius was sweating beads and panting heavily while Dmitri straightened and observed the smoking crater in Crius’s side.

Parting his lips to speak, the mafia boss was interrupted by the sound of a random duck.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

Dmitri’s eyes narrowed as he returned the cigar to his mouth and reached into his coat pocket to remove his cell phone. It was the ringtone he had set for Hermes since he found his nephew to be unbearably annoying. Tapping and sliding his finger across his touch screen, he gazed at the text message that came up and scowled.

Zeus wants us all at the manor for dinner. No exception guys. Don’t ask me what the hell for because I don’t know and I don’t care, just be there.

The tip of his cigar gleamed, bathing his face in orange, and reflecting in his black shades. Smoke escaped from his nostrils and the corner of his mouth in a breath before he returned it to his pocket.

“Don’t command me you little shit,” Dmitri grumbled.

Drawing his hand from his pocket, Dmitri returned to business. “So…where were we?”

A scream of bloody murder was next to interrupt the mafia boss and its random resonation startled Bernard. He glanced at Dmitri curiously to see his boss reaching into his pocket to once again retrieve his phone. That ringtone was the one he set for Zeus because sometimes his brother made him want to fucking scream. With unenthusiastic eyes, Dmitri regarded the text:

Are you coming to dinner?

Dmitri’s right eye twitched at the emoticon. He tapped in a response.

I’m busy.

You’re always busy.

I’ll go whenever I’m not busy.

So never?


Dmitri glared up at the sky as he noticed black clouds gathering overhead. Baring his teeth angrily, he bit down hard on his cigar and angrily replied:

Look, asshole, I’m busy with something important and I don’t have time for your stupid dinner!

The clouds dispersed.

Persephone will be there.

So what?

I’ll remove the ward until midnight, but you and her must stay at the mansion.

Dmitri lowered the phone and stared off into the fog. His brows knitted in thought as he contemplated the deal his brother was making. It annoyed him that he couldn’t steal her away for the night and take her to a restaurant that would purvey food more worthy of her palette, but he hasn’t seen his spring flower in awhile and this may have been his only chance.

What time again?


I’ll be there.

Sliding his phone back into his pocket, Dmitri removed the cigar from his mouth and smashed it out against the side of the boat.

“Change of plans gentlemen. I don’t have time for this interrogation. I have a dinner date with my wife,” Dmitri announced on a proud smile.

The henchmen applauded.

“Bernard, I’m sure you can deal with this scumbag. Torture him until he squeals, and if he never does, throw him over the side. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his slow, seven-day drowning descent back to Tartarus.”

Bernard released the oars and replied, “Yes, Sir. Enjoy your evening, Sir.”

Dmitri smirked and stepped into Bernard’s shadow. The mafia boss began sinking into the boat floor with the ease of an elevator. The thugs watched their boss’s descent until he was no more.


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#, as written by vinyl

“Lets go, we’ve got a lot of things to discuss.”

Now that was an understatement, but Demeter nodded her head in agreement nonetheless. With a few nervous glances towards her brother and nephew, Demeter hastily flung the door open and removed herself from her daughters shop.

There was a thick fog around surrounding the city. It felt ominous and appropriate for the arrival of their Elders. It's like the beginning of those horror movies Persephone forced me to watch.

Stagnant air meet her nose and the Goddess shuddered. "Taxi!" Demeter hollered, flapping her hands in the air like a mad woman. She possessed few earthly possessions, and though none of them were a car. Usually she would have walked towards her destination but the sudden presence of the Titans made her think twice about it.

Before one taxi pulled over to let her in, She swore she could hear voices drifting around her. Drifting through her as well, which sounded odd even to her, but it was how exactly how she felt. Something grim and dark traveling through her human body and straight to the mortal soul she held within her.

"There's a big tip if that meter never goes under 70" She offered, slipping into the backseat.

When the taxi dropped her off in front of the house her heart swelled with relief. "Persephone will be inside. Safe and whole just like she left." Her thoughts were becoming more prayer like by the minute. For a moment in the cab she actually considered asking Zeus to send her in the Underworld for awhile until they dealt with the Titans.

The thought didn't last long however. As she strolled casually through the thick door frame, passing both Athena and her brother without a wave, she dropped her purse to the ground and began calling out her daughters name.


No response , and Demeters heart began to beat rapidly. A nervous chill spread over her body, and Demeter's last bit of sanity for the day began to wither away. When she spotted Hermes wandering around the house the emitted a shrill yell over towards the youngest Immortal.

"Hermes, is my daughter here? Why hasn't she come to greet me yet, something must be wrong! Go find her boy."

Her tone grew less worried and more angry as she continued speaking, reaching over to shake the boys shoulders as if that would help him find the answer easier.


Patience was not something Cronus was known for, and his was growing thin with every loud ticking of the dining room Grandfather clock.

His anger subsided the minute Hyperion and Oceanus returned from their task and stood before their younger brother. “Our little message has been sent, to say they were surprised to see me would be an understatement.”

Cronus chuckled slightly but his momentary mirth fell flat the minute Hyperion questioned him once more. "Am I sure? Dear brother, I was sure the minute I devoured my children. I was sure the moment they rebelled against me and cast me from my rightful throne."

He stood out of his chair and threw his fellow titans a smile so full of malice that it hardly seemed like a smile at all.

"I'm more than sure "

Oceanus stood from his own chair and clapped his hands delightedly. "What's our next move then Brother?"

Cronus chewed on his bottom lip for a moment. “Action." He declared at last before stepping away from the table he and his kin had sat around and waving a hand to order his brothers and sister to rise along with him. "Theia and Iapetus, with me. It's time we left a mark while my children are away rejoicing in their mortal lives. Hyperion, lead us once more to Ambrosia."

Epimethius shot a scowl and challenged his Uncle." Again to the flower shop. Uncle, what do you hope to achieve by going there?" Cronus was in too much of a good mood to scold his nephew, but he allowed a response. "They don't expect us back there again. More than likely they've all left anyways to report to Zeus of our sudden appearance in their world."

