The Salvation has risen!

The Salvation has risen! Open

They might have finally met their match, a Demon of unimaginable power. (( NEED MORE PEOPLE!! And I need someone to play Yisol!))

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Karau groaned, the blade in her stomach. The dark energy pouring out. Suddenly, every piece of her skin cracked, and fell off. Leaving a different person in it's place. She stood up, her sword turning into a ring blade.

She looked up, and screamed in rage, her energy pouring everywhere, most of it charged at Kyra and Elsa.

Karau looked at Kyra, spinning the ring blade, and grinned evily. Her eyes reflecting her personality - Insane, Evil and Murderous. She raised her head and spoke these words so darkly, the whole of Olaalaash heard her. "Genocide!" She yelled, charging at Kyra.

(( In Folklore here, some Demons change appearance when they decide to Resign from being a Demon of high ranking.. In this case, Karau has turned into the insane her she always had. This is her now, i'll edit her Sheet. Image