The Salvation has risen!

The Salvation has risen! Open

They might have finally met their match, a Demon of unimaginable power. (( NEED MORE PEOPLE!! And I need someone to play Yisol!))

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Alastair laughed. "I thought I told you. Elsa can't hear you. She can't see you. She can't even touch you." He told her. "That being said, I'm not gonna stand here and get myself, and Karau, killed by a mangy mutt like yourself." he said. "However, I thank you for the energy boost, my dear." He chuckled, drawing energy particles from Kyra and Karau into himself. He then dashed behind Kyra at high speeds, grabbing her in midair, electrocuting her with even more demonic energy, then throwing her on the ground, dusting off his hands and turning back. "I'm usually not one to abuse animals. I'd rather the animal kingdom solve its problems on it's own." he chuckled, snapping his fingers, as dozens of shadowy beasts surrounded Kyra and Elsa.

"What? How dare you shift without my consent! For that, I'm punishing you!" the demonic voice inside Kyra yelled at her. Suddenly, still inside her mind, the voice took the form of a darkly colored, ghostly wolf, inside a dimly lit forest, facing off against what appeared to be a ghostly version of Kyra's wolf form. The evil wolf spirit charged towards Kyra's.