A confused expression made it's way on the Titans face."So..?"

The Titan Lord sighed and attempted to elaborate. "So we're going to be the first to attack while they've scampered off to tattle on us idiot."

Rapid blinking of his blue eyes made the Titan look even more moronic. "But how are we going to attack if none of them are there?"

River Styx, this boy is still an idiot."Just shut up and watch the news, alright? His deep voice ended the chance of Epimethius asking any questions

"Let's go.."
He barked hoarsely, before he crossed the threshold of his new home and the mortal world.

Ambrosia was a sweet little shop, painted with all the colors he imagined a delicate flower like his granddaughter loved the most.

Such a shame it was going to burn.

"Theia! Hurry up with that gasoline, I don't have all fucking day for this." The Titan bellowed, watching as his sister poured two containers they had taken from their garage around the shop. "Get it everywhere. I want enough fire to light up the city. It's going to make big news boys and girls, big news." While his sister headed his command, he turned towards where the his elder brother was standing, looking on as if the whole affair bored him.

"Done." Theia dropped the last container and wiped her hands on the sides of her jeans, looking toward Cronus for further direction. He gave an approving nod before signaling towards his brother to bring in the last step.

Two struggling bodies; one male and one female, were dragged inside by the Titan of morality. He threw the two wiggling creatures onto the ground and watched along with Cronus as they struggled to free themselves of the rope binds which held their hands and feet. "What the fuck are you doing! Let us go you fucking psychos." The female of the two hissed, still wiggling much to Cronus's amusement.

"Alright, let's get out of here." Cronus declared as he stepped over the two humans and towards his brothers and sister. When all four were together outside, he would take out the small silver lighter he had found in the house days before. Eris had spent a week explaining the magic the human world has created, but nothing fascinated him as much as fire.

When he switched the lighter on and flung it through the glass window he had shattered previously to get into the shop, he watched as the screams of his hostages began even before the gas met the flame.

The fire engulfed the shop and Cronus let out a hoot of joy. His hands clapped together in excitement and he gave a shove towards both of his brother and sister in excitement. "See how it burns? So quickly! These mortals might be useful after all." Already he could hear the sounds of other come closer probably wanting to investigate what was happening. The screams of anguish from inside the building were fading as the tiny shop fell to the flames.

"Let's go home."


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(Still chilling at the mansion)

Hermes chewed on a piece of carrot he had snagged from the kitchens while the staff hurried about to get ready for Zeus's banquet. Usually he hung out in his room until he was called out to eat and talk with his siblings and Dad, but he hung around the main room to check out his siblings. Hearing the doorbell rings, he craned his neck and watched as his father walked over to the door and let in his sister Athena in the home.

"For the Goddess of Wisdom, you'd think she'd be smart enough to bring her own key." Hermes chuckled, waving a hand at his sister in greeting before turning his head back around. Better than remaining idle, he picked up one of the many remotes laying around and clicked the power button. Some weird foreign shit was on, so he quickly switched between channels until he landed on the news.

An anchorman with a grey suit stood before a burning building, smoke rising up into the already grey skies.

"As you can see behind me, a popular flower shop on 4th street has caught fire sometime between 8:53 to 9:00pm. Firefighters are still trying to put the fire out but we've been given no notice of the flames dying down any time soon. Firefighters have yet to identify the cause of the fire, but more news will be shared soon."

Hermes thick eyebrows scrunched together. The shop looked familiar somehow, but he wasn't really able to pick out where he knew it from. He wasn't exactly a guy that brought a girl flowers.

Or had a girl to bring flowers to for that matter.

The anchormen held up a hand as someone seemed to be speaking into his earpiece.

"Mhm. Ok.

This just in, security camera footage from a neighboring stores shows six people entering, but only four people leaving the establishment. It's likely that two of the individuals remains will be found once the fire has been completely put down.

This is KH5 news with Robert Lee at Ambrosia, back to you John."

Hermes leaned against the wall. "Ambrosia..." Where had he heard that name before?


Demeter cried out for her daughter, sounding less like a Goddess and more like a shrieking Banshee.

"SHIT!" He cried, nearly falling on his ass as the thought came to him of whom owned Ambrosia. That was the tiny little store Persephone owned along with her mother. Before he was able to get a grip on what was happening, Demeter came running at him demanding answers for things he had no idea about.

"Whoa, lady. Jesus, you need to take a chill pill and calm the hell down. I'm sure she's fine alright? Just go get a drink or something and ease up a little." He took a few steps back and raised his hands up in case his aunt decided to get a little handsy with him.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus – Brandon Powers

Zeus’s Mansion.

Right after Athena entered, strolling in was Demeter with panic shining in her bright eyes. Brandon having not noticed the apprehensive state his sister was in, immediately stepped to Athena’s side and threw out his arms to welcome her.


She had dropped her purse and walked past him as though he were but an apparition. Brandon’s welcoming smile was frozen on his face, teeth clenched and equally as brilliant like most of his kin. He lowered his empty arms as soon as they started aching and he followed after Demeter’s worried pacing to inform: “Calm down. She hasn’t arrived yet.” Jesus that woman is crazy…Ha! I said Jesus.

The father god scowled, his brown brows coming together at his forehead when he saw Demeter shaking his son around. He approached the distressed mother and just as his lips parted to confront her, a certain news report slipped into his ear. Brandon’s attention turned to the television set as the news covered the fire that was consuming his sister’s shop.

“What is this?” he growled; his voice rumbling like a nearing storm.

Just in, firefighters have uncovered the bodies of one white male and female. A case of arson has just become a murder investigation…

Brandon was baffled; a male and female victim? Even if gods were caught in the fire, gods couldn’t be burned by normal means. They were more resilient than that. Brandon returned his focus to Hermes and Demeter, his expression showing conversion to Demeter’s chaos.

“Where’s Persephone?” he asked Demeter. Immediately, he remembered the goddess being just as lost as. He turned his frown on Hermes and demanded, “Where’s Persephone?”

