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"There comes a time in every kids life when they think their parents are evil. But what if they really are?" Based on the marvel series 'The Runaways'. Accepting! Need a CYBORG!

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Setting: Malibu2011-04-09 04:51:11, as written by Arsufin
Frederick turns to Ruika. "Really? Why is it so great to see me? Is it not great to see everyone else? Did you just notice that I was here? I have been here the whole time you know." With this Frederick seems to start to walk forward again, but on second thought he stays back. "I guess I was a little harsh to Izzy." He walks over to Izzy, tripping a bit as he does so. "I am sorry I freaked out at you Izzy. My life has just been really tense lately. I have a huuuuge assignment due in Honors A.P. History. My parents have been fighting alot about these crazy meetings. I just kind of took it out on you, and I hope you forgive me." With this, he extends his hand to shake Izzy's.

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