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The Saiyans: Unlimited

The Saiyans: Unlimited

The Saiyans have been hindered by natural biological limitations for too long. Now a brave group of pioneers in science attempt to remove those limits, but it is the products of their experiments who may yet pay the price for their innovation...

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all information gathered for building the rp which remains in line with akira toriyama's designs is found here:
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You can…



Welcome everyone to The Saiyans: Unlimited!!

This RP departs from author Akira Toriyama's original designs in a few ways, so if the following points do not appeal to you then please move on and find another RP. Thanks!!

1) All Saiyans in the RP from the humblest farmer to the mighty King of Saiyans have a biological limit to how strong they can grow.

2) As a result of the above listed fact, the Saiyans are not the powerhouse they were in the anime/manga.

3) Thanks to this limited existence, they exist now under the subjugation of an evil overlord with power beyond imagining (not unlike Frieza), which is in keeping with Toriyama's original storyline.

4) There are no Dragon Balls in the RP, as the story focuses purely on the Saiyans.

(THE FOLLOWING is going to be the make-or-break change for most of you)

5) This RP is not canon to the Dragonball franchise by Akira Toriyama, and as such there are no Namekians, no Frost Demons, no Androids, no Majin Buu, no Beerus the Destroyer or Whis (angel attendant), nor any canon Saiyan characters like Vegeta, Goku, etc. As a result, Planet Vegeta does not exist either. The Saiyan Home World is simply known as the Saiyan Home World.

So, if you have read this are are immediately turned away by it then please move on and find another RP to join. I do not have the time nor any patience or tolerance for the people who say things like "No Namekians, no deal." I am above that kind of behavior, and it will mean nothing to me to shrug off such closed-minded statements and forget the fact that you ever existed. So don't bother.

Thank you!

Now, if you are still here... AWESOME!!

Please read on, because what follows is the story behind this RP and its intended course!

The Saiyan Race has been limited biologically since its evolution began hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Saiyan Race, despite being warrior centric in its culture, is incredibly advanced scientifically and has developed its own technology for training, detecting power levels and energy signatures, inter-stellar travel, etc. As a result, they are responsible for designing power-reading devices like the Scouter and other large-scale power reading computers on board larger ships.

They also invented Ki-Shielding material similar to lead which blocks Ki signatures from being detected on a straight-away line of sight from a power reading device. For example if an individual with a power of 10,000 was behind a single solid wall of Ki-Shielded material and powered up to maximum, anyone on the other side of the wall without line of sight to the individual would not be able to detect their power with a Scouter. But the moment the Scouter can detect the entity behind the wall (via the user moving around the wall), the Scouter will detect their power as normal.

It is this Ki-Shielding material that will be important later, so please remember it!

Now, a group of scientists grew obsessed with helping the Saiyan Race break through the biological limitations they currently are plagued by. Their goal is to help the Saiyan Race evolve, with the help of science, into a state where they will be able to breach the limits set upon them by their genetics and achieve power unimaginable. The primary reason for this venture was the fact that the Saiyan Race was subjugated by the aforementioned evil overlord who possesses power that cannot be read by Scouters or even the most advanced power-reading device without overloading its circuitry. He's that powerful.

So to combat this, and to help the Saiyans evolve at the same time, the organization created the Saiyan Limit Breaker Project, or SLBP for short.

However, the King of Saiyans deemed this to be an insult and contamination of Saiyan pride and culture, and forbade it from coming to be. He outlawed such practices with the threat of death by execution, forcing the scientists mentioned above to continue their experiments in Ki-Shielded underground bunkers on a backwater planet far from the Saiyan Home World.

The first test subject was the unborn daughter of one of their own scientists who volunteered for the project. The infant was subjected to DNA injections via a long syringe through her mother's lower abdomen. This DNA was crafted by the scientists based off her mother's own genetic code, but modified in ways that were meant to replace her existing DNA and thus remove the stands which they believed were directly responsible for limiting Saiyan growth. The child was carried to term and born without a hitch, but for six whole months it seemed the project was a failure.