Two gods were now on the godling’s case in a manner that he might as well had gone and lit the fire. Brandon’s attention once again snapped over to the front door when he saw it open. He strode briskly toward it, his brows rising in hope that it was Persephone. Upon seeing his brother enter and offer a warm greeting, Brandon latched his hands onto his older brother’s shoulders, and at that moment, the two may have seemed like godlings again.

“Poseidon, have you seen Persephone?” he asked fearfully.

The gods seemed to be pouring in as seconds after Poseidon, the door opened once again, and walking in, besides the stranger that accompanied her, was Persephone.

“There she is!” Brandon exploded, possibly cutting off his brother’s explanation. He patted Poseidon on the shoulder and said quickly, “Glad to have you—Hey! Demeter!”

He turned back to the harvest goddess and yelled, “Persephone’s here!”

Whirling around, he enveloped his other daughter in a warm hug and then held her at a distance with his hands upon her biceps.

“Are you all right? I saw Ambrosia burning on TV. Your mother is worried sick.”

His brown eyes darted to her tall friend, and he slapped on his egotistical grin.

“Hi! I’m Brandon Powers; I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He then leaned close to Persephone’s ear and whispered out of the corner of his mouth, You better get rid of this guy before Hades’s minions’ see him. They’re not allowed on my property, but they’re like pests. I can’t get rid of them sometimes.

Anton stared at his father with severe disappointment. How did a father not recognize his own son? As Anton frowned softly at the floor, Brandon blushed a little, wondering if Persephone’s friend had overheard him. Laughing in an attempt to lighten the mood, he slapped Anton in the arm and said, “Well, thank you for ensuring my daughter’s safe arrival. I, uh…” What was a nice way to kick someone out? He dunked his hand into his rear pocket and fished out his wallet. Fingering through a few Benjamins, Brandon glanced up at the young man and smiled, “How much do you want?”

Anton’s frown hardened and Brandon laughed, “Don’t be shy! Seriously, this wallet doesn’t even cover 1% of my bank account.”


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Collab post between vinyl and Madmoiselle


She had walked from where Hermes was simpering; telling her to get a drink in order to quell her fears.She shot him an antagonistic glare and turned to her brother. "I don't know where she is, that's why I'm asking!" She shrieked, her hand running across her scalp and taking a few red hairs along with it. She watched her daughters father question first Hermes, and then Poseidon as he made his entrance into the Mansion.

Just in, firefighters have uncovered the bodies of one white male and female. A case of arson has just become a murder investigation…


Her heart began to beat rapidly like the start of a plane. The room seemed to spin then, and Hermes, Zeus, and her brother seemed miles away from the Goddess. Where was she? The female inside could not be her daughter. As much as she loathed Hades, he had always protected her with a ferocity even Demeter could admire time to time.

The sound of glass door opening, the hiss of a iron hinge nearly made Demeter crumple to the ground.

There she was though, as beautiful as ever. Her daughter glided into the room holding the hand of a handsome tall man. Any other day she might have questioned her daughter about who the mysterious man next to her was, but it was last on her list of priorities today.

"Persephone." Demeter said with a relieved sigh, watching as her brother gave their daughter a warm hug in greeting before voicing his own questions to the man near her.

Before Persephone was even able to offer a greeting, Zeus was before her. He threw his arms around her and embraced the woman in way only a father could. She could sense the tension that was around her, and her eyebrows raised in confusion.

“Are you all right? I saw Ambrosia burning on TV. Your mother is worried sick.”
He then leaned in to whisper a warning in regards to her brother beside her, which left her with even more confusion.

"What?" She laughed, a sudden tingle traveled down her spine. "Daddy, what are you talking about? Ambrosia is fine and that's Heph." Her blue orbs traveled to where one of her brothers was standing, the t.v. flashing behind him as an anchorman stood in front of remains of a shop.

Her shop.

Persephone began to shake underneath her fathers gentle touch. The center of her palms began to tingle as well and her knees buckled. She threw a hand to the closest wall near to her in order to keep a standing position.

Demeter promptly took her place near her daughters side the minute Zeus informed her of the fire. Sadness was clear in the crystal blue eyes and she could tell Persephone was undoubtedly troubled by the whole affair. She plucked her daughters hand and rested it in her own, caressing it in a soothing manner as she did when the girl was still a child.

"We can rebuild."
She told her, a finger tracing the inside of her daughters palm.

Persephone stared at her mother with a somber expression. "I only wanted to make people happy. Why would anyone do this?" She asked, turning from her mother to the rest of the Immortals near her.

Because the Titans are cruel. Demeter couldn't say for sure it was her father that had caused the fire, but seeing them in the shop and then having it burn down hours later pretty damn suspicious. "We'll find out who did this and they'll be punished. Won't they, brother?" Demeter asked, her voice asking the question but her eyes demanding Zeus agree with her.

Persephone bit her lip in thought. If Zeus couldn't find out what happened then no doubt Hades would. His way of questioning people; even those who didn't want to talk, always brought better results than her father. "Has my husband arrived?" Persephone asked, as quietly as she could hoping her mother would mimic her own tone once she learned about Hades being invited.

Demeter's eye twitched." Why would Hades arrive? It's still spring dear, I've got you for another five months." Her laugh was bright for a moment before it quickly became hollow once she realized no one was laughing with her. "Zeus....." She began. "What is our daughter talking about? You didn't....invite him did you?"The last few words she spoke were barely understandable as her jaw became clenched so tightly together.


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The moon was high and bright, capturing the attention of the goddess. Despite it being one of her symbols, Artemis had always been enamored by the thing. It felt comforting in a way to have the light, the energy, on her skin. The moon always made the world look different compared to how it was during the day. It made it her own domain at this time.

Her attention was diverted as she watched her brethren arrive one by one. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hermes was probably inside as well. She thought before continuing on with the count. Demeter, Poseidon, Persephone and… is that Hephaestus with her? That actually shocked the goddess a bit, getting the god out of his workshop and to one of these family meetings was almost impossible. Artemis of course, could understand why Heph wouldn't come; the relationship between him and both of his parents wasn't exactly strong. The relationship between Artemis and Zeus was nothing to really brag about but at least her relationship with both her mother and Apollo kept her feeling loved.

