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"There comes a time in every kids life when they think their parents are evil. But what if they really are?" Based on the marvel series 'The Runaways'. Accepting! Need a CYBORG!

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Setting: Malibu2011-04-09 14:23:36, as written by AriannaAAA
Roxy just shrugged at Ruika because Vicky had begun to talk to her. She didn't want to get in the way and was watching Izzy to see what she would do to Frederick. That was until Nev appeared. Something about Nev just gave Roxy the creeps so she decides to talk to Ruika so she won't have to talk to him. "Well I want to become the first engineer to invent nerves in robotics. I believe even if you don't have an arm you still deserve to feel." She said and remembered an old friend of her back in the shop who had lost his arm back when he was her age.