And at last, a breakthrough.

The child had a temper tantrum during which her power level shot through the roof (for an infant) and breached 200 which was unheard of in Saiyan history for one so young. After several blood tests, it was discovered that although her genome had not changed, her body had attacked the introduced DNA, assimilated its properties, and adopted them as its own. Her Saiyan body, true to its warrior ancestry, had conquered an invasive foe and evolved in ways they hadn't expected. Her original DNA blueprint remained unchanged, but had adopted the properties which now allowed her to break through the limits previously held by not only her own mother, but all other Saiyans as well.

Not only that, but the infant accidentally rolled off an examination table which broke her left arm and cracked a few ribs. After splinting the arm and sedating her to prevent an outburst, upon healing her power had risen exponentially. Only an infant of 10 months of age, and her power was already almost 1,200.

The experiment was a HUGE success.

Over the next year they tried and failed to reproduce their success on already-born infants. The original child's mother suggested they go back to their original method despite the risks associated with it. After a long debate, it was agreed to that they would return to the unborn injection method. The method proved successful, but at a price. Out of 50 pregnant mothers who volunteered for the test, only six babies were carried to term and the rest died from health complications. Of those six, two died before they reached one month of age after birth.

It was a success, but not the kind of success they'd hoped for.

Now there were five Saiyans in total alongside the original who now had potentially unlimited power.

But at this time, one of the disgruntled test subjects secretly ratted them out to the King. They discovered the betrayal and sent the five children away to another world to be looked after by a sympathizer to their cause who had never officially joined them and would never publicly admit to doing so. They also destroyed all evidence of their success and erased all information about the launch of their space pods from record to protect them. The children would be safe there.

But the scientists, the original child's mother, and all those who had been involved with the experiment were executed by the King upon their forced return to the Saiyan Home World.

The five children landed on the backwater planet where the sympathizer lived, a world known as Rixiith 0442, and looked after and raised by said sympathizer. Her name is Leyra, and she became essentially a mother to all five children and raised them with both strictness and love. She also taught them all they'd need to know to be true Saiyan Warriors, as well as how to suppress their ever increasing power levels to make sure that the rest of the Saiyan Race never found out that they had anything to do with those experiments. The King was aging, and would soon die and take the memory of the experiments with him. When a new King was crowned, or Queen, they would be free to show the rest of their race who and what they were in all of their extraordinary glory: The evolution and future of the Saiyans.

But for now, they remain in hiding while living in plain sight on the Saiyan Home World. They have all joined a Planetary Raid Group (PRG) together led by the original subject who serves as their Commander. Suppressing their power levels has become the key to their survival, as the evil overlord would slaughter them in an instant if he found out about their increasing power levels. To survive the subjugation of their race, they must hide and develop their powers in secret. But their leader has been helping them do that since day one.

They train together on worlds at the edge of the galaxy, far from the prying eyes of the overlord or the King of Saiyans. They are on alert at all times as a PRG, and can use their worm-hole technology to quickly return to the Saiyan Home World if needed. But they are all driven by the same desire to discover a power far beyond even the imagination of the overlord himself. A power they can all sense lying dormant deep inside. A power... Which has unlimited potential.


The following rules of character creation must be adhered to, otherwise you will not be allowed to join the RP. Thanks!

1) You must contact me about your interest in joining the RP before you submit a character to it. If you submit a character and THEN contact me, or don't contact me, the character will be rejected and you will be forever barred from joining the RP.

2) No Meta-Gaming, Power Playing, or God-Modding. The use of any of these three offenses will earn you an instant one-way ticket out of the RP. If you are unsure of whether or not something you want to do treads the line or crosses it, ask me before hand. Otherwise, the risks and consequences are on your head.

3) Adhere to the "Power Levels" discussion page and read all the rules listed within about how to keep track of your character's power level.

4) Your character MUST be 24 years of age due to the fact that all children in the experiment born after the original subject were all born at relatively the same time (meaning within a few weeks of each other). No exceptions.