Just a few more left then…Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo. She contemplated waiting for her brother's arrival but after a few moments of waiting she decided that time would pass more quickly inside where there were things to entertain her.

Making her way through the doors of the mansion, it wasn't hard to hear where everyone was staying. Needless to say, she walked into the usual chaos. The brunette tried to stay quiet as to not draw a great deal of attention to herself, she disliked these gatherings anyway. She was only listening half-heartedly to the conversations that were going on as she made her way away from the 'loud' area and walked next to Hermes. "What happened to Ambrosia?" She asked, looking curiously at the other god.

"Has my husband arrived?" She heard Persephone ask Zeus. All Artemis could really think was a stream of obscenities. This was definitely going to be a rather interesting reunion.


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( Mansion)

The minute he spotted Hephaestus, Hermes let out a hearty laugh and pointed at his brother.

"HA-HA! Dad, is old age finally getting to you? You can't even tell who your kids are now?" Hermes snorted before getting control over himself again.

He figured his Dad would be too busy getting bitched at by Demeter to hear anything he said, so he stuck his hands in his jean pockets and continued leaning against the wall. His eyes lit up as he spotted the slim Huntress making her way through the crowd and over towards him.

"What happened to Ambrosia?" The younger Goddess asked, looking up at him with her wild green eyes. Hermes shrugged his shoulders and gave a nod towards where Persephone, Demeter, Hephaestus, and their Dad was standing. " Somebody burned it down with a couple humans inside. Queenie over there" he said, nodding towards where Seph was standing "didn't seem to know anything about it. That's all I know about it, but I guess the big question is...who the hell would burn it down?

He didn't bother saying anything else because not much else was left to say. He just wanted all this dinner and drama to be over with. Not that the real drama would even start until Ares and Hades arrived.

A thought occurred to him to ask the only sane Immortal at the moment who was still standing near him.

"Hey Arty." He started, pulling his hands out of his pockets and crossing them over his chest. " You feel anything weird lately? Like..." He paused, trying to find the word for exactly what he had been feeling.

"It's like a buzzing. I keep hearing it in my ears. First I thought Hades sent his Furies or some shit to annoy me because I flirt too much with Seph, but...I don't know, maybe I'm just tripping out or something. He couldn't elaborate much more than that, since it didn't even make sense to him. He figured it'd make even less since to his sister.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus - Brandon Powers

Zeus's Mansion

Daddy, what are you talking about? Ambrosia is fine and that's Heph.

A cold chill of startle shot down his spine when his daughter mentioned the blacksmith's name.

Hephaestus? Zeus thought. He stared at the quiet young man for a good five seconds before he squinted his eyes. While he was examining the thought-to-be mortal before him, he happened to overhear Hermes's quip:

HA-HA! Dad, is old age finally getting to you? You can't even tell who your kids are now?

I should have let Demeter shake the piss out of him, Zeus grumbled in his thoughts. He wasn't old!

His son's fiery aura was very dim, outlining his body in an orange brilliance. It was a god signature he hadn't seen in years, and for a father that bore many sons it was unforgettable for it was Hephaestus who was born from the fires of his and Hera's passions.

Anton raised his eyes to meet the stunned, brown eyes of his father's. The two regarded each other in silence until the corner of Brandon's mouth began to curl with an awkward smile.

"S~o~n..." he greeted roughly. He felt so embarrassed. Shit, he had been trying to play the good father up until this point. He must have hurt the boy's feelings. Thrusting out his arms with rejuvenated exuberance, he continued, "You actually came!"

Anton narrowed his eyes at his goofy father. Had it really been this long? For so many centuries the rumors about his father described a powerful and charismatic leader. They may have been true in some cases, but they obscured that one characteristic and that he was an oddball.

Brandon's smile had widened into a forced grin. "Come hug your father."

When Anton made no attempt to, Brandon stepped forward and wrapped his arms about him. With his cheek smashed against his son's chest, he stared apprehensively across the room as the smell of smoke and oil filled his nostrils.

Bathe much?

Brandon's eyes widened when he felt his son's arms move. Anton couldn't get anymore humiliated. The reunion with his father was so far number one on his list. With an exasperated sigh, the mastersmith raised his arms and wrapped them about his father in a warm hug. What had been a simple return of affection, weighed heavily on the father god's heart.

I won't cry... Brandon thought as he rolled his lips back into his mouth. His eyes glittered as tears threatened to stream from them. For so many years he thought that Hephaestus still held a grudge against him and his mother and that had been the reason why he never came to his gatherings. Yet, his son was here and in his arms.

Brandon stepped back from their embrace and rubbed his sleeve across his eyes. "Man, these contacts..."

Resting his hands on his hips, the millionaire glanced off to the side while he shifted his weight from foot to foot, "Whew; what a night, and it's only just starting."

Catching the end of Demeter's conversation with Persephone, Brandon blurted, "Yes. Hephaestus can rebuild your shop for you."

Anton had been heading for the living room that Hermes and Artemis occupied when he overheard his father's declaration. A shadow of fuming irritation fell over the god's face as he replied without turning his head, "Sure; why not."

He didn't get a chance to offer to fix Persephone's shop before it became his job by his father. The blacksmith whirred past his other siblings to find the couch where he intended to sit for hopefully the whole night, but when it came time for dinner, he dreaded facing his mother and his wife. What would they think of him? His father obviously didn't see him any different.

Brandon dropped a fist into his palm and gave Persephone a reassuring smile.

"No one was hurt, so that's something to be grateful for. As for punishing anyone, we'll discuss that over dinner once everyone is here."
He started in the direction of the kitchen when he heard over his shoulder:

Has my husband arrived?

His pace quickened.

Zeus...what is our daughter talking about? You didn't...invite him did you?

Brandon whirled around, still wearing a pleasant smile as he walked backwards toward the kitchen.

"I told Hermes to invite whomever he felt should come. So..." Brandon tossed his hands up and shrugged absentmindedly. We'll see who has the last laugh. The father god had set the fire back on his joker of a son before he vanished behind the kitchen door.


