The Salvation has risen!

The Salvation has risen! Open

They might have finally met their match, a Demon of unimaginable power. (( NEED MORE PEOPLE!! And I need someone to play Yisol!))

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Setting: Olaalaash2012-02-24 04:26:08, as written by NightBlaze
Kyra felt something inside her snap...she heard voices, and she could see Elsa, but she couldn't reach her. A voice was telling her that they, her and the voice, could kill Yisol. It sounded tempting, but it wasn't good... How does the raw power feel? Wonderful? Painful? A bit of both? She was in horrendous pain. Her entire body was throbbing. She couldn't go down without a fight though! That wasn't her nature! Oh no, she was going to fight for her was what she was trained to do! She wasn't about to let any of that go.

"Elsa!" She tried to call out to the woman, hopefully she will be able to hear her, where ever she is.

"Try to fight it Elsa! You have to!" She tried to send out her energy to her, as slowly, her vision was going black.