5) There is no such thing as "equality" in this RP.

We will get to what this means down below. But for now, the character sheet!!

Code: Select all

(if you can combine these into one image with photoshop, please do so!)

[b]Age:[/b] (Must be 24)
[b]Body Type:[/b] (Mesomorph, Endomorph, Ectomorph... This matters)
[b]Voice Type:[/b] (Women (high to low): Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Contralto. Men (high to low): Tenor, Baritone, Bass, True Bass)

[b]Preferred Weaponry:[/b] (If your character fights with weapons, list them here)

[b]Combat Style:[/b] (Hard, Mixed, or Soft? Don't understand? Ask.)

[b]Saiyan Rank:[/b] (There will be an explanation in the "Discussion" Thread.)

[b]Starting Power Level:[/b] (This will be for yours truly to determine after you've finished the rest of the profile)

[b]Suppressed Power Level:[/b] (Somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000)

[b]Personality:[/b] (AT LEAST one full paragraph with NO FEWER than five sentences in it)

[b]Powers and Abilities:[/b] (Please list your character's personal techniques here, as well as the Limit Breaker Technique which is on my characters' profiles. You can copy and paste it into your own.)

[b]Biography:[/b] (NO FEWER than 3 paragraphs, each of which must have NO FEWER than five sentences in each one. 3 paragraph bodies. 5 sentences each. NOTHING ELSE WILL BE ACCEPTABLE. Thank you.)

So what did I mean by "no equality?"

Simply put, it means that we are not going to all have the same power levels and be "equals" to one another.

At any given time, subject to my determination as the GM, one of the characters in the cast will be the strongest of the group and another will be the weakest.

This doesn't sound fair.

You're right. It's not.

But hey, there's a silver lining.

I said that whoever is the strongest is the subject of my determination as the GM. That means I'll be reading the IC posting very carefully, and I will also be determining for the sake of relative fairness who is next on the list for a Zenkai-like boost of power. If your character is stuck in the weakest position, they won't be there for long as they are the most likely to receive the next Zenkai. Those who are the strongest, conversely, are far less likely to receive a Zenkai unless the story, as it develops, seems to make sense to do so.

As well, I will be the one to determine where your power goes after a Zenkai-boost. If I say your power could reach up to a certain threshold, that's as high as you're allowed to take it. I will be using several IC factors to determine how high your power can go including, but not limited to the following:

1) How many injuries the character has sustained
2) The severity of each individual injury
3) The strength of the enemy they faced
4) How long it took to recover from the incident
5) The circumstances of their healing from the incident

As the GM, I will be moderating our power levels throughout the RP so you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is play within those power levels and be sure that you keep things realistic and consistent. If your character's power level is around 80,000 to start, and I put your character against an enemy NPC who's power is 120,000, your character should struggle to defeat them.

Every time I do a combat RP, everyone loves to think that "skill" and "experience" win the day even if the power difference is fairly high... Not so.

This RP and its power levels determine everything. If your power is more than 30% lower than your opponent's, you will struggle to defeat them as their power level will give them the speed and reaction times to defeat your "skill" and "experience". Even the best combat instincts in the world can't overcome sheer and overwhelming power.

Need proof? Goku vs. Broly in the film Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Broly's combat experience in the film was mainly just destroying worlds at his leisure because of how powerful he was. You can see in his movements and technique choices that he's actually not that good of a fighter. And yet he was able to withstand Goku's strongest techniques and all coordinated efforts thrown at him. He even dodged Goku and Piccolo's attacks despite never moving from his spot and being so much larger than them due to his muscle mass.

Conversely, Goku has incredibly skill and experience in combat and was using every trick in the book to try and defeat Broly. But he couldn't do anything until the very end with everyone giving their energy to him in order to finally succeed. And even then, it was a bit of a deus-ex-machina moment which I think shouldn't have happened. It was kind of a lazy way to end things in the film if I'm being honest.

Anyway, back on point. Power differences will determine how well or poorly you do against an enemy. If you try to get away with dominating an enemy with a power more than 30% below theirs, first offense receives a warning. Second offenses are a one-way ticket out of the RP.