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Athena had stepped aside when Demeter had stormed past, obviously concerned for her daughter and if their store had been burned to the ground then rightly so. Always feeling uncomfortable at these family gatherings, she had started to examine the room and its occupants, though she had barely began when the double doors to the room burst open and dear sweet Persephone entered, accompanied by what at first glance seemed to be an awkward mortal craftsman.

But oh no. He was more than that she realised. Her jaw tightened slightly and her eyes narrowed. Him, She had dared to bring Him here?! Athena growled slightly to herself as her thoughts threatened to overwhelm her before she turned on her heel and walked towards the glass doors leading onto the patio; sparing a moments amusement at both the fact her father had no idea who the man was and how uncomfortable it made the lame smith.

"I need some air" she muttered under her breath, her voice tinged with fury as her eyes almost visibly burned "I refuse to be near that foul pig, he makes Ares seem mild-mannered." she growled through clenched teeth as she passed near Hermes and Artemis before stepping out into the mild night air.

Standing near the stone wall that encircled the patio she tried to settle herself, breathing deeply as she materialised a long-stemmed glass of rich red wine. "I shouldn't let it get to me, not after all this time." she whispered to herself, before taking a long drink. As her nerves had settled slightly she began to click her tongue several times causing a faint beating of wings to echo from the eaves of the house as a small white feathered owl flew down to perch on her shoulder.

"I'm just going to have to suffer and survive, am I not Minerva?" She whispers, her head turning to look at the owl as she smiles softly.

She sighs to herself again and looks out across the garden at the back of the mansion, her eyes lighting upon a singular tree, planted near the centre of an elaborately designed maze. It was looking well kept, but something about it felt... well, lacking.

"I see he's continuing to try to let it grow. They're a dying breed, you know?" she chuckles before nuzzling Minerva's neck slightly "And without the Hesperides to tend them they will all wilt eventually. I'd say that is one of the last remaining in the world now, if not the very last." shaking her head slightly she refills her glass before turning to examine the rest of the garden, her gaze eventually returning to the room behind her.

How I hate these reunions she thought to herself, draining her drink once more.


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Hermes' voice drew her attention back to him. "Somebody burned it down with a couple humans inside. Queenie over there, didn't seem to know anything about it. That's all I know about it, but I guess the big question is...who the hell would burn it down?" Artemis gave him a look clearly showing her dislike towards the nickname he used for Persephone. Even still she was shocked.

Ambrosia had been a lovely little shop and many people in the area frequented it. She found herself wondering if maybe Hades had done it. There had been many times when the goddess stopped by her cousin's shop and found lines of men in the waiting area; either to buy flowers because they had done been put in the doghouse by their wives/girlfriends, or just using it as an excuse to be in Persephone's presence. Artemis wouldn't put it passed Hades to burn the shop down in order to keep those men away from his wife.

Artemis closed her eyes, shaking her head quickly in an attempt to clear her mind. She really shouldn't have been thinking about her best friends' husband that way, the brunette knew how much Perse loved him. It was strange really, Artemis had spend the last few centuries trying to dispel her negative feelings towards men but even still, she sometimes found herself thinking nothing but the worst of them.

"Hey Arty, you feel anything weird lately? Like..." She looked back towards the god of messengers, waiting for him to continue on. "It's like a buzzing. I keep hearing it in my ears. First I thought Hades sent his Furies or some shit to annoy me because I flirt too much with Seph, but...I don't know, maybe I'm just tripping out or something."

Her features grew serious at Hermes' observation. So apparently she wasn't the only one who felt something off, it sent a somewhat comforting feeling through her body. Then again it really could have been Hades revenge for Hermes' flirting with his Persephone and Artemis was actually just paranoid. Thinking it over for a few seconds she decided that it would be better if she announced her feelings.

"I was actually just telling Perse this morning about this uneasiness I had been feeling all day. The energy flow is just off to me, like something's changed." Her voice trailed off as she looked to the ground, contemplating what it could possibly mean. "I wonder where my brother is…" Her sight moved to the doorway, where the entry way was located. She'd feel better once her twin made an entrance.


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Sighing to herself she re-enters the house, closing the doors silently behind her; however the commotion coming from beyond the main doors to the room seem to drown out the majority of activity as a voice raised in anger echoed loudly. Hades' entrance was as full of rage as always, looking to Athena as yet another means for him to frighten those before him into submission. And while he could most likely back up the façade he projected, it just felt somewhat forced to her. Rolling her eyes at the way Persephone and Hades almost ran towards each other, into a lustful embrace she turned away from their premature reunion. If I wanted to watch such a display I could quite easily have just put the TV onto any of the drivellous soap operas. Athena thought as she seated herself next to the chess board she had given to her father, smiling as she examined the pieces in an attempt to ignore events. It had been one of the only items she had ever requested from Hephaestus, though followed not long after by the incident over her weapons. Each of the pieces on the white side representing the Gods while the pieces on the black were the Titans. Hades and Poseidon were naturally the bishops and both her and Ares the knights to their father Zeus as king, while her stepmother Hera sat as the queen. Though had she put anyone else in such a role, then the board would have long ago been destroyed. Artemis and Apollo were the rooks and Hermes the pawn. It had been a gift that caused much argument but as far as Athena was concerned it was the game in question that mattered, though the aesthetics were still important. The Titan pieces however were her personal favourite as black was her choice whenever she played with her father.

Athena sighed softly to herself, noting how her siblings were talking animatedly amongst themselves nearby and gathering from the glances Artemis made that she was looking for her twin. Causing her to wonder herself where Apollo could be. She smiled warmly towards Minerva, lightly stroking her neck for a moment before starting a chess game with herself to pass the time.

"I wonder when we shall be graced with my brother's presence, though doubtful till they have finished with each other. Then I surmise that Apollo will most likely be the final arrival." she softly whispered to her owl.


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( Mansion)

He listened to his sisters response with a surprisingly serious expression. "Hmph. I knew it couldn't have been just me" he responded, running his fingers through his wild bedhead, "anyways, we should probably tell Dad just in case."

