The Ruby in the Smoke

The Ruby in the Smoke

{Literate RPers Only Please: Open/Accepting} The Ruby was forged by five great mages thousands of years ago, but what happens when one of the mages turns the Ruby into a nineteen year old girl who believes she is completely normal?

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Welcome to 1800’s New Orleans, the very soul and heart of America. Featuring obscure voodoo magic. Full of spiritual hauntings and tall tales of witch craft. This is the city that keeps moving till all hours of the night, and into the early mornings. It is a city of class, elegance, and a secret undertone of danger lurking around corners, voodoo shops, palm readings, and dark arts magicians.

Five people, called the Protectors -- the heirs of the five great Mages --, gather in a restaurant to discuss one thing: The Ruby. The Ruby was forged by five of the greatest mages over a thousand years ago, all containing a different power. They have passed this Ruby down from generation to generation. For centuries there was never a problem, the Ruby had been kept hidden for over a thousand years, being passed down. The children of the five who created the Ruby were passed down the task to protect it, and so forth. There had been tales told, but no one had ever seen it, until something happened. One of the children of the Protectors was enticed by the Ruby, had watched it in its case for many, many months, studying it. He had attempted to steal it and enhance his powers, attempting to use it for evil... He was banned from his family, literally thrown out. Then, there was peace again for many more years... Until just a few weeks ago, one broke into the sacred temple and stole the Ruby right from its place. Of course, there was a battle and one of the mages was smart, and decided to change the Ruby’s form before the intruder could grab it.

What is this form, you may ask? It is the form of a young nineteen year old girl. Normally wearing a black cape and a jewel encrusted choker with a red ruby droplet hanging off of it. The mages who did this also altered the mind of a young man to believe the Ruby is his little sister.

But, while this meeting of the five Protectors is taking place, another one is happening just around the corner... A meeting of some of the best Dark Arts magicians are joining together to try and steal the Ruby. The Dark Mages are either heirs of those who tried to steal it many years ago, or new in the thievery line of work. There is one leader of the Dark Mages who has the power of immortality and has been constructing and trying to gather a new army of Dark Mages in order to try and steal the Ruby and use it's powers for evil.

Although many people believe there is a straight black and white in moralities. Some of the Protectors are keeping secrets, some Dark Mages aren't all that evil...

So choose your side, your power [up to 3 powers max], and choose wisely and let the games begin.

Sidenote: It is set in 1880.



The "Ruby":
|| Name: Emma Charlotte Halliwey || FC: Mia Wasikowska|| Age: 19 || TAKEN by ChaosxChild13 ||


|| Name: || FC: Jessica Alba || Age: || RESERVED by Airey ||

|| Name: || FC: Channing Tatum || Age: || OPEN ||

|| Name: || FC: Olivia Wilde || Age: || Reserved: Renmiri ||

|| Name: || FC: Chris Evans || Age: || OPEN ||

|| Name: || FC: Alyssa Milano || Age: || OPEN ||

[i]Sidenote: I shall choose the leader once bios start coming in. If you want to be the leader, please PM me, and put it in your bio in the "Anything Else" Section. Please, if I do not choose you, be a dear and have a back up plan. Thank you.

|| Name: Richard Carvale || FC: Neil Patrick Harris || Age: 26 || TAKEN: Hyrdall ||

|| Name: Emer O'Doherty || FC: Saoirse Ronan || Age: 24 || TAKEN: Tenill ||

|| Name:Klaus Van Winder || FC: Ben Barnes || Age: 26 || TAKEN: Roku MushabukiI ||

|| Name: || FC: Julia Voth || Age: || OPEN ||

|| Name: Jonathan Cain Guillory|| FC: Johnny Depp || Age: 24 || TAKEN: TnevdaNai ||

|| Name: ______ Haliwey || FC: Aaron Johnson || Age: || OPEN ||

Character Sheet

Code: Select all
[right][img]a gif of your character here please[/img]
[img]and another gif: I understand if you do not have enough GIFs for your FC, if anything you are allowed to use a picture in the middle[/img]
[img]and a third: [/img][/right]
[b]Full Name:[/b] Your characters full name, with middle please.
[b]Nicknames:[/b] If any at all?
[b]Age:[/b] Between 20-30
[b]Home Town:[/b] Where your character was born and raised, and country please.
[b]Appearance[/b]: Please put type of clothing he/she may wear, jewelry or any other valuables he/she might possess/carry with them.

[b]Protector or Mage?[/b] Are you a Protector or a Mage,  or if your character decided such fate to be a Dark Mage, why?
[b]Power:[/b] Expand on your power[s?] - how far can you take it? What are you limitations?
[b]Likes:[/b] Five minimum please
[b]Dislikes:[/b] Five minimum please
[b]Fears:[/b] Everyone is frightened of something.

[b]Personality:[/b] A paragraph or so on your characters personality please - bad points as well as good. DETAIL DETAIL :) big things, little things, quirks, habits, hobbies, anything and everything!
[b]History:[/b] Two/three/or more! paragraphs. Detail, detail, detail is good, if you want to create a history intertwining with another character add that in there too! The more detail the better and easier it will be to us understanding your character, and YOU to be able to play him/her.
[b]Anything else?[/b] Just anything else that doesn't fit into the categories.

