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"There comes a time in every kids life when they think their parents are evil. But what if they really are?" Based on the marvel series 'The Runaways'. Accepting! Need a CYBORG!

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Owner: Sivermist
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Tags: , action, adventure, evil, fanfic, friendship (awh.... cheezy....), made by marvel (originally), magic, marvel, mutants, powers, raccoons, romance, runaways, un-sappy (Add Tags »)

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Setting: Malibu2011-04-09 18:47:43, as written by Sivermist
"Yeah, but I know I want to help people, somehow." she noted that Roxy was, like her, a bit psyched out by both the resident reason to run, and their own personal piece pilferer. The two didn't fit in the same categories, other than both being slightly worrying. "I just am not sure how to help them, that's all. and anyway- jeesh, where are those two! Also- Nev, where are your parents, they're late."

((I'm sorry I didn't say this before, but you actually have to arrive WITH your parents. Also, can I ask you to drop either brain washing or mind control? Your a little too powerful right now))