The Messenger God turned his head to catch the lovey-dovey scene unfolding around him. The minute his eyes spotted Hades leaning in towards Persephone, they immediately closed shut, tightly.

"I think I'm gonna to yack." The God muttered, watching as the scene between the two lovers took place before his and the rest of the family's eyes.

Completely disgusting, yet he made him jealous of their passion for one another.

"Get a room already!" He called out in annoyance, though mostly because he was actually becoming a bit queasy from their intimacy. His face transfigured into a scowl and he turned back towards Artemis. "How are we even related to this people?" He asked, party rhetorical and partly seeking an honest answer from his sister.

Hermes shook his untamed mane and snuck a peek to where Athena was sitting along with her owl. He would have tried to strike up a conversation with his elder sister, but they always ended up being the most boring and awkward of conversations. The weather, her owl, random messages, and etc. Still, he should at least make the attempt to be friendly.

Taking leave from Artemis's side, he gave the virgin a small wink before venturing into the unknown and walking over towards where Athena was sitting. He was halfway there when the sudden sound of a bike purring outside made him halt.

Pandemonium started behind him, but he rarely payed much attention. Zeus and Hades bickering was so normal to most of them that their little spats did nothing to deter the other Immortals to continue their conversations.

"I think Ares is here guys. " Aphrodite too, he wanted to add but with the blonde heart throbs crippled husband standing only a few feet away he thought speaking her name might not bode too well for the mood. Now all they needed was Apollo and they could get this family dinner on the road.


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The sounds of her father and uncle committing yet another brawl over something so petty and pointless were beginning to grate on her. After all this was supposed to be a matter of utmost importance according to what Hermes had text her earlier. Yet all they appeared interested in was shows of strength and posturing to see which of them was the better and most in control. And it always ended the same way, with both out of breath and defeated. But of course Zeus would emerge the victor, or at least not the one beaten. As always her father ensured that they maintained the status quo, after all he had so much invested in it.

"I think Ares is here guys." The sound of her brothers voice echoing around the room from just above her table snapped her out of her reprieve. She looked up and smiled softly at him, her grey eyes warming to a pale blue. Clearly he had decided that he should make an effort to talk to her, after all few of her family would do so of their own accord. It had to be out of some desire to maintain face that they would even approach her the majority of the time. She hoped that this time it might be possible for something more than stiff forced talk, followed by awkward silence and then a brief farewell.

Sometimes her own mannerisms cultivated a certain distance from her family. It had been the way they were in the old days, each was separate and they ruled their own areas of influence. They had temples and followers and heroes of the age that they were close too... But that changed, and the world changed with it; temples had crumbled, followers had turned from the gods, and the heroes had fallen by the wayside. The world had no need for their guiding hand any more and they became myths, forgotten and discarded. While this did not bother her at the time, nor any of her family, it did now.

So it had eventually just been the immortals. She felt almost without purpose these days, and each year she felt more alone. In the old days she had the companionship of her guided heroes to take her mind off her solitude. To ease the pain that the walls build around her had caused. Pride had isolated her and now pride condemned her. As each of her brethren took this modern world in its stride, worked together and thrived in each-others company, however destructive it may be at times. Yet throughout all this she'd just drew more into herself, more alone.

"Evening Hermes. My apologies for not greeting you earlier, but I had something on my mind. Care to join me for a game?" She gestured to the chess board as each of the pieces slowly moved back into position for a new match, and the chair opposite slid out slightly.

"Do you have an inkling as to our purpose here tonight?" She asked him, her voice just little more than a whisper but crisp and clear regardless.


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( Mansion)

"Evening Hermes. My apologies for not greeting you earlier, but I had something on my mind. Care to join me for a game?"

His sisters invitation was unexpected, but Hermes did appreciate the effort. Athena was more of a lone wolf than the rest of the Olympians, so for her to shy away from her wallflower attitude gave Hermes the same feeling as seeing Hephaestus coming out from under his rock. Pure joy.

"Yeah sure, I'll join you. I'm absolute shit at chess though." He grinned while plopping himself down onto the chair opposite his sister. He picked up a tiny white piece, where his own Immortal likeness was carved into and raised an eyebrow. "A pawn? Figures."

" Either you come with me right now, or you'll regret it Persephone. I swear by the River Styx, you will regret it."

Hermes placed the piece back onto the board and turned his head in his Aunt and sisters direction. From what he could see, Demeter had a pretty decent grip on the Spring flower. He watched as their normal bickering slowly evolved into a full brawl with both sides hitting one another, though in Seph's case it looked like she was trying to claw her Mom's face off.

"I'm not getting involved with hair pulling." He announced, reaching up to touch his own hair as if it was in danger of a pulling as well. He didn't do cat fights, but he wasn't opposed to egging them on.

"COME ON SEPH, GIVE HER A GOOD WHACK." He hollered, thrusting his fist into the air as he cheered his sister on. Every single one of them knew what a control freak Demeter was, so seeing Persephone give the old broad a couple good whacks made him a little giddy.

"You gonna go break them up sis?" Hermes asked, turning towards his sister with a cheerful expression.


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Hermes takes the seat opposite her as he begins to examine the chess pieces, highlighting almost instantly on the figure of himself. "A pawn? Figures."
Athena gives a slight chuckle as she starts to reply "Ah they are always underestimated, yet one of the most imp--" but is cut off by the scene at the other side of the room.

"Either you come with me right now, or you'll regret it Persephone. I swear by the River Styx, you will regret it." the voice of Demeter shrieks loudly just before their dispute escalates into a full scale cat-fight. Athena sighs softly, shaking her head in disappointment.

"I'm not getting involved with hair pulling." she heard Hermes say but before she could reply to his comment he'd turned back towards the mother and daughter and had begun egging them on, as he was ever one to give conflict a little nudge in the wrong direction. Though he did turn back towards her a moment later with a question "You gonna go break them up sis?"