Shout Out
Thank you Airey for helping me out with this RP. :)

Toggle Rules


No GM please :)
Don’t be a Mary-Sue please
Don’t pull a Houdini that’s mean
Please respect the other RPers
Yeah you know the rest.
Try to vary your powers and roles.
This is set in the 1800's no belly shirts and tight jeans....
Every post must be AT LEAST 400-500 words, if not more.

If you have any problems with the Face Claims, please PM me about it.

Just so you've read ALL the rules, please say Banana/and/or/THANK YOU AIREY while asking for a reserve.

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Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

OK I'll look into making another character. A protector anyway. Some others should do the same.

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Be kind of hard to start without any protectors. :V

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Would anyone mind if I possibly started? Or should we wait?

Rennii and Aire, I would love to accept your charries once finished :)

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

ANyone! Invite everyone! Please :)

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Who else can we invite to this thing?

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

If anyone's been wondering about my end, I've kind of been.. extremely unmotivated lately. I don't know. Hopefully this dry patch wears out soon, don't want to disappoint. ;-;

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

I have returned. Sorry guys, I would've come on sooner, but I was very busy today with work [I worked a 7 hour shift], plus my classes for school -- just started today.

Please continue strengthening your character bios if you wish, if not, then just kick back and relax while we wait for others. If you want to recruit people please do! :)

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Ahh 1880. A prussian needle gun and a colt .45 revolver. Yes I am a mage, healer but still a mage. Though guns are always useful. In just a few years the deadliest weapon of all time (for the time period) will be created and hundreds of thousands of rebels shall be struck down by a few hundred soldiers.

Now what of Emer?

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

hey everyone Chaos is gone for the day and possibly tomorrow traveling and might lost service so if you have any questions just come to me and ill answer them the best i can...

ive been working on my girl but i have been having trouble with her personality... oh i hate writers block when it comes to character profiles

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Decade's 1880, IIRC from the front post. Other than that... Emer and Klaus' "end justifies the means" might go well together, depending on things.

And, I believe it'd make sense for him to slur, but I'd leave it up to our GM. v:

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Puppet master vs Healing god. Yes it will be epic and the winner shall change the fate of the world.

Hmm...let us look at the characters on the mages side.
We have two characters who off the start are mostly opposites.
Jonathan is against poverty and Klaus wants a single world nation based on both Marxism and Socialism.

Now what year is it or at least the decade? It all depends on setting, after all I'm planning on Klaus using a gun. Perferably I would like it to be 1870's because then he could have a needle gun and it would be post-civil war so roleplay would be interesting. Country getting into industrial Revolution ect.

Now what about language. Though Klaus is not one for swearing he is still a racsist, for every roleplay set in this time period needs one just realistic, so is it OK if he uses racial slurs?

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

... Why are we a mostly good-intentioned Mages? This is going to be amazing, especially once we finally find out about how the Protectors are going to be...

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Roku Mushabuki, we are going to murder each other. And it is going to be GLORIOUS. :D

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Renmiri: Well, I honestly WOULD NOT [:)] mind ONE undercover Protector. But please add why she chose that path, and how she gets around that with other Protectors.

Note to all:
You may do your bio in first, or third person :) I find first person easier, you get into the character's attitude much more in depth. But whatever you find easier just go for it :)

I will be away from my computer most of Saturday and possibly half of Sunday. Just a prewarning, I can, however, get back to people on PM's via phone if you care to contact me during said time.

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Oh wow! I didn't know this would go over so well. Thank you all for your enthusiasm. I will answer questions immediately after putting reserves in. Thank you for your patience and willingness :)

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Bam! :D School's out~
Renmiri: If so, if Chaos allows for a defective and backstabbing Protector...that would kind of play perfectly for me, since I'd like to transit from villain to nice guy. :3 But of course, that's just me talking. Chaos has the final call, yes?

Banana/and/or/Thank You Airey~ Like I said before, I'd like to reserve for Johnny Depp's FC.

...What? You did say to say 'Banana/and/or/THANK YOU AIREY' for a reserve. So I did so...literally. I was in a rush earlier, but now I have all the time in the world. :3

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

I don't.. really want to play nice, but for some reason I see the potential to make a defective and backstabbing Protector. 8D So I'll call Rachel Hurd-Wood, although I uh.. well, I'll wait until some of this FC business blows over before I try that.

Bananas? Bananas!

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

Proper post other than a possible "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but let me look into, this RP maybe".

Banana shall thank you airey, going for a female dark mage, hopefully with the FC Hyd had to PM to you about. Go being a longtime RPer who hasn't joined RPG until recently.

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

I'd like to reserve a male dark mage, thankee airey. Preferebly with the FC I PM'd the creator about.

Re: The Ruby in the Smoke

I'd like to reserve for the Johnny Depp FC Dark Mage. :D Johnny Friggin' Depp.
I couldn't resist it, even though I have to play the villainous role. :3
I'll probably start working on the CS soon, since it's lunch break where I am, and I still have school later.