The Salvation has risen!

The Salvation has risen! Open

They might have finally met their match, a Demon of unimaginable power. (( NEED MORE PEOPLE!! And I need someone to play Yisol!))

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"Quite frankly, Karau, I don't care if the girl decides to join us or not. I just want to see how long her soul can withstand all of the demonic energy before it starts to decay." Alastair chuckled. He then glanced in Elsa's direction. "Hm?" He hummed with a tiny hint of surprise in his voice, before moving at high speeds at her, in front of her in the blink of an eye. This was no doubt a side effect that the immense amount of demonic energy in the atmosphere had on him. He then jabbed her, and put his hand around her neck, lifting her above is head slightly. "Well, I'm surprised you broke my illusion. You must have some strong willpower. However, that won't matter much after you're dead." He said slyly with a little cackle.