The grey-eyed goddess shook her head slowly before answering "I would if needed but their conflict will be short lived so my intervention is not needed as Persephone dares not give her lover cause to threaten her mother and Demeter honestly does not expect her daughter to fight back. Their fight will most likely result in both sides standing down before any real harm comes of it, at least physical harm that is."

Her right hand lightly directing her brothers attention to how Demeter was now standing as still as a statue while Persephone attempted to hide her scratches "See, our family feuds always end with neither side gaining much ground." she smiles at him and laughs at the simplicity of their sister and aunt's conflict "As I was saying, everyone always underestimates the pawn. Simply because it does not seem as powerful or useful as the pieces behind it but without pawns the game would lose its edge. They are able to bring back strong queens to help their player conquer and if used correctly mean the difference between success and defeat. Just because your likeness was used for this set does not make your place within the family or on the board any less valuable little brother." she smiles warmly, which is a slightly strange emotion to be coming from the goddess

"However it is now on a knife's edge whether a war begins that will escalate or a truce will be brokered for this evening. Perhaps I will have to intervene." She shrugs slightly before shaking her head "Family drama aside, your move first brother."


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Green eyes drifted from the door at the sound of the commotion coming from the other side of the room. Artemis watched with a curious fascination as Persephone and Hades put on a rather raunchy show. Hermes' comments only helped bring a smile to her face. Love had always been interesting, creatures of all kinds tended to do the most absurd things when under its spell and this situation wasn't any different. Artemis could see, and feel, the anger radiation off of Demeter.

To be frank she wanted to get away. She'd already seen the mother and daughter fight once today and she didn't exactly want to be a viewer of the next round. Leto loved her, just as she loved Apollo, but she had never stepped in the way of their pursuits. The female Titan had always stood by their side, just as they did for her, but the turbulent relationship between the two goddesses was a completely different story. A push and pull of forces, a power struggle between two powerful women.

"How are we even related to these people?" Green eyes turned to the god of messengers. A nervous giggle left her lips. "By accident?" She replied teasingly.

It was much too soon before he left her, her face slipping into a mask of indifference as she watched him leave to Athena's side. The wink he gave her in parting did nothing to ease her distaste. Drama had never been her poison of choice, therefore she stayed away from those she did not like, namely Athena and Hera. Beyond a polite hello and goodbye, conversation and familial actions were nonexistent. Artemis felt that it would always be that way too; too many betrayals and bad-blood between them.

She closed her eyes, a painful pulse starting between behind her eyes. The bad energy in the place just kept rising, as did the tension. She hated 'family' gatherings, they were always tension filled with fights looming right below the surface. Of course, with this group the fights always broke out somewhere and somehow. It was evident.

There was so much anger in the area; Persephone and Hades towards Demeter and vice versa, Ares and Hephaestus fighting once more for the hand of the lovely (and married) Aphrodite, and Hera towards any woman that remotely looked like they would hold Zeus attention for a whole two-seconds. Though the later she couldn't really blame, Zeus broke the 'sacred' bonds of matrimony too many times to go out and spawn a whole load of bastards, herself included.

She felt herself thinking over Hermes' question once more. 'Related' was all they were, connected by blood and hatred essentially. Artemis wasn't sure if she every really thought of the group as a whole as a family. The goddess often found herself feeling alone and isolated when forced together with the rest of her kin, bonds and alliances so easily broken and rearranged.

Stop… She thought, lately her mind had been doing nothing but spewing bitterness and anger. Slowly, the brunette blew out a calming sigh as she opened her eyes to once more look towards the foyer entryway.

A head of wavy brown hair caught her attention and Artemis' eyes all but lit up like a child's on Christmas morning. The sight of her brother made every bad thought and feeling leave her mind as she hastily made her way towards him, all but throwing herself at him once she was close enough, her arms wrapping around his neck in a hug. Artemis may have been older than Apollo but it didn't always seem that way.

"What took you so long?" She whispered as she tightened her grip on him.


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The doors to the room had opened to admit her fathers wife, Hera being trailed by Ares; looking like a child ready to throw a tantrum and the lame Hephaestus with his wife in tow, and as always Aphrodite's gaze was more surely aimed towards the god of war, however subtly it was plain to see if you knew what to look for. As she awaited her brothers turn on the table she noticed the glint of a plan flicker to life in the eyes of the newly arrived 'Cael' as he preferred to be called these days and she had to force down her instinct to roll her eyes at his obvious intent to show his superiority over her and all of their kin, as per usual. The smirk that had broken out across his face all too blatant to her tastes.

Athena tried to ignore her sibling as he approached, hoping that he would instead acknowledge their fathers call for dinner to be taken in the dining room and be diverted. But that was just wishful thinking talking and she knew better than to expect such a simple conclusion to this, as she saw him stand behind hermes his vile noxious laughter filled her senses as she watched him take the figure of himself and use it to scatter the board before placing it in place of her king, causing the titan lord to clatter onto the floor. Her eyes flared a dark crimson for a fraction of a second before returning to deep blue, as he spoke; taunting her as he attempted in vain to assert his superiority.

"There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”

Athena sighs softly before speaking "Always such a simple mind, childlike really. It is not about war having rules, brother, but in understanding how your opponent thinks in their approach to the conflict. But alas the concept is something you would be unable to grasp. All you do is act and thrive on the conflict it causes to those around you, but for you it is the conflict, win or lose that boils your blood and sets your passion alight." she shakes her head "You and her have always had a connection with that have you not? She enjoys your primal nature and you enjoy the conquest and apparent victory over our smith."

She smiles and leans back in her chair, her fingers lightly caressing the king that was thrown to the floor as the other pieces retake their places upon the board, a faint aura of pale light covering each.

"I do tire of your vain hope to prove yourself better; oh yes you've had your fair share of victory, but your flaw is that you see one won battle as the victory to end the war and become complacent in your won laurels."

Athena stands slowly before placing the king as the final piece upon the freshly set board, then walks towards the dining room leaning close to Ares as she passes, whispering softly for his ears alone.

