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"There comes a time in every kids life when they think their parents are evil. But what if they really are?" Based on the marvel series 'The Runaways'. Accepting! Need a CYBORG!

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Setting: Malibu2011-04-09 13:22:58, as written by TheHaze
Nev's black sports bike practically broke the speed of sound getting to the mansion. It wasn't hard, because Nev took liberties by integrating it with alien tech. Plus the fact he was late didn't hurt. Before, as he got on the bike, the extraterrestrial decided to think of an excuse. He had none. So, he decided the faster he could get to the house, the better. Weaving through lanes of traffic with no apparent loss of handling, he successfully got one police officers attention. The rather muscular cop tore out after him, swearing ferociously and shouting into his radio. Nev sighed inwardly. He enjoyed a good chase, but he had to end this one as to not upset his colleagues. Nev felt this responsibility double when a 45. Caliber whacked into his left shoulder. Thanking his species for not being able to feel pain, or much else, he got into his usual Nev Mode. The cop, however, saw a young biker who had a very large hole punched in his shoulder by his partner, and was still riding. Then the cop saw nothing, as his neck was snapped from a few miles away. Nev watched from his mirrors, the partner's face as the cruiser went into the tree, the driver unable to do so. No survivors. It was at that moment of grim satisfaction that Nev swerved across four lanes of traffic into the driveway of the house. He stopped his bike with perfect accuracy next to the group, coming from nowhere at obscenely high speeds. The mangled shoulder now resemble a small bullet hole, roughly a .30 caliber, on the front of his shoulder, no blood visible. Not like he really cared. "Hello." He said casually, dismounting his bike gracefully, leaving his helmet on. Nev walked up to Vicky. "Sorry, I'm late." he said grimly. He nodded politely, and cleared his throat. "So, how are you?" He scanned her, just for kicks.