The higher the difference in power, the more you struggle.

If your power is more than 50% lower than your enemy's, they can kill you with a single well-placed blast of Ki to a vital area. Think Cell blasting Piccolo through the stomach before he absorbed Android 17. That's what your enemy can do to you with a power level that's twice what yours is. So if you're pitted against such a being and want a power boost, let them blast at least one hole through you even if you manage to evade a lethal strike. Remember Piccolo's mouth blast through Goku's upper right shoulder area in the original Dragonball? That kind of wound is one your character could survive and receive a Zenkai boost from.

That leads us to one final rule about characters... You may NOT have your character eve power down and get blasted just to receive a Zenkai. Such a move will earn you an instant one-way ticket out of the RP and your character will simply be killed by the blast because they will fail to receive the help they need in time to heal from the attempt.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to see you guys soon!


Rule #1) You must contact me about your intent to join the RP if you wish to participate. If you submit a character with no prior communication, it will be rejected.

That's about it! Thank you!

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Kurosa played by KumoriRyuu
Character Portrait: Era Niir'lana "Our power doesn't give us the right to kill."
Character Portrait: Totoma
Totoma played by Epislon100
"Wanna go a few rounds?"

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((I'm BACK!!))

Era's furious power gathering began to reach a feverish pitch. Kurosa's scouter was going haywire, and ultimately it shattered due to an overload in how rapidly Era's power was rising. The last number it read was 90 million, and still skyrocketing by the second.

Down on the ground, Era continued to weep for her brother's condition. Her hands finally balled into fists, and her cries began to slowly shift to screams of anger. Her made it to her feet, and threw her arms and head back to shriek at the skies.

The lightning strikes increased in both size and frequency, striking several times per second all across the landscape for miles and miles in every direction. The very planet itself beneath their feet was trembling under the pressure of her ever building power, and Era finally began to flash with that golden light the three of them had sought all this time.

Her aura flashed gold.

Her hair and tail flashed gold.

Her irises flashed teal.

And with each flash her musculature grew slightly before returning to normal. And this happened over... And over... And over again.

Kurosa watched with bated breath, but also... Pride.

She was doing it. She was finally doing it! That stimulus they needed but did not have before. That sense of true urgency and need to make it all work. Totoma's condition, though self-induced, was what Era needed to see to make it happen.

Kurosa's mouth finally curled into a smile as she grinned ear to ear while Era's power continued to grow.

"That's it, Era... The time has come for you to ascend to the next stage of Saiyan existence. The power we discovered lurking just beneath the surface. Take hold of it, and show the entire universe its splendor!"

Era's power finally stopped flashing, turning golden and staying that way. And as she stood there shrieking to the skies her eyes glassed over and turned completely white. One final shriek, and another small explosion of concussive force from her body, and it was over.

The dust cleared and the wind slowly died as the skies returned to normal. Era stood there on the ground, her body engulfed in a softly flowing, fiery like aura of golden energy. Her hair was a gleaming gold to match, her irises teal like aquamarine gemstones. Her tail, golden to match her hair, wrapped around her waist.

And within it all, Kurosa could see in Era's face a sense of rage. She was calm on the outside, but a rage was burning inside that would not likely be quelled until the tyrant had fallen.

"Good luck, Era. It's all on you now." She whispered.

Era's eyes shifted towards the tyrant who floated absolutely stunned and dumbfounded at the sudden transformation. He couldn't even speak. All he could do was gawk as the new golden warrior glared daggers into his heart.


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0.00 INK

Totoma laid there bearly conscious, his body was racked with unbelievable pain, this was the price of being reckless. As he faded in and out he felt someone holding him and with his muddled senses he could hear someone crying. "Era..." His corse voice managed to let out. It took everything he had left just to stay awake even with the flow of energy coming from who he assumed Kurosa. Yet, even despite his sister's best effort his power level continued to drop. His life as fading fast.