"A word of caution brother, you've had your conquest, and you've tasted the spoils but beware that your foe is not beaten and simply bides his time. I don't doubt you'll ignore me, but don't say I didn't try." she shakes her head as she walks away, to take her seat at the table.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”

Athena sighs at her fathers words, clearly this night in intended to drag on more than it should. Whatever is praying on his thoughts, the reason for tonight, must be serious indeed for the shear amount of stalling before details are revealed. Their appeared to be some unease shown by Apollo on arrival which spoke to the Grey Goddess that he knew what tonight was about, and their fathers stalling was not to his liking.


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#, as written by Odinson

She gave him confirmation of everyone’s presence within the mansion, even noting some of the typical interactions of his kin to which Apollo resisted rolling his eyes. He saw a concern grow within her however and she expressed this saying "Apollo, what's wrong? Has something happened?"

Has something happened?

At first he was confused as to why she would ask such a question, after all didn’t Zeus... The Far-darter’s eyes shown realization, near disbelief in them. He said almost more to himself than to his twin, “He hasn’t told you.” A moment passed in complete silence, this new information taking its toll to the point where he paid no heed to what else transpired in the foyer. When the moment ended, his bared a deeply frowning brow and barred teeth in the direction of the dining hall.

Ignoring his sister Apollo strode into the dining hall and was set to bombard his father with questions. What was there to gain from not telling his children and siblings? What purpose was therein failing to warn them immediately what was happening, what was at stake? How could put on that stupid grin and pretend all was well, when of all people in the entire cosmos he should be the most troubled, having faced these monsters before? But Apollo had the wit to calm himself, for now Zeus would address them, Apollo resolving to sit at the obsidian table awaiting for his father to break the news. To Apollo’s great disappointment however he merely mentioned that there would bad news, and decided to yet again stall what would be the most important council in millennia.


The Far-darter wouldn’t have it, in his mind there was had no time to waste, he’d done enough of that taking his sweet time in arriving, though at the time he thought they’d be discussing this already. He rose out of his seat, and faced his father with a face of disappointment and contempt, and perhaps he would be thought insolent by all others within the hall but he spoke anyway, “Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?” his voice was rising and growing ever more irritable.

“That perhaps you of all people would understand what’s happening? What do you want? For us cease this infighting? To act unified and ignoring the discrepancies and grievances between us? They’ll never do it, they’ve had thousands of years to do it, why would they start now when they feel nothing to gain? Well now I say to all of you, that were in not that our very survival hinges within the choices made in this hour I would not care if you bashed in each other’s brains to your hearts content, but it seems even some part of me long dormant and diminished still loves as kin.

“But please father, do continue, see how far they go to please you without compromising their egos.” When he was finished his body seemed to relax, and rested his hands upon the table supporting himself, and sighed deeply, “I’m sorry,” he apologized. He then he looked to his father apologetically, “I’m not known for my temper, but even you don’t know what I saw, and I shouldn’t blame you. Nonetheless this can’t be put off for another minute.”

He rose again and addressed them, “Let me tell of my visions. Think of them as the sense of hearing, you don’t typically choose what you hear though you can tune yourselves the sound around you to detect what is near. Normally what I see is far off, distorted, subject to change. But earlier today the vision I had was the equivalent to putting ear to a jet engine, it is something that is just short of being inevitable.”

And so it was that the Far-darter sate them down, recounting the events concerning the return of the Titans who visited Persephone’s shop, and foretold in explicit detail the world he saw. Of the earth caked in the ash of mortals, of the fall of Olympus and detailed descriptions of the corpses of the Olympians not even omitting the fate of his dear sister. Of and age in which all would be laid to ruin under a red sky and sea, of a Crimson Age yet to come.

He finished and regarded them grimly, “You know me not to be an exaggerator, nor paranoid nor deceitful. But this will happen if we do not act, and sooner than any of us would like. What say you, my kin?”


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"He hasn't told you."

It was a statement her twin spoke, not a question and Artemis could hear the utter disbelief in his voice. She was confused though and watched him expectantly to continue on and tell her just what was so important. "Apollo, who didn't tell me what?" The huntress was in the dark as to what information should have been passed on from her brother and she certainly didn't know that it pertained to all of her kin and not just herself.

Artemis was a bit startled as Apollo, abruptly in her opinion, left her and marched his way towards the dining room where the others were gathering. She sighed rather loudly and brushed a hand through her hair before following after him. The Huntress was certain that things were about to become so much worse in the following hours. As customary she took the seat beside Apollo, watching out of the corner of her eye and all but ignoring the complete bullshit spewing from Zues' mouth.

Artemis could see the tension in her twin, the tightness of his jaw and the glare in his eyes. She knew that something was terribly wrong, especially because Apollo was usually one of the calmer of the Olympians. She was actually fairly surprised as he stood from his seat, her head turning fully towards him in response.

“Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?”

The goddess bit her bottom lip in nervousness. No one really ever spoke against Zues' words of 'family', it just wasn't done. This was a group of beings who almost prided themselves to see how they could keep up appearances and backstab the most unsuspecting relative at the same time. Apollo's words were true none-the-less and Artemis felt her heart swell in pride for her brother having the balls to speak the truth in front of everyone else.

She listened intently as he recounted his vision and the near destruction the future held for the mortals and their own kind. The only knowledge that Artemis had of the Titans was her own mother, sweet and gentle Leto who had given everything to raise her and Apollo into who they were today. The rest had all been locked away in Tartarus long before her time, but as her brother spoke of each death, Artemis could honestly say she feared for what could become of them.

Artemis was actually surprised to hear Hera speak first, then again the elder goddess never missed a chance to talk. Alas the words the queen spoke were true and honest to the best of her abilities. Hera may have been jealous and power hungry at times but she would do all she could to keep the very few she cared about safe and the balance of power in check. Even Aphrodite, with no power, skill, or knowledge to truly help in battle offered to do what she could to aid the impending situation.

Taking a deep breath the huntress took her brother's hand in her own, giving it a squeeze in reassurance. "You know I am always with you brother." There were few whom the goddess truly loved but her brother was certainly one of them. Their existence had been intertwined since the moment they had been conceived and Artemis would always do what she could to protect him.