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"There comes a time in every kids life when they think their parents are evil. But what if they really are?" Based on the marvel series 'The Runaways'. Accepting! Need a CYBORG!

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Tags: , action, adventure, evil, fanfic, friendship (awh.... cheezy....), made by marvel (originally), magic, marvel, mutants, powers, raccoons, romance, runaways, un-sappy (Add Tags »)

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Setting: Malibu2011-04-09 17:31:51, as written by Sivermist
Ruika clasped her hands together at this from Roxy. "really? That's beautiful! And here I thought you were just a heartless egghead." she gave a light, friendly knock on Roxy's head, as a joke. She turned to Nev- she could always feel a power emanating from him. He always seemed to be pulling a mind trick of some sort. That was ridiculous of course, but just in case, she put up a mental barrier. No peeking into her mind. She gave what must have seemed like a random annoyed expression, before covering it with a smile. Now she felt like conspiracy theorist. He wasn't an alien darn it, and she wasn't a damn nerdy lunatic. she let the barrier down and continued her conversation with Roxy. " I was thinking about maybe going into medicine, but now even that feels ungiving in comparison. I might just have to join the UN or doctors without borders." She was only half joking, of course.