His own blood vision as he managed to steal a glance at Era, in the thralls of her rage. The Golden energy flowing off of her was blinding, yet he couldn't help but give a pride-filled smile. His death would allow them to reach new heights. Slowly he turned his gaze to Kurosa who had been doing everything she could to keep him alive. "I'm sorry I wasn't stronger." his voice was low and weak barely higher than a whisper. "I wanted to protect both of you...but I've only caused you pain." tears slowly formed in his eyes as he reached a bloodied hand up to Kurosa's cheek. "Forgive my weakness... I love you both so much." As his hand fell to his side his power plummeted to barely a hundred as his conscious faded. He was still alive if only barely.

Wow, I didn't think you would give up so easily. A familiar voice said to him. The indomitable Totoma is just going to just roll up and let his sisters handle everything.

"Jaoco?" His weary voice questioned.

"Bingo! Good to know you never forgot the sound of my voice."

Totoma eyes snapped open and he was no longer laying in his sisters arms, instead, he found himself standing on the planet he and the others had grown up. In front of him stood his deceased siblings Cerely and Jaoco. "It's good to see you brother." They both said with a smile before running up and hugging him.

"I guess I really am dead..." Totoma said as he held the two of them. "I've missed you two so much."

As they parted from the embrace Cerely was the first to speak up. She was the shortest of the five but always so full of energy in many ways she was the closest to Totoma's personality just for things other than training. "You're not dead yet... but you are dying."

"We just wanted to talk with you real quick." Jaoco said as he looked up to his brother. Only standing slightly shorter the Totoma Jaoco was born just a few months before him. Like Totoma Jaoco had a knack for enjoying battles but utilized speed over brute strength. Together Totoma and Jaoco were an unbeatable pair. Jaoco placed a hand on Totoma's shoulder and focused, this allowed Totoma to see what was happening in the battle right now.

This was slightly unsettling seeing as Totoma could see Kurosa holding his body. Not too far from them, Era had finally obtained that golden form. "She did it! I knew she could do it!"

"It is an impressive form, but the grief to obtain it... is unbearable. Era was always strong, we all knew it." Jaoco paused. "Yet she was the kindest of as all. Now here she stands, ready to defeat the Tyrant that rules the galaxy. Fulled by rage and anger she might actually kill him."

"We believe he should die." Celery chimed in. "But not by her hand. It isn't her way."

"Totoma... are you still afraid." Jaoco removed his hand taking them back to their home. "You fear your power. Yet you long to possess it."

"No, I conquered that power I made it mine!" He corrected. "I allowed it to push me further to land a hit that could harm the Tyrant."

"No.. you merely directed the anger towards a single point. That is not the same as controlling it. You suppressed it than unleashed it. Time and time again I witnessed you run from your full potential." Totoma's brother lectured. "You saw what you thought as a limitation and allowed Era to pick up the slack."

Totoma stood there silent, knowing the words to be true. He was afraid, afraid of his power, afraid of dying, afraid of his sisters dying. There was so much he wanted but he was just so terrified he would lose all control and attack Kurosa or Era.

"We were right." Celery commented. "You used that dangerous technique to hurt yourself in an attempt to push Era over the edge. It was a good plan."

"But you let yourself waste away at the expense." Jaoco and Cerely embraced there brother once more. "We're both so sorry, but you can't come here yet. Kurosa and Era still need you."

Totoma's body in Kurosa arms suddenly began to convulse as his power quickly and violently rose up to a stable level.


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Holding onto Totoma, Kurosa felt him convulse as his power returned to a stable level. She glanced worriedly at him, and then in the direction of their ship. Era's power up had ended, and the tyrant was preoccupied. Now was the opportune time to take Totoma back to the rejuvenation chamber.

"Totoma. I'm going to take you back to the ship to recover. Just hold tight." She said.

Meanwhile, Era took a step to face the tyrant. And in her eyes was a murderous glare like none she'd ever demonstrated before. Her usually calm and peaceful eyes were replaced by those of a ruthless and cold-hearted warrior intent on taking revenge against the tyrant before her.

But as he floated there, he was not impressed.

"Hmph. I don't know what this transformation is, but I can sense that it's not strong enough to defeat me! But nice try, little girl!" He called.

Era didn't flinch or allow herself to be goaded by him. Instead, she stood her ground as he began charging up a massive Ki blast.


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The tyrant growled in effort, and launched a massive discharge of Ki at Era who stood firm against the oncoming assault. The blast grew in size the further it traveled, becoming several times larger around than Era was tall. But Era still did not budge. Instead, she put one hand out and caught the blast against her hand, stopping it cold and making the tyrant's mouth drop.

Era snarled a little and sent out her own Ki blast. The blue light which emerged from her hand flew straight through the center of the tyrant's blast and forced him to retreat out of the way, cancelling out the blast he'd sent her way which dissipated into nothing.

He watched Era's blast fly out into the expanse of space, and slowly turned to look at her... But she was gone.

He was startled to see she had disappeared, and frantically began searching for where she had gone. He turned this way and that in an attempt to find her but could not see where she had gone.

But Kurosa found her.

Knowing Era as well as she did, it didn't take her long to spot where her sister had gone.

And as the tyrant continued looking around and beneath himself to find her, an elbow slammed into the top of his head sending him sprawling down into the ground with a tremendous thud. It caused a crater upon impact, a massive wall of dust and debris, and shook the planet slightly.

Kurosa couldn't help but smile as Era floated down towards the ground to land at the edge of the crater as the dust began to settle.

"Egomaniacs like him never look up." Kurosa remarked with a chuckle.

She looked to Totoma.

"Hey. You doing okay? I really should take you to your chamber." She said.

The Saiyans: Unlimited: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Most recent OOC posts in The Saiyans: Unlimited

The Saiyans: Unlimited

Hello everyone, and welcome to the "The Saiyans: Unlimited" Discussion Thread!

Here is where we will conduct the majority of our discussion and communication unless you guys want to go through the chat page instead. It would be faster, but this would be permanent so we can always go back and look at the info. The chat page doesn't let you do that, so we can move back and forth depending on the situation if need be.

For now, let me explain a few things about the RP for you to make it easier to make your character!!

1) Saiyan Rank

The Saiyan Ranking system is as follows from most authority to least authority, and as you can tell it's highly militarized:

1) King/Queen
2) Royal Vizier
3) Chief of Planetary Security
4) Chief of Military Operations
5) Commander of the Vanguard
6) Commander of the First Line of Defense
7) Commander of the Rear Guard
8) General
9) Commander
10) Colonel
11) Lieutenant Colonel
12) Major
13) Sergeant
14) Vanguard Spearhead
15) Vanguard
16) First Line Spearhead
17) First Line
18) Rear Guard Spearhead
19) Rear Guard
20) Foot Soldier

Within the ranks of General on down are also two classes, First Class and Second Class. A First Class General has more authority than a Second Class General.

What makes them First or Second Class?

Power Level.

A First Class General must have a power level of at least 30,000 to qualify for the rank. A Second Class General must have a power level of at least 25,000.

The First Class variant always has authority over their Second Class counterparts.

As well, a Second Class General still has more authority than a First Class Commander.

Make sense?


Now, all Saiyans are inherently part of the military. There is no enlistment. The entire Race is part of the military and will fight if need be at the drop of a hat to protect themselves and their brethren against any and all threats.

But outside of militarized operations, there are also Planetary Raid Groups (PRG's for short). This PRG's have a much simpler chain of command:

1) Commander
2) Lieutenant Commander
3) Everyone Else

Simple enough?


There are not First or Second Class variants of these ranks, so don't worry about that.

Lastly, combat styles.

Soft styles are those like Kung Fu which involve a lot of fluidity and momentum manipulation rather than direct force to engage an enemy in combat.

Hard styles are those like Muay Thai which are very direct, almost violent self defense arts.

Mixed styles employ techniques and strategies from both hard and soft styles.

That should be everything you need to know in order to make your characters!!

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!!